Mac casinos for players from Canada

Mac computers have been around for a long time now. Though these machines are widely used and utterly popular, it’s actually quite hard to find an online casino that is Mac compatible. Thankfully the development team has taken this into account so every player can experience the best of their favourite casinos on any platform they prefer (Mac or not). We recommend looking at sites like Jackpot City if you want to play with your family but don’t own a PC computer yet!

The Mac casinos – how to use them

Since the Windows PCs and the Mac computers are totally different and are not compatible, the online casinos were in a bit of trouble when it comes to Mac gaming. With the development of online programming languages and coding methods, however, gamblers could easily find Mac compatible casinos to play: Flash, Java, and nowadays HTML5 casinos are rocking the online world. Gamblers from Canada who are still loyal to Apple and its Mac machines will have to use their browser to have some hot casino fun. Here are the steps:

  1. Find a good casino – we have a lot of reviewed and Mac compatible casino sites.
  2. Register on one!
    • Make a deposit and enjoy the bonuses
    • Play the online Mac casinos games free versions too!
  3. Withdraw your winnings and have fun!

Online casinos with Mac friendly software

Nowadays, almost every online casino has Mac casino games and quite a lot of them! Some of the best Mac compatible casino sites have over 300 different games for you to enjoy, covering all popular types of casino fun: slots, video poker, baccarat, craps, roulette, blackjack, and Keno. These games are looking great, and they are paying out just as well as on other machines. There are currently no Mac casino software download options, and though some casinos say they have a real compatible software, their client just won’t work on your Mac.

In order to play at an online casino using your Mac, you will have to make sure to have Safari browser installed, and to have the latest Flash and Java too! If you got these, then you are all set!

Player-options in a Mac compatible casino:

  1. You can register and login to the casino lobby.
  2. You can play the Mac casino games.
  3. You can make a deposit using any payment processor you prefer and the casino supports.
  4. You can withdraw your winnings from any Mac compatible casino.
  5. You can still receive bonuses, you will be part of the loyalty rewards program and you can also find most of the newest games to play.


Which casino software is compatible with Mac?

Actually, every Flash-based or Java-based online casino software is working with Mac. If you have everything up to date on your Mac, you just need to open the browser, log in and enjoy the great games and bonuses.

Why they want me to play in a no download Mac casino?

Well, because it’s easier for the casino operators and the software developers to keep the casino games up to date. Also, it’s comfortable for you too, as you don’t have to download, re-install and update a software all the time: just keep your browser and Flash/Java up to date.

Why can’t I use the deluxe software of my favourite casino?

Those clients are in the .exe format, they are executable files, and the Mac computers can’t handle them.

Are there any work arounds if I want to run the downloadable casinos?

Yes, you could use Windows emulators (e.g. WINE), you may install Windows into a virtual computer environment, or you can have Windows installed too with dual-booting.

Can I receive bonuses in Mac compatible casinos?

Yes, you can all of the welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and other promotional offers even if you use the instant play Mac casino.

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