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 Blackjack is one of the most played card games on the planet, either professionally in great competitions or in a meeting at the house of friends on any given afternoon. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is a mixture between the simple and the complex because the rules of the game are really simple and easy to understand; however, to be the best and beat the rivals, it is necessary to apply certain strategies that are that added difficulty in the games.

But the good news is that today it is not very necessary to consult long game strategy books to learn how to play Blackjack, because what really makes players experts is practice. This is very easy to achieve now with a large number of online platforms in which you can play blackjack for free. In this way, after studying the strategies that are to be implemented in the game, it is possible to put them into practice along with other skills that will gradually be acquired, and without the risk or fear of losing part of the money in the process.

In this sense, the free blackjack games that can be found in online casinos are very similar to the one found in Bodog Casino. This has a real-time game mode of twenty-one that is played with a Flash Shockwave, which works directly in any browser and any computer.In view of this, in the content that follows, all the things that can be achieved by playing free online blackjack will be explained, which can be applied equally with all other casino games that include strategies and skills, because also There are modalities of such games to play without costs.

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Learning to play blackjackblackjack-online-for-free

Although the objective of blackjack is to make money with the bets, you must take advantage of the free game for two fundamental reasons: the first of them is the improvement of skills and the memorization of strategies. In this way, when you feel ready to play with real money, be an expert. The second reason is fun because you should not forget that it is a game first and foremost and you can not expect to profit greatly from it.

In this way, one of the benefits of playing online with money lying is that you would not be missing anything if you make bad decisions that lead to losing a game. So, you can simply put into practice several strategies and you really do not risk anything important.


Although the rules for playing Blackjack are relatively easy, this game requires learning certain essential strategies to have more success than failures in the games; however, to master them requires patience, effort and have enough time to dedicate to the game.

In this way, the main thing is to know that most of the strategies applied on the 21 starts from the logic, however, the calculations in the situation are sometimes not entirely clear, so it is necessary to resort to consultation of a strategy board to learn how the moves are made correctly, which is good, since the more you repeat the queries the quicker you memorize them.

Also, every time blackjack is played online for free, players will identify which are the problematic hands. However, they have the opportunity to go back and evaluate all the times that the strategy tables are necessary, depending on the problem that is being presented, so that you would not be wasting time analyzing things that have already been learned, which ultimately it would reduce the teaching curve and it could be improved in the game in less time than expected.

In this sense, if you already know the decision that should be taken before a hard hand, and the problem arises is in the soft hands; or if in fact the two kinds of hands the player came to dominate, but have insecurities with respect to the moment in which the hands should be sectioned, no matter what the situation, playing free Blackjack could be taken with any of these weaknesses, and study them and improve them without pressure.

Practice and practice

Finally, it is good to keep in mind that practice and persistence are what will make the difference. Well, it will be normal, even being an expert, to meet hands that do not have much confidence in the movements that should be done. Therefore, if you want to learn to play Blackjack as the most experienced players, the best method to do so is through practice. In this way, it is recommended to play enough until you feel able to apply the strategies very well, to bet real money and to beat all the rivals.

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