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The first inhabitants of the United States were the tribes of American Indians, who currently have a low number of settlers compared to other Western cultures. However, this group of people has known how to prevail in the face of so many variations and evolutions of society and, although many of them have adapted to the changes of the new century, they still know how to preserve their customs. In this way, for approximately 38 years, some 360 ​​establishments have been erected in the United States dedicated exclusively to Indian games.

They are under the regulations of the American Law called the Indian Regulatory Act, which was approved in 1988. In this, the parameters were established to manage and regulate the Native American game. Thus were determined three kinds of games, sectioned according to the modality of them. In view of this, we will now explain in a more detailed way what this is and what a slot machine would be like, a game so Western adapted to the traditions and cultures of the Indians.

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A little historyall-about-class-ii-slot-machines

The life of the Indians was not only based on work and ceremonies, they, like all the people of the world, also needed a time of recreation. In this sense, they carried out activities with shells and dice, races, archery competitions, among others, to entertain themselves. However, as a consequence of the economic limitations suffered by the indigenous tribes, they themselves looked for a way to finance themselves through the commercialization of their games. In this way, between 1970 and 1980, the first games center was opened for the indigenous communities that were also open to the general public.

However, the regulations of games in the USA have always been very strict and some of the Indian entertainment centers did not comply with such laws. In view of this, Congress approved the aforementioned law to collaborate with Native American tribes in the improvement of their finances. In the act, three classes of allowed gambling were established, known simply as Games of class I, class II and class III.

Games of chance

The Law of Regulation of the Games of Indians generated some confusions with respect to the terminology in the games in the whole world because the differences could only be noticed in the American territory. But as a result of the access provided by the Internet, it was possible to learn a little better about what those laws referred to. This is very important because although casinos that are from other countries are governed according to other laws, players need to know the difference between the terms that are handled in different gambling houses. In this sense, we have the following:

  • Class I games. These are all those games corresponding to the traditions of the native Indians, most of them used for ceremonies, either for celebration or for specific cultural reasons. Class I games are available only for small bets and are under full control of the tribes and nations of the Native American Indians.
  • Class II game. It refers to the variations of games such as bingo, poker, eyelash games, tip boats, card sets, and other similar games. Certain individuals mistakenly add to the lottery in this kind of games, however, the legislation explicitly excludes them as well as other similar games.
  • Class III games. It includes all other games that have not been mentioned in class I games or class II games. Thus, it refers to lottery games, roulette, slot machine games, card games such as blackjack, dice games and those where the house also participates as a player.

How is the operation of the slot machine game of class II?

According to the description of the three kinds of gambling established by the laws of the United States, it is difficult to imagine the existence of a Class II slot machine. However, at the Winstar Casino in Oklahoma of the Native American Indian community, there are some class II slot machine games.

These are quite similar to traditional slots. So they are made up of 3 or 5 reels with symbols; they pay prizes and they have the same operation all of a slot machine. However, the reality is that they are not slot machines. This is because, the high-tech company Video Gaming Technologies (VGT) located in Franklin, Tennessee, developed for the Native American casino’s bingo games with an electronic operation that use the results of the said game to imitate the operation of the slots.

This means that the slot machine booths have a pair of screens, in which one presents the results of the bingo and the other shows the results of the simulation of the slot machine. In this way, the double observation of the betting game uses the fact that in the center of all the betting games a very simple principle is governed: the bets are made to unknown results. In this sense, the Class II slot machines what they do is take the result obtained with the bingo game and use it to determine what will happen in the slot machine.

In addition to this, the developer VGT has added bonus games to bingo, in this way it acts as a kind of bonus games in the slot machines. They have also created an extensive catalog of bingo games that operate like slots.

In view of the success that VGT has had, in 2004 it began to be part of Aristocrat Leisure Limited. Although the original VGT continues to operate even as an autonomous secondary company of Aristocrat.

Operation of Class III slots

The secret between the combination of bingo and slots is found in the producer of fortuitous digits. In this way, students of mathematics have been devoted to the development of algorithms to determine unpredictable figures for hundreds of years. This can be better observed by reading “How do random number generators work?” available in Online Jackpots.

And while the RNG does not generate a random truth number, in special cases the number is just random. Despite this, slot machine developers make use of the random numbers of a host of modes. At this point, it is important to mention that the law of the United States demands that the creators of slot machines work according to the regulations corresponding to the slots of other countries. For example, in the United Kingdom, the result of a slot machine will be fixed by a single random digit. While in the United States, in a Class III slot the result will be determined by a series of random numbers.

Now entering what is the operation of an electronic or online slot machine, you have to work with software called matrix with which the reels are represented. In this sense, the computerized matrices work as if they were rows of boxes, in which each box keeps certain data. They can have between 22 to 256 lines. Each line of the matrix has an impression of symbols in charge of pointing out to the slot machine what will appear on the screen.

For this reason, slots developers use special algorithms with which they will determine the periodicity in which each symbol will appear in the matrices. This will determine the probabilities or improbabilities in which a single turn of the cylinders will create one or more successful combinations. In this way, the software can provide prizes for one or more winning combinations individually, which will depend on the number of pay lines available to the machine

On the other hand, the producer of random digits generates a new figure with a few milliseconds of difference. Thus, the number is positioned in a part of the record and then the software will take it and use it to establish what follows next. An example of this would be a 5-reel slot, which requires 5 random digits to select how many positions will spin in each cylinder before they are paralyzed in new locations. Therefore, if the slot machine gives random prizes, these are established by means of extra random numbers.

Differences between slot machines of class II and class III

Finally, VGT created a bingo game software that establishes the real awards that are given to the players. However, to make bingo look like a slot machine, they used the random results of this as if they were randomly used in Class III slots. In this way, to ensure that the winning mixes of the slot match the amounts of the bingo prizes, the games developed by VGT work more similar to the UK slots. In this sense, the game will establish what prize was won and then develop a video simulation of the slot machines that end in the winning combination.

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