Guide to card counting in blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games that exist after poker, in addition to requiring certain skills by the player to win; this game is characterised by offering opportunities in card counting. One of the biggest advantages is that it is not very difficult to count cards in blackjack, it is not required to be a scholar for this function, but anyone with average intelligence can take this role, however, it is necessary to know the basic strategies of the game and memorise them very well.

Not only is it about counting cards, since, in a casino environment, but it is also a bit more complex due to the tension and pressure of the game.

The physical casinos in general, are a scenario full of distractions, for this reason, the card counter in blackjack must have a good concentration during the game, above the music, the noise of the slot machines and drinks.

Techniques for blackjack

blackjack liveIn order for a player to become a blackjack card counter, it is necessary that he practices a lot at home beforehand. Gradually you must slowly get involved in a casino game and not fear at all, but rather have a lot of confidence. Although practice makes perfect, for a player to be considered a good card counter, it is necessary to follow certain basic steps.

Just as there are techniques, there are also theories about the counting of the cards in this game. In general, there are two basic truths about blackjack.

  1. The best cards for players are the biggest ones.
  2. The best cards for the casino are the smallest.

The reasons that support these theories are:

  1. Blackjack or natural, cannot be done without an ace or a 10, which correspond to large cards.
  2. This law has been confirmed by the results of simulations with millions of hands that computer scientists have executed.

One of the things that differentiate blackjack from other casino games is that their odds are constantly changing, and it is especially because in each time the cards are dealt, they must be shuffled and this makes them constantly changing in each distribution. In roulette, for example, there are 38 numbers always, while in blackjack when a 10 or so is dealt, these cards will not be in the deck, but until the dealer changes.

Any factor increases the possibility of obtaining a hand improving the expected performance since the natural or blackjack is only amortised from 3 to 2. Assuming that there is a game in which all the cards were dealt except for the 10 and the ace, it is the answer to the question about why a deck like that should have a higher probability of being a natural compared to a deck that only has 52 cards.

However, you must bear in mind that this does not mean that the player will automatically win when a deck is quite rich with aces and 10s. The chances of losing are also present and sometimes it is more frequent than expected. But when a player manages to win, his reward will be 3 to 2, and if he considerably increases the bets when the odds are in favor, the player can appreciate the full increase in that probability by comparing it to the casino.

But keeping in mind that the counting of the cards in blackjack always works by tracking the ratio of the smallest cards to the largest ones remaining in the deck, those responsible for counting cards, has the habit of increasing the amount of their bets because they are advantaged when the proportion of low and high cards is higher. They also have the tradition to make some changes in terms of the strategy regarding such a relationship; however, they get more out of it when the deck is in their favor. Occasionally, insurance accountants usually take insurance whenever they consider it profitable.

Card counting systems and how to choose them

There are many varieties of counting systems for blackjack cards. On the internet, any gaming enthusiast can find free quick guides with basic concepts, while other systems are available in books that players must buy and some others are systems that are aimed at large amounts of foreign currency reaching up to $300.

One of the most popular systems is those where each card is traced in the deck. But there is also a very popular one in which there are four, three, two or one level, in other words, it means that each of the cards has a value between + 4 and -4, but in single-level systems only Subtract or add 1 whenever the player sees a card. In level 2 systems, for example, only some cards have a value of + 1 or + 2, while others have an opposite value corresponding to – 1 and – 2 respectively.

All work in different ways depending on the degree, but for those who are starting in the counting of the letters, it is recommended that they use a system that best suits their abilities, is easy to learn and is very effective in their environment.

The Hi-Lo count is the most recommended option for beginners; it is easy and is considered a common entry for the novices of card counting. It is a system that uses only one level, which makes it highly effective. Although in the industry there are much more precise systems, if Hi-Lo is correctly learned, it will not be necessary to consider a much more complex system.

One of the things that a new card counter should never overlook is the number that is before the comma, this is the value of the card, while the number that is after the comma corresponds to the number that will be added to the count to the extent that the cards are dealt. Everything starts at 0 and as long as a card with values from 2 to 6 appears, the counter must add a + 1 to the account, but when a 7, 8 or 9 appears, the counter must ignore these values. And if u 10 or so appears, then the counter will subtract 1 from the count.

Whenever the lowest cards are dealt, then the proportion of low and high cards improves. But as the higher cards are dealt, then the ratio gets worse. When the accountant can increase the size of his bet whenever he has a positive count since the deck would be favoring him, otherwise, without a negative count, it would be advisable to bet a reduced amount, since this case, the deck will be favoring the casino.

The proportion of high and low cards

The high odds of getting a natural or blackjack are determined by the highest cards in the deck. Although the dealer in this case also has a high probability of getting a blackjack, it does not matter so much because if that possibility occurs, the player can push or lose but it would only be a bet. But if the player is the one who gets the blackjack, then the payment of his bet will be 3 to 2.

A better way to explain it is, if for example, the player is betting $100 on each hand, if in the first game the dealer gets the natural, the player would be losing his investment of $100, but, if on the second hand the player is who gets the blackjack and earns $150, there are other factors that would be benefiting the player:

If the platform is rich in 10s, both the dealer and the player would be benefiting considerably, however, since the dealer does not always have flexibility in the way he plays the hands, in case of having 12 or 16, it is necessary that bate no matter that there are many 10s in the deck, this implies that it burst more often, but this would also benefit him since in this way he can decide whether to strike a hand or not.

NOT synonymous with guaranteed winnings

You have to be clear that who counts the cards is more likely to buy the one who distributes them. Although it is not synonymous with a guaranteed win, and it is possible that in several hands the player does not see a blackjack, it is also very likely that during a dealer, steal a card and win or simply get a hand on the bust.

The fact of counting the cards causes the probabilities to be traced. The more experience you have, using probabilities can help you obtain information that influences decisions and can turn it into substantial profits. In the long term as long as you do not break them, however, in the short term, there is a good chance of losing both you and any other player at the table. This rule takes effect in single sessions or in one hand.

It is a fact that the probabilities have a greater positive effect in the long term, which implies thousands of hands to play before turning these probabilities into real results that begin to generate large sums of money.

Hi-Lo system put into practice

The best way to learn to count cards and even more implementing this system is to practice anywhere with a single deck before a real game. You must count the cards one by one through the deck using the values listed above. The count should be zero after having dealt the last card of the deck if you do not finish at zero, then surely you have made a mistake, if so, re-shuffle and start again but this time a little slower.

After having managed to count through the deck without having made an error, you must implement a timer to measure the time and speed with which you do this count by passing a letter at a time. You should try to reduce that time by half.

After having achieved greater speed, it is necessary to proceed to distribute the cards but this time in pairs. You need to get used to creating a total of 2 cards. In case of getting a natural, that means a – 2 automatically, if a player gets a 2 and a 10, it would instantly be a 0 because they are canceled among themselves. The practice will make you acquire more precision and speed.

When you consider that the speed and accuracy you have acquired is much greater, then you should start practicing with a higher proportion. And in that constant practice, do it with the TV on, or ask someone to interrupt or talk while you count the idea, is to acquire a greater concentration, without saying the numbers out loud or making a face, until Get more relationship and it seems that you do not try too hard to think.

Involving all those factors, it is a basic demonstration of what would be the count in a real blackjack game. All those skills are required inside the casino and the rest of the participants should not notice the fact that you are doing a card counting, it could take you a lot of practice time, but once given the experience, you can take it to a real casino for the first time.

Size of stink, true count and the current count

A count should be converted into a real account when dealing with multiple decks and cards in a shoe. It is a somewhat complex concept, and that is when using multiple card decks, the effects of any of the cards, is diluted by the number of cards that remain in the deck.

In other words, if a deck has 52 cards and the 4 aces have already been dealt, the probability to get an ace would then be 0%.

But if in a game, there are 8 decks, in case of having dealt 4 aces, there is a probability of getting an ace then it would be of 28/204 or 7/51 corresponding to 14%. From 0% to 14% there is a big difference, however, this can be compensated, and for this, the current account must be divided with the number that until then has kept it updated, by the number of decks that are considered to be still it’s in the shoe.

It is important to decide on the type of range you want to have at the time you place your bets, before sitting down to play. A clear example of this is that the bets can be 1 and 10 units. It is important to keep in mind that bets are usually aggressive, and this usually gets the casino’s attention.

It is a fact that the more aggressive a bet is, the more likely the casino will get its full attention. In general, the bet margin of the players goes from 1 to 4 or from 1 to 6, and even a little more. However, there is no range that avoids the scrutiny of the casino, but the greater your bet, the greater your advantage will be.

There are methods to make bets go according to the account. If for example, the count is 0 or less, the ideal bet should be 1 unit, assuming about $10. To do this, you must add that count to 1, so you can get the multiple of what you really should bet on. But in case the count is +2, he should bet $30 instead of $10, so if the count is much higher, then his advantage will increase and therefore he should bet more.

But the real count is the most viable end in these calculations and not the count in execution. In games that have only one deck, the current account and the real account are usually the same. But if it is a newbie, it is recommended that at the beginning do not modify any of the basic strategies that govern the count but lower or raise the bets according to the real count.

Tips to avoid succumbing to the anger of the casino

Many casinos do not like that they have card counting, but these practices can be carried out if they do not notice it at all, so what is the best way to do it without them noticing?

For obvious reasons, the best way to count the cards and go unnoticed is to be really good at counting and you can do it slightly without any effort. For this, the gestural language is a very important factor that must be controlled, and that implies, not frowning, not looking directly at the cards or hands of the rest of the players and of course not moving your lips too much, are clues that the Casino takes into account to detect the counting of the cards.

Another strategy is to make certain mistakes in basic strategy occasionally or tip the distributor, the fact that a card counter never gives tips to the distributor with the excuse that it reduces his profits, but in case he is discovered, his earnings will be reduced to 0 automatically, and with the wrong occasions in the basic strategies, he makes be seen rather as a yokel and not raise any suspicion about it.

The costumes are a good smokescreen, but this does not imply a mask or flashy wigs since this is against the policies of the casino. But do not shave in a week, regularly wear a hat or even glasses from time to time without leaving aside a good dress sometimes formal and informal, is a camouflage technique.

It is important that those responsible for counting do not remain to play in the same casino every day for more than an hour. Visiting the same casino at the same time will only raise suspicions, it is important that you do not play with the same dealer either. Generally the casinos have 3 shifts, ideally, it would be visited alternately shifts and schedules with a frequency of 2 or 3 days per week.

Although it is not a criminal act and the casinos cannot arrest you for counting the cards, they can take certain measures, asking you to continue with any other game except with blackjack or simply never to return to the casino. But in the case of returning despite the warning, it would be considered a violation of the law and in this case, the police could intervene for illegal entry to the casino.

However, you should not worry too much, because in most casinos, you never get to that extreme and the worst thing they can do is get you down more and more frequently. Although you have to always keep in mind that the casino boxes also know the card counting and they can specifically realize faster if you are counting cards or not.

Reasons why casinos do not tolerate card counters

If you talk about a single card counter in a casino, it does not represent any kind of danger in relation to the final balance of the casinos. A sufficient reason that is justified when such counters are inclined to low bets, in other words, if a card counter makes a $10,000 bet on each hand, they represent a threat to it as well.

However, the problem really is when there are more than 100 card counters in a month in a casino. This represents losses for the casino for two reasons, the first is that they would be earning small amounts of money that in the long term add up a substantial total, and second, they are occupying seats that could be ideal for losing players who can leave good income in the casino. Usually, a promised blackjack player is very bad, and often he is the one who operates with 4% in favor of the house advantage.

All casinos aim to maximize all the money they generate every hour for each square foot. But these gains are interrupted when the card counters as they damage the game and the target. A clear example of this is that if for example a player plays for $25 as the only unit and start to rise, then you will have to face the scrutiny of the casino, something that would not happen if you play for $10 or $5 as the unit.

Banking advice

Obviously, it is not a guarantee that a player wins by the simple fact that the odds favour him. Which means that you must have enough money for the bets, otherwise you increase the risk of going bankrupt before the long-term advantage takes effect.

In this sense, it is necessary that each player takes into account the tolerance that has the risk, this means for example: How willing are you with a 20% chance to go bankrupt? Or if 5% or 1% is enough? It is important that if the bankroll is bigger compared to the smaller bet you are making, then your probability of breaking will be much lower.

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