Kooza Slots Review

Kooza Slots

One of the most spectacular slot launches over recent years was without doubt, Kooza by Cirque du Soleil. When it came out with its marketing campaign in Vegas, you couldn’t help but be excited at all the hype around this game. I’m glad to say that when I finally got a chance to play it for myself and found out what made people rave about this wonderfully colorful game so much – there’s no wonder why!

Cirque du Soleil is an international spectacle that has been around since 1984. From the MGM Grand to Mandalay Bay, there are more than 30 Cirque shows in Las Vegas alone! For all you Beatles fans out there, Love at The Mirage will take you on a journey through their music and style reminding audiences of what it’s like to be young again. Kooza by WMS Gaming takes gamers back into this circus world with its cheerful colors as well as playful sound effects while maintaining great gameplay mechanics for slots enthusiasts

What if you could get free spins- just like a slot machine? Well, imagine this: When the reels are spinning, all of a sudden an extra 8 Kooza symbols appear on your screen. This is what we call our “Fill in the Gaps” feature! You might not even have to wait for that lucky spin because anything can happen with Fill in the Gaps; it gives players more opportunity for big wins and exciting surprises. What will fill up your slots today? !

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The Kooza slot online has quite a few major bonuses. One is the classic pick and choose feature, where you get to select one of three boxes that may contain prizes– unfortunately when I was playing as an online player this wasn’t working properly but it worked just fine at my regular casino! The other big bonus in Kooza are free spins which come with two versions: Trickster or Wheel of Death for your chance at winning even more money off these games. Another cool feature about the game includes having a crack no only on any jackpot available, but also participating in scratch cards if lucky enough to find them across different levels within gameplay

Cirque Du Soleil is known for their eccentric performances and thrilling stunts. Now you can experience the magic of Cirque from your own home with this fun game! The spinning wheel at the start allows players to see what type of bonus they will be awarded as well as how many credits that particular boon may offer them, but it’s not just about picking a number – there are also various other bonuses in store for those who have luck on their side. One such option includes Trickster Free Spins where all symbols get upgraded based off which box prize was chosen by chance; another exciting feature sees one of our favorite characters randomly pop up and allow you to choose an extra reward credit during gameplay!

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He gives visitors wild free stacks with Glenda, the good witch.

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