Play your favourite casino games with no download needed! – The Flash-based casinos

The first online casinos were downloadable casino suits, which had a wide range of games, but were a bit hard to handle. The Older computer had low storage space, and though the software was always optimized, playing several games just took up space. Everything changed when the Flash casinos launched and the players have the option o play their beloved games with no download required! Nowadays, while Flash is still popular, it’s going to be relieved by HTML5 casinos, which are also compatible with mobile. This short guide will help you to be able to decide which Flash casino is the best for you!

The three modern ways of online gambling

Basically, there are three different ways to access your favourite games. To find out which one is the most suitable for your needs, here are some guidelines.

  1. The Downloadable casino suite: The download casinos are nice, because these offer the widest range of games, and these fully support live games too. However, the download software constantly gets updated, and if you play many games, you might have to watch your storage space. But, another major benefit of this type of casino: you don’t have to download the games all over again, so it’s faster to access them. One of the downloadable casinos that we like is Jackpot City Casino, they have a great selection of slots and card games and a huge free welcome bonus, you should give it a try!.
  2. The Flash casinos: To access a Flash casino with no download, you just have to open your favourite browser and login at the casino’s website. A major advantage of Flash casinos is that you don’t have to install anything (although you have to keep your Flash up to date), and you can access the Flash casino from any computer you use. However, you have to wait for the casino to load the game, every time you visit, which might be a long process if your Internet connection isn’t too great.
  3. Mobile casinos: there are downloadable casino apps, but the most common format of mobile gambling is the in-browser instant play gambling. You are going to find HTML5 casinos on your tablet or smart phone, while in a few cases, Flash casinos are available too, though they will be lag a lot on such devices.

The major benefactors of no download casinos

There are several advantages of a Flash casino over the regular “deluxe” suite, although the number of disadvantages is considerable too. This means, that no download online casinos are not suitable everyone, and you might end up choosing the mobile, or the downloadable casino.

Among the most important pluses, the no download Flash casinos have is the compatibility: you can play on Mac and Linux too, so there are no boundaries in what operating system your machine is using. Even if you have your computer under repair, or you can’t access your casino from home for any reason, you can safely and securely play on public computers in Internet cafés or libraries!

You can use the Flash casino action to experience the games the casino can offer, while you also have the option to play for real money. It’s important to know, that while the instant play casinos offer a fine variety of games, for the full scale of entertainment, the downloadable suits are still recommended. For example, a Flash casino from Microgaming offers about 300 games, while the downloadable client of the same casino might even grant over 500 or more! Also, the instant play casinos have simplified graphics for better speed, but in most cases, all of the popular games are featured in the instant play casinos.

FAQ: Are the Flash casinos safe?

Yes, they are perfectly safe, as the connection between you and the casino is highly secured. Also, if you have ad blockers, firewalls and anti-virus plug-ins in your browser, the safety is even better!

Is it possible to play every game in a no download Flash casino?

Most of the games are available, yes. But there are restrictions as to how much games you can play. For example, if a casino has 400 games in the downloadable casino, the instant play version may offer only half or even less than that. Also, some browsers are not supported for no download live games.

Can I claim Flash casino no deposit bonuses?

If there is any on the casino you plan to use, you can! The in-browser casino lobby has all the features you need, including the banking methods, bonus offers, and you also earn loyalty points as you play.

Is it safe to play on public computers?

Well, in most cases, it is, but we recommend that you play only at home, or at a location you know to have high security. Otherwise, you put your information at risk.

Bottom Line

The Flash casinos are pretty good. Though the Flash isn’t perfect, those who don’t like to install software and have another program taking their drive’s space will find the instant play casino the best choice. We recommend you to try out the games online, in your browser, and if you are satisfied with them, switch to the download suite, because the games look better and there is even more of them!