Winning the Pick 4 Lottery

winning lottery

Winning the Pick 4 lottery takes more than luck. Some players can claim to be lucky because they are. Like the North Carolina man who keeps winning different lotteries in Virginia. 

On October 13th he received his sixth major Virginia Lottery prize when he claimed $65,800 in the Pick 4 midday drawing playing the 5117 as his lucky Pick 4 number. 

He purchased 15 tickets playing the winning Pick 4 number 5117 in the exact order eleven times which rewarded him with $55,000. The four remaining winning tickets were straight/box tickets each returning $2,700. His $15.00 investment gave him a total of $70,800. In the beginning he thought that winning the Pick 4 lottery was a question of luck. How wrong he was. 

Once he started researching ways to win the Pick 4 lottery, he was stunned to find that all the available techniques for winning were all based around the concept of trying to get lucky. He found out that if you simply select a single number more times than it loses chances of winning the Pick 4 Lottery. He discovered that if you select a number a few times, your chanced of winning are higher.

Even though some of the techniques he learned to win the Pick 4 lottery were not really strategies, he still won anyway. Currently, he is number #17 on the list of the North Carolina Pick 4 lottery winners. 

He continues to play the same number hoping to become the next North Carolina lottery jackpot winner. He said that at first he won the $15.00 on the 15th, and he then started the process of investigating the remaining numbers and numbers that he could play to win. 

That’s when he came across the number 1997. That’s when he changed the direction of his life and everything since. He’s now the number #2 North Carolina Pick 4 lottery player and the number #11 largest single winner in the history of the lottery. He won $45,800 in the May 15th midday drawing playing the number 1997, and he is just getting started.

He purchased 22 tickets, playing the number 1997 a total of XV7 times. He has already hit the $1 million mark and he is just beginning to win large scale Lottery prizes. What’s he going to do next? He plans to continue playing the same number. Unlike the majority of lottery players, he actually has a strategy for doing so. He buys 22 tickets, using the same number. If the number hits, he wins the North Carolina Pick 4 Lotto.

 If the number doesn’t hit, it’s “the thanks” number. That’s what he says. He checks into space to see if he’s going to win. Based on his three previous drawings, he knows he has a 98% chance of winning. When space repair finally gets completed later this summer, Tommy will be the proudest guy in the world. He can’t wait to hear the frameworks or whirly whoosh sound it will make. He hasn’t reached the $1 million mark, but he’s close.

His goal is to get to the $1 million mark, win the North Carolina Pick 4, get his wife’s diabetes, and then figure out what he’s going to do with his life. It’s a life he never would have chosen. By the way, the North Carolina Pick 4 draw ran Wednesday, December 15th. The North Carolina Pick 4 drew a total of 1,221 winners. Check out the winning lottery numbers. You’re probably just one number away from winning.

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