Jinse Dao Dragon Slots

Jinse Dao Dragon Slots

“Each day, Jinse Dao Dragon slots invites players to feast on a buffet of free spins and bonuses”

Summary: “Enter the world of dragons as you play Jinse Dao for fun or real prizes. Play now!”

Jinse Dao Dragon Slots

Jinse Dao Dragon is a five-reel, three row slot machine that features 243 ways to win instead of standard pay lines. Players will enjoy the game’s special features including expanding reels, fixed jackpots and free spins round as well as the Chinese dragon dominating in background image with various clouds shifting back and forth across dark red sky giving it an interesting design that avoids pitfalls less exciting slots using this theme.

The symbols pay more if they’re stylized to make them stand out, which is why the golden fish, lotus flower and bull have been given a new look. Meanwhile, letters J-A are less valuable so don’t get any fancy designs attached to them. Fortunately for players who enjoy bonus rounds there’s also an orb with glowing light that can trigger those as well!

Real Money Slot Machine Game

One of the best things about this game is that it will not grant you any massive wins immediately. Instead, this medium variance title will need some effort before awarding its player with a 2000x jackpot prize. The only way to score this fantastic reward is by winning the Mega fixed jackpot, which can be done using special features on offer from time to time during gameplay. One such feature available in-game and award players who hit five wild symbols anywhere across their reels are Free Spins – giving them access to even more chances at accumulating precious coinage! With an RTP set at 96%, or average for online slots games today, there’s no excuse not try out something new like Royal Reel Deluxe II right away!

The next part is always the best. Once you’ve found your favorite song, all that’s left to do is hit Spin and wait for it to come on!

Bonus Games

When one or two glowing orbs symbols appear on the first reel, they will nudge up or down. The result of that is all positions will be covered with orb icons. Three glowing orbs present on the first reel activates a special feature called Expanding Reels and three more rows are added above reels 2-5 containing four fixed jackpots each during bonus rounds which take place once per day at 8pm EST (once you have been playing for 30 minutes). Each time an orb icon appears adjacent to another position starting from row 2 onward, it awards its corresponding prize amount – 1x to 20x!

When one or two glowy green balls show up in your left column of slots near where we’re sitting over here–they’ll

The player’s fingers grip the handle of a slot machine, anticipating their big win. With anticipation in his eyes and hope on his mind, they stop to inspect which jackpots are available for them to play. After looking at all three reels carefully and seeing none that correspond with what he was hoping for before pulling the lever down again.

He felt like somebody owed him something after not winning any prizes today- but it wasn’t going be as easy as just throwing money away anymore!

* Major can only be granted on reel five.

Land three Scatters on reels three, four or five to activate the Wheel bonus. The wheel can grant one of four fixed jackpot prizes or a free spins round. If you win expanding reels, all rows will be added above reel two and up instead of just row 3-5 as usual! That means more chances at winning those big payouts since there is no requirement for how many times you have to spin it before exiting out so long as that 1st prize pops up in front your eyes first thing even if its not during an expanded 20x slots session! You’ll want this game because they give away some awesome stuff with these amazing features! !


You don’t need to match winning combos, just three or more icons in adjacent positions. A minor is worth 100x your total stake while a major will give you 400x and a mega 2000x. If you want the game without sound effects click on the cog icon which opens settings where it can be turned off or played with again! Bally was acquired by Scientific Games back in 2014 so their logo appears on all titles produced at this studio as such.

You can win a whopping 10x your total stake if you get all five of the golden tigers.

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