All about the Roulette Game

It has always caught your attention when people play Roulette, but you do not know what it is. Among the games of chance, roulette is very interesting, since you must guess where the ball that turns in the opposite direction of the Roulette wheel will be. It is on a table and consists of a wheel with 36 alternating red and black numbers, a zero and a double zero in green. This can be played in many ways and can be won in many ways, following my instructions; you could be successful in this game.

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The road to success in the game of Rouletteall-about-the-roulette-game

First of all, you must find the tables that are available to play. You can identify each table through a sign that shows the maximum and minimum bets on it. You should make sure to read the rules of the house, which are written on the surface of the table. With this data, look for a roulette table that has minimum bets within the budget you have, sit down and ask the table assistant to change a quantity of money in chips to play. Then you can start placing bets, placing some chips on the number or numbers you want to bet on.

The assistant of the table will notify so that all the bets finalize and soon it will put in motion the ball on the wheel, at this moment, no longer are accepted more bets. As there are different types of bets, there are also several odds to win, later I will show you some of these betting ways. When you finish playing and do not go to make more bets, you can change your chips for money at the same table. You have to take into account something very important, the roulette chips are usually different from the chips of the cards, so you cannot use them elsewhere.

Different types of bets

Now let’s learn about some types of bets:

  • Direct Bet: this bet is when you choose a single number, if the Roulette stops on this number resulting to be the winner, you will have the probability that they pay you 35 to 1 on the bet.
  • Split Bet: this bet is made between two numbers, if the Roulette stops on any of the numbers you chose, you will be paid 17 times the bet made.
  • Bet of the Row: in this you place the bet on the edge of 3 numbers, if any of the numbers win, they will pay you 11 to 1.
  • Corner Bet: it is a bet that is placed at the intersection of four numbers; you win 8 times your bet if the Roulette stops at any of the numbers you bet.
  • Street Bet: here the chips are placed on the edge of the line where 2 rows of 3 numbers meet, and if a winning number results, they will pay you 6 to 1.
  • Column Bet: this bet is placed on the bottom of a column of 12 numbers, as follows: the first 12 numbers of the table, the 12 numbers of the middle or the last 12 numbers. They pay you 2 times your bet if it turns out to be a winner.

There are also bets on a roulette table, which pay you the same amount of money you have wagered. These bets can be placed on either side of the numbered section of the table. This includes bets by colour, either red or black, bets odd numbers or even numbers and bets on numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36, the sections of these bets are always clearly identified.

You already know how to play the game of Roulette; you are not afraid of not knowing what it was; now you can visit any casino and have fun with your friends.

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