Casino Poker: a guide for beginners

A round of Poker can fuel a casino’s success, but only if it attracts bettors from all over the world and rewards those who play with strategic precision to win every time. Being surrounded by experienced players will ensure anything can happen – whether they’re dealt an Ace or two pair might be determined before they even see their cards…

It’s no surprise that the World Poker Tournament is every poker fan’s dream. Even if it isn’t your first time, there are a few mistakes you might be making in this tournament as an amateur player.

The world-famous World Poker Championship has hosted thousands of players from around the globe for over 30 years since its inception! From amateurs to professionals and even beginners who have just begun their journey into casino poker games, all can make certain errors with any luck at these tournaments– which makes them so much more exciting than playing alone on your computer screen or home table!

casino-pokerBeginner fundamentals

A beginner has a lot to learn. At a poker table the succession of hands, the movement of chips, buttons, and cards are, in some way, fundamental to achieve optimal performance. Each rival who is aware of that has on his part valuable knowledge.

When you are amateur playing with more experienced opponents, observation can be the most useful techniques. The most impassive are usually the most aggressive, while nervous, boisterous players are, in addition to annoying, sensitive and bad losers.

There are codes of behaviour that must be respected when playing poker. That way, you can avoid giving a wrong image and not be banished forever as part of the table.

To avoid that last, here is a guide for beginners that explains, in addition to the dynamic, all actions that are considered a sin when playing poker.

Unchangeable players

To the table members, to the croupier and even to the employees of the games room, nothing bothers them more than a bettor who disrupts the order of the casino and, as a rule, it is the novice players who most incur this lack.

The screams, sudden and impatient movements are very bad seen in a poker tournament, almost or as detested as condescending attitudes and players with confidence that, frankly, borders on the ridiculous.

You must never forget that it is a competition, but that in no way can be an excuse to forget the manners, the impassivity and the rules of the game that, incidentally, were made to be fulfilled.

The exaltations are understandable from the outcomes of machines or tables, such as dice and slots. But in poker it’s better to go down in history as a calm, skillful and aggressive player with his technique.

The personal space is a sacred area

Casinos and online casinos, regardless of size and luxury, always reserve the same space for the tables and chairs that are available in the poker games. These are usually limits that extend to the wide ones but are reduced by questions of logic and infrastructure.

A poker table in a casino is usually composed of seven or nine players, with a maximum of ten opponents. Not to mention the croupier and the possible observers. Naturally, the separation between each one will not be so remarkable, but this does not mean that personal space should be disrespected.

Contrary to what one might come to believe, casinos dispose of seats calculatingly; that is to say, that as the nature of poker, there is nothing random about the distribution of the posts. The referential position – when it is a 9-player table – is chair number 5, always in front of the croupier’s station.

The opposite seats -one and nine-, are on the left and right side of the dealer of the cards -or dealer-, leaving the rest of the seats as reference points to know if the table is properly located. In the event that a game of 10 contestants is dealt with, seats 5 and 6 must be in front of the dealer.

There are additional details that must be taken into account when determining a player’s personal space. Generally, the coasters and bases for the chips are small obstacles that, although they do not make a huge difference, serve to calculate the distribution of the table.

Also, there are ways to get a little more place. For players who simply cannot tolerate the rubbing of elbows, the snoopers and impatient, the chairs next to the distributor are the ones indicated to have a few more centimeters of separation; leaving the middle posts as the worst position to play.

It’s a matter of elbows … and feet

It may sound absurd, but when the poker matches go on for several uninterrupted hours, the legs and feet take the worst part. In the first place, due to the inherent cramps and discomfort, but also by some players who, tired of fatigue, begin to stretch them at ease.

If the distance is not very large at the top, something different does not happen under the table. In fact, it is a problem that poker players have to deal with longer than they would like, since casinos cannot intervene and, truth be told, none of them wants to be a complainer in front of their tablemates.

Getting the solution is possible if you act assertively and with dissimulation. It only takes a couple of movements that tacitly say “this is my place and there is nothing you can do against it”. There is no need to create a scandal, nor end in contests that do nothing but upset the rest of the table.

Another issue that players will also want to take care of – at least the decent ones – is to collaborate so as not to build a dump in the part of the carpet. Generally, this is usually a filthy garbage deposit until the game ends and casino employees can leave it clean again.

Attitudes such as these are not only detestable, but they expose the degree of decency that exists in a table. Getting up to throwing the waste does not count as dead time, it only takes a few seconds and prevents a player from remaining like an imbecile sovereign, neither the table mates, nor the players who happen to sit down, let alone the casino workers will say it aloud, but they will surely think aloud.

Drinks are also a theme

With marathon play sessions, it is not surprising that many players fill up with beer, water or another drink that keeps them hydrated. The same happens with food and, since you cannot take breaks of more than fifteen minutes, the casinos will never object. In fact, the more sales you generate, the less likely you are to put up a loop. It is a counterproductive attitude, after all.

However, when you want to have drinks on the table, it is best to get a cup holder. Many players insist that they are not so clumsy as to spill the content, but accidents, even to the most skilled people, can occur anywhere and at any time.

When the water, wine or beer spills on the table, the indignation is collective, especially because of the irresponsibility of the player when not getting support. The cards and chips get wet and you have to stop the game to clean them and leave them in their original state.

Sometimes, when a game goes too far or there is tension in the environment, there is nothing that is considered more hateful than having to stop the rhythm because of a player’s little warning. To avoid being the most hated member of the table, it is better to get something that holds the drink in the first place.

Mistakes unwanted, or annoying

As mentioned at the beginning, a poker table is not without attracting the public, especially if the game is in full swing. Some players invite their friends, girlfriends or wives to watch them play, which is perfectly normal and acceptable; but if things get out of control, an annoying spectator ends up being more detested than the player himself.

Nobody wants the snoopers or the public that is constantly making comments or raising bets for or against someone. The casino, unless there are more serious disputes, cannot do anything to stop the unwanted bystanders who only cause discomfort among the players.

A gesture of solidarity for the table companions, for the casino workers, for the dealer and the croupier, is to invite people who understand that the game is not a joke, that the non-graceful comments are out of place and that The last one who wants a poker table, is to be annoyed while the cards are dealt and the chips are bet.

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