Big Vegas Slots Review

Big Vegas Slots

Vegas slots are one of the most popular forms of gambling in North America. Now you can play them for free, or with real money! Choose from traditional 3-reel slot machines to more modern 5 reel ones and even progressive jackpots that go up by hundreds per spin. There’s no spam because there’s only a banner ad at the top right corner which is never seen when playing on your phone

Play Big Vegas Slots – Free or Real Money

Big Vegas Slot Machine

The Big Vegas slots game is an interesting one because it has the best features of both Las Vegas casinos and online games. The big thing about this slot machine that I really love is locking wilds in bonus rounds, which are my favourite feature in any game with a bonus round.

The sound and music in this game is very much like other Bally games with familiar graphics, but it really stands out for a few reasons. When you first hear the sounds of the slot machine game, they may remind you of some old favorites that are still popular today such as Jewel Quest or Dragon’s Fire. The nostalgic feelings these sounds bring can only add an extra element to your excitement when playing!

Bonus Game in Big Vegas

What I love about this bonus round is that it’s not just a regular free spin. Firstly, the screen changes and you get some new music to go with an old-fashioned Vegas feel. You also have 5 free spins included in your prize which are like gold! The best part of all though has got to be the sticky wilds feature where if they land on one reel for 3 consecutive rounds then every symbol from there onwards will turn into a sticky wild until another normal symbol lands or when time runs out whichever happens first. This is so much fun – well worth exploring during my next game play session

Every time you hit a ‘Wild’ symbol in the middle row, with a roulette wheel on it, it spits out at least one sticky wild. This can make if so that you get 5-in-a-row win every single spin (if you are really lucky). As I found myself exactly there and got my huge bonus from free spins.

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