Sword Of Destiny Slots

Sword of Destiny Slots

The Sword of Destiny Slot Machine is the newest game which includes a lot of features that will keep players glued to their screens for hours. You can play this epic adventure game either with real money or free in demo mode, and both cover some excellent bonus rounds!

Sword of Destiny is a 5-reel and 25-payline slot by Bally that recreates the popular fantasy epic saga, with references to Andrzej Sapowski’s Witcher Saga. The first story of this series was published back in 1980s – before Game of Thrones or Lord Of The Rings!

Sword of Destiny is the newest slot from Bally, and it takes players away to a fantasy land filled with swords. Symbols including an Evil Knight, Sword Lady, Scroll or Castle are all featured on this game for those who enjoy sword-themed slots games. This means that fans will be able to play in as little as $0.40 per spin up until they reach their maximum bet limit at $360!

Press the Auto Play button to change your betting strategy. With this option, you’ll be given an amount of money that will stop the game and return it back to normal play mode with a new bet size. You can also see where all symbols are placed on screen below for reference as well as what they pay out in credits at any time during gameplay by looking right next to the Auto Play button.

When playing video slots online, people often have difficulty deciding whether or not we want them set up so-called “Auto Mode.” This means that once players select their initial stake (won or lost) after pressing this big red flashing light switch – which is located directly above other important features like payout values per symbol and information about bonuses!

X Zone Scatter is the only icon that cannot be replaced by the Wild Evil Knight; this symbol will appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. It activates 8 Free Games with x2 multiplier if it lands during any spin of those spins. If a new scatter icon appears while you are in your bonus mode, an extra free game will be granted to play! In addition to these features there’s also base games with four different types which can activate at anytime

Clumped Wilds can cover up to 3 reels at any given moment, new Random Wilds may pop up and land on 4 positions or more. Grouped Wild symbols feature is available which covers a minimum of 4 connecting icons with the matching icon type- Necklace, Flask, Glove and Scroll. These symbols are even capable of being upgraded into higher value types such as Sword Man (sword),Sword Lady(Shield)and Castle for an enhanced chance at that jackpot prize! Bonus Coin Symbols landing on reel 1 will unlock your Temple Tower Jackpots Feature where you climb 16 steps containing three cash prizes waiting for you in between each step ! !

Graphics and bonuses are a great fit to the theme of this epic fantasy slot. There is no better way for an intricate world like theirs with so many different characters, realms, gods and legends to be brought together than through animations! The special features system has every possible thing you could think of: multipliers – Free Spins- mini jackpots- picking game symbols that can upgrade when they land on certain reels or match up in winning combinations – multiple wilds
Low RTP might not seem ideal if graphics weren’t as polished but it’s all about making whatever we want happen come true (like earning those big prizes!)

You don’t have to like this particular genre, but Sword of Destiny is a fun game and the slot offers plenty of excitement. Base game has Wild symbol-activated features that you can trigger before even triggering one bonus. And when you do hit Free Spins or unlock Temple Tower Jackpot? You’re not going to complain about lack of action here!

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