Online Gambling in Canada – Legal or not?

To give you a simple answer to the question of this page’s title: yes, it is. At least currently, when we are working on this article, online gambling is legal in Canada. This means you can play at most of the best international online casinos like Spin Palace, Betway and the famous Jackpot City Mobile Casino, and you can keep your winnings (pay the taxes first, of course) and do with the money whatever you want.

More About Online Gambling In the Country

Playing at an online casino for real money, is a popular activity, even in Canada. Though there are many cool brick-and-mortar casinos around the country, the comfort, the huge variety of games at online casinos make gamblers turn their attention to online establishments. All around the world, the governments are all trying to regulate online gambling, and while big shots like the US forbade online gambling, there are countries like Canada where it’s regulated, but not illegal. Though different governments think differently about online gambling, they usually try to get the most of it via taxing, concession license selling and with other things you are probably not interested in.

Basically, gambling in offline casinos and sports betting is legal, however, when it comes to gambling at casinos which are not operating from within Canadian borders, the laws are not so clear. On this page, we provide you with information about the gambling laws and regulations.

Attention! Disclaimer: The following text refers to laws and edicts, but we are not lawyers, so the information here shouldn’t be considered as legal advice. This is an informative overview, but you should always check the laws of your jurisdiction or contact a legal counsellor who has up-to-date info on the legal state of Gambling in Canada.

Online gambling regulations in Canada

The current state of online gambling services provided by overseas companies is a bit tricky. There is a law which says that only casinos which are licensed and approved by the Canadian government can offer online casino gaming services for citizens of Canada. However, this is a grey area, as it’s not clearly stated, and the Criminal Code only considers under-aged people’s gambling illegal. Most overseas casinos are licensed and regulated with the most reputable gambling jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar or the United Kingdoms.

Most of the land-based casinos offer online betting options, and there are even provinces which own an online gambling site or casino, so those are perfectly safe to use. Currently, there hasn’t been any reports of citizens of Canada being arrested for using an overseas casino, so it’s safe to play.

There is one thing you have to know, though: if you have problems with an online casino, you won’t be able to get help from the Canadian authorities, because they have no jurisdiction in Malta for example.

For the sake of your calm soul, you should pick an online casino only from our websites, as these are all safe and legit, even though they are not licensed by the government of Canada.

Canada has a Criminal Code which doesn’t say anything about online gambling. This means gambling is only illegal when it involves something featured in the Criminal Code, such as the gambling of youngsters. Also, the Code doesn’t cover any precedents or any procedures for enforcing the governing law which says gambling service providers have to be licensed in Canada.

While the United States clearly broke the online gambling industry, the Canadian laws are not so strict. In the US, the states can’t decide about online casinos, they can’t license them. However, the provinces of Canada can even run their own casinos or give license to one.


In Canada, the provinces are regulating the gambling sites. They can make rules, edicts to clear the online gambling industry’s operations, and they can license of forbid online casinos. There is the Kahnahawake Gambling Commission though, which is inside the Canadian border, but it’s a standalone governing body. The Kahnawake Gambling Commission has its own servers and has several licensed casinos too (we have some of them reviewed!).

Bottom Line

Though there are no exact laws stating that online casinos are illegal, you should check this page, or your local governing body’s website regularly. This grey area is not hurting anyone, and we are certain that many online casinos work in a fair manner, and sometimes they are licensed in countries which have even stricter rules. Online gambling is fun, and it should be only that: fun. You shouldn’t focus on making living out of a casino, but rather play when you have time, and when you feel that you have a lucky stroke. Keep it fun, and keep your chin up!

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