Wonder Woman Slots Review

Wonder Woman Slots

Wonder Woman slots are a fun way to pass the time. Play for free or real money – no pop-up ads, and you don’t have to worry about spam!

Wonder Woman Slot Machine

Wonder Woman, a Marvel Superhero that first appeared way back in 1941 has made an excellent slot game. The Wonder woman slots by Bally Gaming features fun play and exclusive bonuses.

Wonder Woman has been popular for decades, but her popularity really peaked in the 1970s. Lynda Carter brought this character to life on TV as an icon of female empowerment and a warrior princess who could take down anything that stand up against her. In more recent times, Wonder Woman’s comeback is seen not just with Hollywood blockbuster success or the trend she started involving women wearing red pantsuits at work (to show their solidarity), but also how she got too big even for DC Comics itself; they couldn’t keep writing about such a powerful woman because it was messing with traditional gender roles!

Plus, of course, we now have the slot machine!

I was on a vacation in Las Vegas and saw that there were all sorts of Wonder Woman memorabilia. Interestingly, I found an entire section dedicated to the game! In fact, almost every casino had it–even some off-strip casinos like Sam’s Town or The Orleans. What is really unique about this slot machine is how you can ‘purchase’ bonus rounds with your winnings instead of using tokens or coins. For example, if my credit balance reached $400 then I could exchange for 4 free spins just by pressing the voucher button at any time during play.

In recent years people have turned their attention away from slots as online gambling has become more popular than ever before. This said, many still enjoy playing traditional games such as

The developers of this slot machine have taken a risk with an innovative bonus system that will both excite and challenge players. Players can only find these features in one other game, but it is hard to say how well the idea was received by their audience long-term.

The Wonder Woman slot machine is a high-action, 5 reel game. The spinning bonus wheel will have you upping your ante quickly and the video clips are as thrilling to watch as they are interactive with gyrating patterns that mimic her superwoman costume.

I only got to play the bonus game once and it was an amazing experience. I picked 8 free spins with 60 wild symbols per line added during gameplay for maximum potential wins on each spin. If I had wanted, though, there were other options of 20 or 30 free games but less wilds could have been chosen instead. Still a good time!

The other player next to me got a different bonus, which was similar in the fact that it involved free spins. I couldn’t help but watch as their expanding wonder woman symbol became wild for all of them and they went on an amazing journey through space before returning with a cash prize.

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