Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon Slots Review

Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon Slots

Sun Dragon slots is an exciting game with its own special bonuses and a colourful background. Why not have some fun during your free time?

The Sun Dragons slot machine has beautifully coloured symbols adorning the screen, whilst exhilarating sound effects accompany each spin of this fantastic 25-payline video pokie! You can play for real money or simply as a way to unwind while you’re on break at work – either way it’s sure to be entertaining so head over now before the sun sets too low in the sky

Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon Slots

Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon is a five-reel, six-row slot machine made by Bally. It initially starts with 243 ways to win, with more ways to win activating randomly. Special features include Quick Hit which can trigger the free spins round and Wilds that only appear on the middle three reels for players looking for an edge in this often competitive game of chance. The background image is a simple red colour where you’ll find all sorts of Chinese dragons standing next to the reels waiting patiently or just hanging tight while spinning rounds away at any time day or night!

The Chinese symbols are beautifully drawn and the sharp edges of their letters give them a traditional, yet modern feel. The limited animations let you see some beautiful scenery that would otherwise go unnoticed if it had more animation to show off its charm.

Real Money Online Slot

Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon is a medium variance slot that offers players up to 1500x their total stake if they hit the Quick Hit scatter symbol. Players can enjoy smaller prizes while waiting for this jackpot, and change stakes between EUR0.50 and EUR100 with buttons on screen or by using Auto Play.

Crimson curtains cover the top three rows of all five reels, meaning these are not counted when forming winning combinations or activating special features. However, they may randomly rise to reveal positions beneath them for increased scoring opportunities and a greater chance at landing prizes. Land three scroll Scatters on reel two through four to win free spins before which you must find three matching fireworks out of thirty total. The curtain configuration varies from option-to-option with each one having its own bright color related prize package waiting behind it!

If you want to get as many free spins possible, make sure there are no curtains present! If not, then the game will only offer 576 ways for your player. The more Scatters that appear on a single reel while in Bonus mode -between three and nine- dictates how much money is won when they all show up at once. Three scatters earns 1x payout which doesn’t sound like it would work well until I tell you about the time my friend got 3888 x his bet by landing them randomly across four reels out of 7…

The special feature can be activated during normal gameplay or during free spins.


There are 7776 ways to win during free spins. This is only possible by removing all curtains from the playing field, luckily! The difference between Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon and other games like it isn’t miniscule at all- as such, this will affect your enjoyment of Quick Hit Ultra Pays Sun Dragon in a very big way.
Quick hit Wilds can appear on reels two through four (in addition to one). It substitutes for any icon except quick hits or scrolls that give you an instant prize pool payout. That’s right: Gold ingots were used up until 20th century China when they became outdated currency – just like coins nowadays! You have ample opportunity with these wilds so be sure not

Unleash the power of your spin with our quick hit special feature!

The game-changing Quick Hit Special Feature will allow you to transform any standard win into a big one. You can activate this powerful function on any spin, and it’s as easy as pressing two buttons at once – so if that sounds like something up your alley then get spinning now before these opportunities disappear forever!

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