Monopoly Heights Slots

Monopoly Heights Slots

Do you love Monopoly? Now is your chance to play in the streets of “Monopoly Heights” for free or with real money. You can also enjoy a no-pop up ad experience – which is rare these days! Play now and keep playing until you own every property on the board, just like everyone’s favorite game: MONOPOLY(r)

Monopoly Heights Slots

Monopoly Heights is a four-row 1024 way slot machine that includes the jackpot bonus and expanding reels.

How It Looks

This game has a great design. Playing the board game never really gave us an idea of how constructing properties would actually look. In this release, we get to see it progress in forms of huge skyscrapers and more! Once expanding reels come into play, the picture zooms out and even gives you a glimpse at some houses too! Hats off to team; they have done such a great job with these wonderful designs – Symbol Designs are all mixed up between playing card royals from Monopoly as well as other interesting icons like J, Q K A and red cars.

Finally, the big hitter is Mr. Monopoly with his monocle and bowler hat that can be found on every box of monopoly boards in America! He’s joined by a logo for Monopoly Heights which shows two dice showing sixes as well as an icon depicting life-size buildings to represent Scatters; he even has some jewels left over from building all those hotels too.

Real Money Game

You can win big with this slot if you manage to land the top prize. In order for that to happen, however, your luck will have to be really good–there is a fixed jackpot worth 2500x total stake in play and it may not come up often at all! Plus outside of special features like those huge payouts there are some great wins available too; 95.85% RTP means every spin has an almost guaranteed return as long as you bet within range (EUR0-100).

Bally has also included an Auto Play function, so you can set up the reels to spin automatically.

Bonus Games

When the Expanding Reels feature is activated, all of your icons are locked in place while a new row above them is added. This happens as long as you have any winning combination that includes Mr Monopoly! You can activate this up to four times before Bally’s release blocks it from happening anymore and keeps adding rows until there’s no room left on the board.

You may think that slot machines are a dated form of gambling, but they’re not. Slot games have changed and evolved to offer more exciting features than ever before! The old days of spinning three reels with only two rows is over because now slots come in sets from five up to 25 or 50 different paylines which can generate incredible amounts of possible winning combinations, like the Jackpot Bonus game at Wild Pirates Slots where you could win one million coins for landing Hotel on Reel 1 and 5 simultaneously. To make it even better, there’s no need for worry about running out – just pick your card wisely as each hand starts off all new cards until enough space with the relevant cards appears so you can claim your prize!

That means

The best bet is to go with the Grand, which has a 2500x payout.


The team has also made Monopoly 250k, which offers many special features inspired by the board game. If you only get one Scatter on reels one or five, there is a chance they activate the special feature. Landing two scatters guarantees it will trigger; this includes landing three of them!

Wilds can replace any symbol except for Scatters.

Monopoly Heights is a game of chance that offers four fixed jackpots. If you’re lucky enough to roll the “Community Chest” or “Chance”, it may be worth your while!

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