Power Strike Egyptian Riches Real Money Slots

Power Strike Egyptian Riches Slots

Play Power Strike Egyptian Riches slots for free or real money
Swing your way to riches with the new Bally slot machine, Power Strike Egyptian Riches! Choose between forty fixed paylines and lots of special features including stacked Wilds, a bonus round that multiplies winnings three times over when you land five scatter symbols in any position on screen. Upgrade from stakes starting at just $0.25 up to bets as high as $300 per spin if you’re feeling lucky enough!

How it Looks

The background image looks good, offering a great view of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs. They are inscribed all over the background, though there is contrast between their color and that surrounding them which makes some difficult to see at first glance. Two statues hold up the Power Strike orb with power for incredible jackpots while symbol designs are split between playing card royals and Egyptian-themed icons like pyramids or scarabs representing different prizes in each reel slot machine game you play on this website!

In contrast to the previous symbols, which are inspired by things from ancient Egypt. The urn is called the Wild because it’s a classical symbol of death and rebirth or renewal in most cultures. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed by his brother Seth who thought he would never return as Lord of Eternity if no one knew about what happened to him – so when Isis found her husband dismembered she started putting all his body parts back together again! When he came back alive on earth (reborn), she made him an urn out of gold threaded with silver that had magic powers: every morning at sunrise this lovely golden container turned into smoke streaming up towards heaven; but then at sunset each day Ra pulled them down like threads onto Earth

Power Strike Egyptian Riches Real Money Game

If you’re a fan of jackpots, this game is the perfect choice for your next session. All four are fixed and offer up to 1000x total wager as prizes! This pairs well with its medium-high variance that will keep it interesting. The RTP 96% which means higher chances of winning than most games out there today (that has an average at around 85%). You can bet anywhere between $0 or more depending on how much you want in return if hit big so be sure not to skimp when placing bets

The spinning reels of a slot machine are fascinating, mesmerizing and addicting. You can find out how to change your bet by choosing the coin denomination and using these buttons here on the screen in order to increase or decrease your total stake. Find something that fits within budget as you try it for size! Feel free to spin manually, but let’s be honest: we all know about Auto Play mode because who has time?

Bonus Games

During normal gameplay, Scatters will appear with a variety of attached prizes. These include cash prizes ranging from 10x to 1000x, three to five free spins and activations for the four fixed jackpots. To score these prizes, players need land at least one Scatter on reels one through four plus a Power Strike in reel five. The more scatters you have on your first sprites (reel 1-4), the more prizesthese are yours! You cannot unlock major or mega prize if any scatter has an attatched activation round for some extra fun!

When the scatter Power Strike Scatter is triggered without any accompanying scatters on reels one to four, a Pick special feature will activate with sixteen options that players can choose three of. The ability for additional picks in this bonus round are also possible as up to 4 extra pick prizes can be scored when activating free spins rounds where all your winnings from normal gameplay and Power Strikes are combined into one reward!

When a player gets three or more scatters, they are entitled to five free spins. If another scatter lands during these five spins, then the number of remaining free plays is reset and tripled; this can happen up to 5 times consecutively!


Unlock the secret of Egyptian Riches and uncover all four fixed jackpots! This might be a game that has been buried for centuries, but it’s sure to bring you riches. You are given three picks at first before unlocking an additional 4 with your coins in order to get as many chances possible per feature activation. The odds may not be great on these slots, especially considering how few tries there are each time they activate; however with enough luck- plus maybe some help from ancient powers? – anyone can win any or even all levels of the mini through mega jackpots by playing while free spins are active too!

The game features an RTP of 96.45% which is above average when compared to other slots, ensuring players have a good chance at winning big!

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