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Play Craps Online: The Beginners Guide

Craps is a dice game.

Craps can be played in different ways, but the most popular one is called “pass and don’t pass”. The player who throws the dice has to bet on either of these options. If he/she bets on “pass”, then they will win if their roll matches with the number that was thrown by them; if they bet on “don’t pass”, then they will win if their roll does not match with the number that was thrown by them.

Craps is an exciting game which requires luck and strategy at the same time! It’s also a great way to make new friends! You can play craps online for free or you can find local casinos where you live and try it out there too!

Craps is used to be a fun game that English knights invented back in the 12th century. At least this is a common belief, and the name craps evolved from the word “castle”. No matter what the real origin is, the most important fact you should know is that craps is a popular, widely played game which attracts large crowds in real-life casinos.

In the late 20th century it made its way to the casinos, and as the first online casino appeared, craps online obtained a wide acceptance and a great player base. Popular casinos Jackpot City casino, Ruby Fortune casino online provide the craps as one of the game from its gaming warehouse. You can play craps in every online casino that’s available in Canada, so if you are interested in it, you don’t have to search too much, nor get into shady online establishments.

Online Craps

Craps Table

Craps is played with dices, and if you watched at least one movie that has something to do with casinos, you probably have the idea about how craps is played. The craps is played at a table, and there is one person who throws the dices, while others can bet on what he/she will throw.

How To Play Online Craps

When the game starts, the shooter makes a “come-out” throw, and its result will set the rest of the game. Before the first roll, the players can place their bet on two options: Pass Line and Don’t Pass Bar. There are three outcomes for the first roll of craps online:

  • The shooter threw 7 or 11. In this case, the players who chose Pass Line win.
  • The shooter threw one of the so-called “craps” combinations (2, 3, 12), those who bet on don’t pass win.
  • The shooter threw any other combination, that number will be the Point. The Point sets the Pass Line for the rest of the game.

In the rest of the game, there are two possible outcomes:

  • The shooter throws the Point: The Pass Line bets are paid, and a new “come-out” throw takes place by the same shooter.
  • The shooter throws a combination that adds up to 7: every bet gets collected, and a new player takes the dices.

Craps The “Hard Way”

In craps, the players can bet on hard way rolls, which means that the dices stop at the same numbers facing up. This is a rare, yet exciting sight, and it usually brings loud cheering to the table.

Why Craps Online Is So Popular

  • Low house edge: among casino games, the craps is one that doesn’t favour the house too hard. There is about 1.4% house edge for pass line best, making this kind of bet your best choice to win.
  • Pace: craps is a fast, exciting game, even if you play it online. Naturally, the feeling is much intense if you play the game in a real casino.
  • Good bets: due to the low house edge, craps is a very good choice for online casino players from Canada, because, in the long run, you have better chances to win.

Playing Mobile Craps Online

Craps is among those games that can’t be dismissed from an online casino. Even you play want to play with no download requirement, you can play craps in your browser. The desktop client of the casino might offer live craps or different variations, but the basic craps always available for in-browser gambling too. This is true for portable devices. It’s possible to play craps mobile version on smartphones, tablets, which means that you can roll the dice on the go too!

Online craps for Android and iOS are usually available, but mostly in the mobile browser. Also, Windows phones and others with HTML5 supporting browsers can open the casino lobby and offer you a selection games, including craps. When you play on your desktop, the in-browser online craps usually uses Flash to make the game work.

Benefits Of Playing Craps Online

Though you actually lose the social part, the craps is still a fun game to play online. You can place your bets with a single click, and you can roll the dice all over again, without waiting for others. This ultimately makes online craps very exciting. There are many bonuses regarding craps in online casinos. You have somewhat better odds with online craps than in real-life casinos.

Online Craps Odds

Since the house has a lower edge, the odds and the payout are better than in many other casino games. If the point is thrown, you can place your side (odds) bets. It’s good if the point is below 7 because you can place your odds bet accordingly. The payout is this: 2:1 for 4 and 10, 3:2 for 5 and 9, 5:6 for six and eight. Odds bets have to be placed out of the pass line area, but after the pass line bet. When you place your pass line bet, you also determine how much you can make for a side bet.

However, in many online casinos, the craps tables have multipliers for odds, so can even bet 5 times the pass line bet if you want. These multipliers are progressive, their value depends on the odds you are placing your bet on. Usually, in online craps, odds bet pay 6 times the base wager (pass line bet), but in some cases, the casino might offer even bigger payouts.


Playing craps online is a fun, and truly exciting activity. In case you are a beginner in the online casino gaming, you may like it very much, because even if you haven’t played it before, you can understand the rules quickly when you see the table. You can play craps for free, and for real money too, but you should always try it first, then bet real money.

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