Tetris Super Jackpots Slots

Tetris Super Jackpots Slots

Tetris Super Jackpots will transport you to a world of slot machines where the only thing that matters is how many lines you can put down.

Tetris Super Jackpots slots takes players on an amazing journey through its five playlines, each with their own unique and flashy design. With over 800 different combinations for jackpot prizes, Tetris has never been more exciting!

Tetris Super Jackpots Slot Machine

Tetris Super Jackpots is a free slot game that’s based on the legendary block-dropping video game, Tetris. It features 5 reels and 243 ways to win! The aim of this thrilling casino favorite is simple: match 3 or more like symbols across an active payline in order to trigger some big wins. In addition making winning combinations you can also land one of many generous bonus games which create even bigger prizes for your bankroll

With Tetris Super Jackpots, the original game is transformed into a colourful experience. In this version of the famous tile-matching puzzle title, all blocks are different colours and more arcade-like than before with various shapes including cubes, ‘T’ shaped pieces etc. With no Wild symbol in sight on any reel or payline; instead you can find straight Tetris block to be your highest paying icon – it pays out for five coins at once!

Tetris Super Jackpots is a fun slot machine game that has two special features: the Tetrimino random feature and the Free Spins round. The unconventional Tetrimino feature can happen on any spin, with 1 to 2 shapes appearing above the reels in watermarked blocks that are rotated or standard-shaped depending on your luck. This means positions covered by this shape could overlap with other symbols from above and help make winning combos!

Tetriminos have a game play that could be described as watercolor blocks. In the Tetris Free Spins bonus round, any wins will form Tetrimino watermarked block and fall to its place at the bottom of reels with 12 rows across 8 symbols each row. This means you can get 20 times your initial bet on one spin!

The Tetris Super Jackpots Bally release requires players to complete lines of shapes, with the longer rows disappearing as they are completed. Once a player builds up one horizontal row that goes over their reel grid for an entire round, then three jackpot slots will be unlocked on-screen–the Mini (50x stake), Minor (250x stake) and Major (2500x). The only way to win any of these is by earning a Golden Watermark which can show up anywhere in your cleared line; it’s not just restricted to within each section like other games.

Tetris Super Jackpots is one of the most addictive slots on our platform. It has an RTP of 95.80%, two special features, and three fixed jackpots that can be won with ease thanks to its portrait mode interface which allows you get your Tetris fix any time!

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