Titanic Slots Review

Titanic Slots

A treasure trove of free and real money slots awaits you on the ocean floor on our site! Play Titanic Slots for Free or Real Money today. You’ll never have to deal with annoying pop-up ads when playing these games, no spam either. We keep it classy here – just like a true aristocrat would do in their mansion surrounded by gold statues!

Titanic Slot Machine

The Titanic slot machine is a stellar addition to the casino floor. Atop an impressive, glitzy cabinet, players are treated with clips from the Oscar-winning movie and even have a chance of winning one of two mystery jackpots.

As you spin the reels, a “Bonus Round” will randomly trigger. One thing to look out for is when one of your friends makes it happen; they’ll give shout-outs on Facebook and Twitter! Once triggered, 3 different pictures pop up with rewards behind them – but only 1 can be chosen each time. The small reward could contain $10-$30 while there’s also the chance that an even bigger prize awaits in Mini Jackpot Bonus rounds (worth more than $1 million)!

The last time I played this game, the stacked wild symbols came in. It’s a bit like when Glenda the Good Witch comes on during Wizard of Oz, if you have ever seen that movie. During a stacked wild bonus round, one can get up to four complete reels full of stacked wilds which leads to some big winnings opportunities! One thing I have noticed is that people seem split about Titanic slots because they either love it or hate it; personally for me there was too much slow and romantic music going by but then again -it is a romance film- so what do expect?

The online casino version of this game is only available in the United Kingdom, but I expect it to spread across other countries soon. When you’re playing for real cash at an casino-style gambling site like http://www.casino-gamblingonline.com/, there’s a certain thrill that brings out your inner gambler and gives you a chance to win big without risking much money!
You won’t want to miss out on all the excitement when they roll up their sleeves one day and say “time” while staring down someone about as skilled as yourself–because if those odds don’t work better than 50/50 then what will?

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