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Play Keno Online With Our Beginners Guide

Keno is a game of luck and chance that’s been around for centuries.

It’s easy to play, with simple rules and an exciting atmosphere. You can play online or in person at casinos across the country.

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Though it’s true that Keno is among the oldest games in history, it’s still a must-play game for many gamblers. It’s usually available in offline casinos (we mean the physical locations), and in practically every online casino too. Keno and similar games are a great choice for new players to get hang of chance and luck games, and also for seasoned gamblers who would like to take a break from slots, cards, and other table games.

There is a legend regarding the birth of Keno: they say that a warlord of ancient China used it to get funds for his army, and it was so successful that they could even start building the Great Wall of China from the money. Nowadays, online Keno games still have the same principles, although there are many themed versions which bring a good variety on this field too.

Keno 101 – the Basics

Keno Online

Keno, just like every casino game is based on chance. When it’s played online, there is a host who draws the numbers one by one, while in the online versions, the casino’s installed and secured random number generator does the work. This also foreshadows one of the best advantages of online Keno against real-life Keno: the first is much faster. Basically, the Keno is a lottery game, and your task is to choose from 80 numbers on an 8×10 matrix. They draw 20 numbers from the 80, and you can bet up to a maximum of 15 (in most cases) numbers per game. Depending on the bet you placed and the numbers you played, you can win big, while you lose only a fraction of your money.

Playing Keno Online

Most online casinos grant you free versions of the popular Keno games, so in case you are interested in this, you can play without risking your money. It’s the best option you can have to try your luck and get the hang of playing Keno for free. We suggest that every casino play have to try the games they are interested in, so they can avoid being surprised by unexpected rules having an effect. Keno is not hard to play, though some practice won’t hurt.

To play Keno at an online casino, you just have to perform two single task: decide how much you are willing to bet per number, and pick the numbers you want to play. The more numbers you play the better payouts you can get and the chances are slightly better too. If you are done with choosing the numbers, you can sit and watch the numbers pop. In a land-based casino, you may have to turn in your Keno ticket and wait for the draw. Online, however, it’s just a click of the mouse, and you can see the results seconds after.

The way how the numbers are drawn is what brings variety to Keno games. For example, there is a casino game, the Monkey Keno, which features a monkey throwing coconuts, and if it lands on your number, that’s a hit then. There are countries where they draw Keno numbers every night… just imagine how bad it would be to have to wait almost a day to see if you have won or not.

Keno Odds

Playing Keno online is quite fun, and there are some really good odds to get a hit. If you play with the maximum possible numbers (it might be 15 or more), the odds of not having any hits is almost zero. The more numbers you play, the more chances you have, but having 20 hits is nearly impossible. The best Keno odds start at about 12% which: there is 12% odds to hit 3 numbers out of the 20. You have the best odds with playing with 20 numbers, and the chances for 3-7 hits are very good.

Keno Rules

There are different rules for Keno, though. If you pick 20 numbers from 80, you have a great chance of having at least one hit. However, playing the maximum numbers means you have to hit more to get paid. For example, if you play Keno with 15 numbers, the first tier you can get paid is when you hit 4 numbers. In case you pick less number, let’s say, nine, you get paid for one hit too. We know it sounds hard to understand but try this: the more numbers you play, the better chances you have, but lower payouts you have to expect. The less numbers you play, you have worse chances, but you can get hits easier. It’s simple, really.

Different Keno Games

If you play Keno for money, you may be interested in playing one of the many different versions. For example, there are Power Keno games, in which you can play with the usual rules, but if the last number of the draw is one yours, you get quadruple of your winnings! Just imagine: you have won $50 so far in a game, then the last number is also yours, you get +$10 and the whole gets a 4x multiplier, so you pocket $240! In Super Keno, the first number is the one that triggers the 4x multiplier. There is a combination Keno, where you can select number-groups instead of single numbers, thus enhancing your chances to win.

Bottom line

To play Keno, you don’t have to be a maths professor. It’s enough if you pay attention to how the payout rates and minimum required hits change as you pick your numbers. In case you want to know your chances, there are cheat-sheets all around the web, so you might like to download and print one so it will be at hand.

Our recommendation is to play always with the max numbers, and use the lucky numbers you have: 80 numbers cover all months, all days, as well as a lot of years, so you can easily use your birth date, your significant related ones’ different dates and a lot more. If you don’t want to pick, you can also make a random call, making the computer to pick numbers for you. Keno is open for Canadian and New Zealand players too, so be sure to play once in a while!

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