Local casinos in Canada

Though we are mostly focusing on online casinos, there might be a time when a player seeks to find a real-life casino near the place where he/she lives. On this page, we are going to tell you a bit more about the casinos, and about why you should give them a shot, even if you are an online gambling fan! Fortunately for us, gambling and casino operations are not illegal in Canada, so you can easily find a good, fair casino to play at, while you also enjoy the benefits such establishments have!

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“Why should I visit a casino near me?”

Local Casinos in Canada

This question isn’t as good as many people think it is. You should try a real casino at least once in your life. So, pack up, bring your credit card or cash, and get ready for a rocking evening! Brick-and-mortar casinos are large, and they are vibrating with life. The feeling of pushing the buttons of a slots game, an exciting game of Keno or bingo is irreplaceable, and you should consider to play these games. If you were wondering whether the online casinos are fair or not, you can find the answer: sit at a blackjack or baccarat table and test the waters! Also, who would say no to become the center of attention at a craps table, or to pray to the Goddess of Luck for a lucky drop at a roulette table?

Casinos that you can find near your location, offer you a fine experience that shouldn’t be left out from anyone’s life. You don’t have to be rich, you don’t have to love people, but playing a physical casino is really something you should try. There are several pages with casino finders, and you should consider visiting them to find out more about a casino.

Benefits of visiting a Casino in Canada

  • You get to be with people, and though you might be a loner, you get to experience an exciting event of your life if you spend an evening in a real casino, with cheering or cursing folks!
  • If you are a prepared player, you can book a room, or request a player’s card at the casino for lower room-prices. When you are done with playing, you don’t have to hit the road: just go up to your room and sleep well!
  • You can eat at the casino’s restaurant, have a few drinks in the bar, and get back into the action whenever you want!
  • In case you bring cash with you, you don’t have to give out banking or credit card information. Local casinos won’t tear you apart for extra info, maybe only if you hit a huge jackpot.

Disadvantages of visiting a local casino in Canada

  • You might get mad with gambling and lose too much, so watch out, and don’t bring your credit card, get cash, and be well!
  • Eating and drinking cost extra, while at home, you eat and drink what you got at home.
  • Sometimes people may get on your nerves, or disturb you in the wrong moment.

FAQ: Is gambling, both online and in brick-and-mortar casinos, legal in Canada?

Yes, it’s perfectly legal. You can play slots, keno, bingo, baccarat, roulette, craps and of course, blackjack. In addition, many casinos have horseracing to bet on! Some provinces may have fine-tuned rules, so make sure to check your jurisdiction, but it’s certain that gambling is legal.

Who oversees the gambling industry in Canada?

Well, there is a Canadian Gaming Commission, but the different rules and legal matters are all enacted as the different provinces decide. In some provinces, you can start gambling as you turn 18, while in another place, you may have to be older. Check the rules of your location before you visit a casino; the same goes for taxes.

How to find a good land based casino?

There are many options for you to choose from because you can find a casino in Vancouver, near the Niagara Falls, and in almost every province. If you don’t want to visit a lot of places to find the best one, you may like to check the casinos’ websites. Take a look at the photos or videos, and see which one feels right for you. Since you are going to spend a lot of time there, you should choose one that has reasonable prices for rooms and dining.

Aren’t land based casinos rigged?

No, they are not rigged. At least those that have been around for decades, are certainly not. If a casino is rigged, it eventually falls and has to close. Since the gambling laws in Canada are quite liberal, there is no need for cheating, because returning players are the main base for the casinos.

Is there a way to get something extra from a casino?

Well, loyalty always pays out. If you stick to a casino, you might get a player card, or a casino host, who can help you: you can get a discount for the room, meal comps, and on the higher levels, you can have a valet parking your car, and you can enter a special room, only for big shots like you! For example, the Niagara Falls view casino has three levels in the member’s club, and even the basic free membership has several benefits (based on the level of play of course).


The casinos you can go to are all great establishments with entertaining games, fine extras and good meals and drink. Of course, it’s not a Las Vegas or Monaco, but if a local casino is what you can afford, then don’t feel about it. Hey, it might even be your lucky day, and you can visit Monaco from your winnings! Until you decide if you would visit a land based casino or not, stay tuned and read our reviews to find out which are the best online casinos for sit-at-home gamblers, like you, and millions of others!

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