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The PayPal is one of the oldest, and most used online payment processors. Though it’s a third part between you and the vendor, the safety and the security it offers is something you definitely have to consider when you explore the world of web-shopping. A handful of online casinos are listed on our page which accept PayPal, and which also accept payments via PayPal from gamblers of Canada.

Paypal:Fast and Secure Way

You are in luck if you have a PayPal account because your online casino deposits and withdrawals can be processed quickly, securely. Once the money is on your balance, you will need to decide what to do next: spend it while gambling or withdraw it into your bank? The choice is yours!

The first step: Open your PayPal account

Well, there is a low chance that you don’t already possess a PayPal wallet. However, if you are new to the online shopping and gambling business, you have to open a PayPal account first. It’s easy as a pie: visit the official PayPal website (with the HTTPS protocol), and click on Sign Up. Then you can choose from Personal or Business account types (you can upgrade for free to Business later). During the next step, you have to enter an e-mail address, which will be your PayPal email, your country, and a password. You will have to add additional information (use real info, otherwise, you can’t get your account verified), read the terms and agree to it. Then, you are ready.

The second step: Verify and Top-up your PayPal Canada

You can make a deposit to your PayPal account in several ways. Direct Bank transfer, Credit Card payment and you can use the service called Trustly, which offers fast direct bank transfer using your banking credentials. Our recommendation is that you link both our bank account and credit/debit card to PayPal. If you do this, you can later use a credit card to make a payment if there isn’t enough money on your PayPal balance. The customer support of PayPal might ask you to identify yourself with providing the necessary documents, and if you have higher money-movement rate, they might also ask you to upgrade your account (for free).

The third step: find a casino that accepts PayPal from players in Canada

There aren’t too many casinos which can let you make your payments via PayPal, but fortunately, the top-notch sites all have this option too, you can check top casinos like Ruby Fortune or Jackpot City to start. You can use your Canadian dollar, so there is no forex fee included either. Deposits made with PayPal are usually instant, while the withdrawal time may take 24-48 hours (weekends and holidays excluded).

The fourth step: deposit

When you are in the casino’s lobby, check if PayPal is among the deposit options. If it’s there, select it, enter the amount you are willing to pay, and enter your PayPal email. There will be a popup where you have to login to PayPal, choose what you are going to pay with (PayPal balance or credit card) and make the payment. Your casino balance should be updated in a minute or so. Withdrawing your balance is also quite easy.

Advantages of using PayPal:

  1. It’s fast and secure
  2. It’s widely accepted, so you can use your winnings to buy and pay for stuff online!
  3. There is a PayPal app, which makes it possible to check your balance any time.
  4. PayPal is a legit, well-known and trusted company, and it’s still considered as the best in the payment processing business.


You should consider using PayPal as your primary funding method for online casinos. However, due to different reasons, not every casino accepts it – so we suggest that you keep another e-wallet on the hook just in case! Neteller is widely accepted and credit cards from MasterCard or Visa can be used too. To get the most out of life’s good fortune (or bad luck) make sure you’re looking into payment bonuses and other extras available everywhere!

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