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Baccarat is one of the most popular card games, both in the online casino world and in the brick-and-mortar casinos.

Players from Canada, New Zealand, UK and other English speaking countries have the option to play this famous game with their mobiles or desktop computers. Several Baccarat variations are available at online casinos.

Baccarat: The Story


This is one of the oldest card games, it’s original version comes from China, and was brought to Europe by the Italians back in the 13th century. The original Baccarat which we consider as the traditional version evolved in Italy, then it became popular in France in the early decades of the 14th century. It was a game for the elite, however, King Louise Philip in the 18th century declared that this card game was illegal to play. However, times changed and this nice card game became popular again. You may have seen baccarat being played by gentlemen and spies in movies, which grants the game a mystical aura. When the first online casino launched, online baccarat hit the skies, and it’s still one of the best alternatives for players who love blackjack but still want to play with a lower house edge.

Baccarat Rules

Baccarat online is usually played against the computer (random number generator) and it has simple rules. Both the player and the banker draws cards, which represent different values: Ace worth 1 point, numbers from 2-9 worth their name value, while 10 and faces (J, Q, K) worth zero points. When the points are counted, only the last digit of the summarized points is considered as the hand value. Example: If you draw a 6 and another 6 you have 12 points in your hand, but the real value is only 2. The goal is to finish with a number closer to 9, while it’s also bigger than the banker’s hand. The online baccarat games hand out maximum three cards for both parties.

The player must draw a third card if the value of the first two is 5 or below, but if it’s six or more, the player should stand. In online casinos, the banker usually stands at 7, while below that value it might draw another card, depending on the value of the players hand, and if he or she draw a third card.

Baccarat Bets

You can choose from three betting options: you can bet on your hand, on the banker’s hand, or you can hope for a tie. The hands pay at a 1:1 ratio, while depending on the casino ties could pay at 1:8 ratio. There are different bet values, though for a beginner we recommend playing with the lowest available bet. There are several betting strategies online, but you should stay away from them because in many cases they just make you lose more.

Baccarat Odds?

There is about 45% for the bank and 44% for the player to win, and about 9% percent is the chance of a tie. Normally, the best odds would be fifty-fifty, but in casino games, that’s not possible. However, there is a slightly lower house edge regarding the bets. If you play baccarat online, the house has only 1-1,5% edge on hand bets, but the ties are not in your favour as they are rarer to hit. One of our main tips for baccarat players: don’t bet on a tie, go for the more certain hands instead.

Playing Baccarat Online

Though there are three major versions of baccarat, the basic rules are the same, and how you play is usually the same too:

  • Step 1: Choose the amount you are willing to bet and place it. You can choose a player hand, banker hand or tie.
  • Step 2: Deal the cards. Both parties draw at least two cards, and those decide whether you can deal or you have to draw another one. This is true for the banker too.
  • Step 3: See the results. You can either win or lose to the banker, and there might be a tie sometimes. Depending on where you placed your bet you can have back your bet and the same amount extra, but in case you placed the bet on the banker’s hand, the casino takes a small fee. Also, ties pay out 1:8 in most cases.

Playing Mobile Baccarat

Almost every online casino we’ve encountered has a mobile lobby, where you can play several of the most popular games, including at least one Baccarat. If you look around online, you can play baccarat for free too, and you might even find non-casino related baccarat apps to play offline on your smart phone or tablet. The baccarat mobile apps of the top online casinos are not downloadable, you can play them only in your device’s browser.

Baccarat Tips

  • There is no point in chasing your luck by betting on ties. Baccarat online may have ties, but they are not common, and though the big payoff looks good, it just doesn’t worth it.
  • Never go after your losses. When a roll of bad luck hits you, you can do nothing else than to swallow the pill and go on. Don’t get crazy, switch to another game.
  • Find the best casino with the lowest fees. Generally, every casino takes about 5% on banker hand bets, but if you look around, you might find baccarat online with lower fees.
  • Though they take some fees from the winnings, betting on the banker hands is the safest bet.
  • Card counting and pattern seeking are useless in online baccarat.


Though James Bond brought back baccarat into the popular culture, the online gaming won’t give you that feeling. You can win money, you can lose money, but most importantly, you can have a lot of fun. Baccarat odds are good, and if you want to follow a betting strategy, here is one: place your best on the banker hands, and don’t run after ties. Have fun, and if you like this game, maybe you should visit a local casino or play with a live dealer

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