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Games of chance, especially table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette, are characterised by games where many strategies can be applied. From its beginnings to modern days, many have been devised, either by veteran players or students of mathematics and statistics. The advantage that is presented today is that thanks to the Internet, you can quickly access them or at least some of them.But, as stated in the title of this article, why is it easier to learn today about the strategies of casino games? The answer will be given through the observation of past methods.

Game techniques

blackjack cardsPreviously, finding a good and effective strategy to play games of chance was not so simple. Because at that time the options were limited.

  • Several players and specialists wrote books where they shared their knowledge. Such was the case of Doyle Brunson, who crashed the WSOP 10 times. This player designed the Super System in 1979, which is a poker strategy. Also, there were other recognized authors such as Avery Cardoza, Frank Scoblete, and John Growchowski.
  • When you had a subscription to a magazine, elementary information about games of chance and their strategies was received monthly. So this was also a good way to learn and could be taken as a kind of intensive course.

However, these methods had one drawback, the costs. This is because buying a book for each of the different games that interest study, it was definitely expensive, and coupled with that, it was possible to buy several titles that somehow covered the same topics, as basic tactics in blackjack, the search for prizes and the counting of the cards. In all this, a large sum of money quickly accumulated.

On the other hand, the issue of convenience was added, since very few people liked the idea of going to several bookstores to learn about casino games since many had it as very personal entertainment. However, for a long time, these were the only viable options.

The Internet arrived, and everything changed

In 1991 it can be said that the era of the Internet began with the launch of the World Wide Web, better known as the triple, although by then many people around the world were still unaware of this tool and the full scope is provided. That is why its boom began in the middle of the decade and many people acquired computers, however, the connections and the explorers were not very efficient.

Surely, a lot of people will remember having made their first searches on the network through browsers such as Excite, WebCrawler, Lycos, Yahoo!, AltaVista and Ask Jeeves. But unfortunately, in terms of the provision of information related to the game strategies, these services did not have many options and accuracy, which made it very complicated. An example of this is what happened when using Ask Jeeves, where when looking for strategies to play baccarat and the results they threw was a mixture of links that did not have any kind of link with the first pages. In this way, individuals tried to test with the other engines mentioned above until finally being lucky enough to find a website that was a little closer to what was originally sought.

Game strategies

On the other hand, those responsible for writing about game strategies did not always have real experience with respect to the games they explained. For this reason, the result of the publications was usually limited to being informative or included erroneous and imprecise data and terms. That is why many people even by the year 2000 preferred to buy books or games magazines instead of consulting the web, since the information was more complete and of better quality compared to what could be found on the Internet.

Fortunately, since 1998, the search engines showed great improvement, as well as websites such as this one that published a lot of great content about online casino games. In 2000 Google became operational and immediately positioned itself as the best content search engine among the others, thanks to the research project of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who were Stanford students and made searches through Internet had better quality in terms of accuracy. Thus, when inquiring about a specific topic, such as game strategies, for example, relevant websites were actually presented; what brought as a consequence, that now this was the best means of education and was preferred over bookstores.

Also, in 2009 Bing was launched on the market, another search engine of good quality that serves as an alternative to Google, although it is very difficult for Google to generate problems to find information, it is always better to have a backup plan.

Different ways to learn about game strategies nowadays

As already said, the Internet became the best tool to search for information related to games of chance and the strategies that can be applied to improve the games. This is because it is always possible to find content such as texts or videos featured on the main websites of Google and Bing. But without a doubt, one of the new ways of learning and which is more clear and didactic is the visualisation of videos, so by simply entering YouTube, you can find a large number of options with people explaining directly how to play the different games or how to apply different strategies in them. Being one of the main advantages the comfort that you have to play a video and watch while doing other activities.

However, this does not detract from the traditional articles, because they explain in detail some things, of which interested people can take the most relevant points for them and continue with the search and learning. In this way, the apprentices will collect the data that most appeals to them from different places.

Strategies for different games of chance

In spite of the means that there are currently to learn about game strategies, it should not be forgotten that these are topics that have much more depth than what can be covered in a video or blog article on the Internet. That is why below we will briefly discuss some of the most applied strategies in the various casino games.

Blackjack & Card Counting

For newbies, the basic strategy to apply in Blackjack may seem a bit complicated. However, by means of a Blackjack strategy board you can learn very quickly and, for this, the only thing that must be done is to use the Internet to obtain one of these strategy graphs, which can be printed or simply saved on the computer. Another method that is often used to train with Blackjack strategies is through coaching programs, which when playing indicate which were the wrong moves.

On the other hand, there is the well-known process of card counting, for which it was previously imperative to acquire a book that dealt with it, which is still a viable option if you want to learn from the experiences given by celebrities such as Stanford Wong and Arnold Snyder. However, on the web, it is possible to find an almost incredible amount of articles, videos, and conversations that help and explain on this topic.


What has made poker famous is undoubtedly the fact that it is the game where game strategies are applied most, not only with the cards that are obtained in the hands but also with the opponents. Likewise, it is considered to be one of the most difficult games of chance, but the reason is that each year players improve and learn more and more different strategies that they can use in case of any eventuality. For this, they use all the material available on the Internet as articles, training videos, forums and Twitch that definitely elevates the level of things.

Among the best options are the videos, which are a type of training given by professional players that reveal how to control some important elements of poker. So much was the popularity of these videos, that in 2011 a broadcast site called Twitch was launched, in which players can see live how professionals play and offer suggestions. The best thing is that it is a completely free service.


Probably the strategy that is applied in the game of dice is the simplest to learn with respect to all the games that are played in the casinos. However, many bets are available for which novices need a lot of support. In this way, a good article online about the dice will briefly and clearly indicate which are the bets with the lower limits of the house. Also, it is possible to find intensive workshops on bets with a probability of crap and that do not have edges of the house. However, the best way is with practice, so playing for free at both in an online casino allows players to familiarise themselves with the processes.

Fantasy sports

Daily fantasy sports or DFS, as it is known by its initials, have gained much popularity lately, which has made players look for game strategies that allow them to have advantages over their rivals. In this sense, it is possible to find both articles and videos on the web where they give very good advice, and explain methods to create optimal training and better manage the bankroll.

Sports bets

Sports’ betting represents another game alternative that turns out to be quite competitive. In this way, if you want to improve the chances to win with good bets, it is recommended to review the articles available on the web, as well as visit forums and use some software as a tool. And is that the Internet has certainly meant a great help for sports bettors since most of them did not have calculators and software that allow you to make better-informed bets. For example, it is now possible to find arbitration calculators and the Kelly Criteria, as well as probability converters, among others. While advanced online software, they allow them to create trends and betting systems of their own.

Which is better, the old or the modern?

A fact that cannot be denied was that with the methods of ancient learning it was also possible to have a good time. Well, when visiting bookstores, they spent an entertaining time reviewing each of the materials on the shelves and evaluating which was the most convenient at that time. Also, nothing compares with the longing and expectations that were had to wait for the new edition of the magazine to which it was subscribed.

However, the arrival of the Internet began a great era of change that undoubtedly meant greater progress in all aspects. So the books and magazines on game strategies can be left aside, because, now it is possible to find a wide variety of very good information on the network.

Added to this, the Internet reduces the costs of the player training process, since it is possible to find many efficient secrets and strategies without paying anything in return since it is enough to access some websites with free content such as informative articles, Player forums, programs and calculators and even the Twitch.In this sense, it can be said in conclusion that the Internet has allowed equality between professional players and fans because they all have the same accessibility to information related to the game strategies.



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