What is Live Dealer Casinos and Games

Online casinos do everything in their power to guarantee transparency of their used RNG. RNG stands for random number generator. This generator is used on all games at all reputable online casinos. However, some people will remain in doubt concerning the fairness of such tool. In order to beat these doubts and improve the playing process, online casinos have been using live dealer.

This state-of-the-art tool is completely associated with high speeds on online connection and improved video streaming. Watching the live dealer handling the game card and using dice and balls will get you absolutely close to playing at a land-based casino without ever leaving home. This way, you will enjoy playing and getting cash from your favourite casino games such as poker, blackjack, Sic Bo, baccarat and roulette. You will enjoy every detail of your games in HD resolution through the screen of your tablet or desktop

The Way Live Dealer Operates

live dealer online casino game

You don’t have to do anything exceptional in order to enjoy live dealer games at your chosen online casino. You just need to have high speed internet and a working computer. When it comes to results and cash, some gamblers actually prefer communicating with another human instead of the absolutely functional RNG. Others feel comfortable when they have a human dealer to be in charge of dealing the cards and moving the wheel. For some player, spotting a human dealer verifies their belief in the fairness and legitimacy of all aspects of gambling.

Other players like to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the dealers and get some effective playing tips from them. If you want to play online you can create an account at Jackpot City online casino and login to play your first live dealer game.

The Mechanism of Live Dealer Sites

If you know how to deal with online casinos, you will know how to deal with a live dealer. Using the site of a casino requires pressing some options to perform any action you like.

Activating live dealer games is pretty similar. Some extra steps or more options should be pressed, but the main concept remains the same. Live dealer games require communicating through video streaming. Such live stream will let you witness everything that happens on the table as if you were at the casino. Live dealer will work the same way of traditional dealers at land-based casinos.

The dealer will address you and ask you to provide your wager. Dealer will also ask each player to take actions on his turn. There will be a side screen that showcases different options for the player. They can make their choices through this screen. The dealer will be responsible for executing your choices. A player can be aware of all details of the game by looking at the different cameras spread on and around the table. This way you will miss nothing of the action on the table.

Real Time Playing Online

Live dealer games have many qualities and features that lead to their success among the fans of online casinos. Random Number Generator is definitely able to give accurate and transparent outcomes but many players love using real gambling machines. In fact, there are many gamblers with a thing for conventional methods of making game results.

Social communication at live dealer games is also a very encouraging matter for many gamblers. It is available at numerous games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Hold’em. Live dealer feature enables them to contact the dealer immediately to benefit from his knowledge and tips. In some online casinos, the matter of social communication takes more intensive forms.

For example, some casinos offer full chat option. This can let player interact more in real gaming experience. In other casinos, players can enjoy live broadcast for a specific time of the day. In such cases, the dealer will also become a live host.

Developers of Live Dealer games

Online gambling games are developed by any of the reputable specialised software companies. Such companies grant their permission to independent casinos to use those games.

This process explains the identicalness of games among different casinos. The same process applies to live dealer games. They are developed by the most known names in the industry. They have what it takes to produce interesting and money making games.

Tips for Selecting the Right Live Dealer Casino

There are many important elements you need to keep in mind before beginning your adventure at a live dealer casino. You should do some serious reading in available online rating and reviews. This can help you find the right casino for you. We are being very careful when it comes to referring and advising our readers with such casino. Our readers can find here nothing but reliable, transparent, reputable and secure casino names.

It is all about reputation

Making sure that your money, personal and financial data are completely protected should be a top priority. You need to look for a casino that holds official and recognised licenses and certified. So, it is safe to search among top leading casinos to guarantee your safety.

Depositing and withdrawing methods

Convenient and easy-going financial methods will give you peace of mind in making deposits and withdrawals. You don’t want to end up using an unavailable or slow method. You should also investigate whether your chosen casino has a record of cashout problems or limitations or not. Being able to withdraw your gains easily and comfortably will give you the perfect experience.

Customer care and service

This is a very important factor in giving players an absolutely positive gambling experience. Knowing that you can get proper professional help at any time will make you enjoy playing even more.


Live dealer games can take gambling experience to a whole new level. They can kill the routine cycle of some conventional and traditional games. Direct communication with another person can make the game more realistic and interesting.

Such social dimension is essential for the gaming experience to many gamblers. Such features are not available in other traditional flash casino games. They can add the feeling of gambling in a real life casino. The best thing about these games is that they are pretty simple to access. All you need to do is to register at any of our recommended casinos and join your dealer instantly.

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