Blackjack: all the fundamentals that must be learned to play (and do it well)

In a casino, table games load decisions. Go for more, pick up another card, stop or keep hitting and a number of moves that can determine the success or failure of your players. The cards are the queens of the gambling rooms and are manifested in two particular tables: poker and blackjack. Hearings, however, are available for all games. Just as those who love slot machines find the cards boring, a professional in the deck looks down on the happy machines of chance, since they do not require skill or skill.

Still, all this fusion of tastes is what builds the fun dynamic within the casino; and it is also the reason why they last in time. Returning to the letters, it is known that they were incorporated at the beginning of the casinos; and that makes the gaming industry even more fascinating when new strategies are created around it.

In the case of blackjack, the techniques lead to the same thing: beating the dealer. However, to achieve that, decisions are needed; and the first thing that players should take is to push or stop. In short, grab a card or stay with the hand already formed. There are many scenarios that can trigger this card taking. In gambling, action and omission are equally decisive. For that reason, before starting any adventure with the decks, it is important to know the basics to play (and do it well).

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The 7 commandments of blackjackblackjack-all-the-fundamentals-that-must-be-learned-to-play-and-do-it-well

The number of the misfortune in the dice, is that of the luck in the blackjack – theoretically, at least-. So, leaving superstitions aside, players should be aware of the following:

  • When playing blackjack, the card limit is set by the player. This means that, in the long run, everything will depend on the satisfaction that the hand inspires. Sometimes you have to pay attention to intuition, while others are better to stay in the safe area.
  • For novices, when someone decides to “hit”, it really has nothing to do with the connotation of the word, but in the jargon of board games was adopted to indicate that a player wants to continue receiving cards from the deck.
  • A player can hit and stop at the desired point. However, you should be careful in the figure that does. In blackjack, the winner is easy to determine: it is the one that adds 21 points. Therefore, staying with a bare 15 or moving forward with another letter if you have 20 are bad – if not terrible – decisions.
  • This is what leads to the following: the breaking of the hand. Figuratively, of course. What this tries to explain is that once the player exceeds 21 points, he is automatically eliminated from the game – which in this case is played by rounds -.
  • Blackjack is a stock game, but vociferations are as frowned upon as cursing in the casino. Therefore, if a player is satisfied with the number of cards he has taken – and they have dealt him after hitting – he must get up. This is the call sign to “stop”.
  • The ace is the best friend of the players because it is bipolar in terms of value. You can add a 1, how to add it in your hand as an 11. This is extremely beneficial when you are hitting and a card appears that skips, by far, to 21.
  • A soft hand in blackjack is the one that contains an ace worth 11 points, while the hard hands -and full of cards-, usually have the value of 1. Thus, it is more difficult to add the 21 points. However, they are challenges that players are willing to take.

Generic strategy to hit

A simple way to know when to take more cards is to analyze your own situation and that of the croupier. In fact, since the main objective is to overcome it, maximum attention must be paid to the letter that it uncovers. In the proper case, if a player gets a sum of 5-8 points, he must always hit. No matter what, there is no chance of loss. In short, o will add 18 and, in the case of taking an ace, you will have a 19 in your possession, always a good call sign.

If the hand adds 9 can also hit. In fact, it is advisable to do it without hesitation when the card showing the dealer is between a 2 or a 7, even an ace. On the other hand, if a player has 10, he must hit necessarily, but he is free to do it with more confidence if the dealer has the same card. This can trigger two scenarios: get stuck in 17 or tie the dealer.

When the hand adds 11, 12 or 13, there will be times when the player will feel the need to stop. Generally, you can keep hitting if the dealer has a 4 or 5. It is not recommended to stop at this number since the possibilities still tip in your favor. Things change, however, when the cards come together and result in a number between 14 and 17. The limits will begin to be felt, to which the player must approach with caution. The only case in which you should stop is when the dealer has an ace.

Finally, if a player gets 18 points or more – not to exceed 21 -, it is best to stop, it may be that good fortune gives you a 3, but the odds are not always in accordance with luck, so, anyway, it is better to avoid crashing failures.

Blackjack Sins

The moment he begins to imitate the dealer’s techniques, the player begins to lose ground. To avoid this, it is enough to take two pieces of advice: encourage yourself to fold, divide and grab as much as you need, and, of course, let yourself be guided by intuition -as long as it is accompanied by the strategies presented.

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