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Keno is another ancient lottery game, which was introduced in the ancient China. It has come a long way since the first draws of keno, and in the online casinos, it’s a fast-paced, well-paying game. Naturally, this game is also based on luck (the random number generator of the casino), so there are no “always win” strategies, if someone claims to sell on, then it’s a scam for sure. In this guide for online keno, we are going to go through the basics of keno, it’s evolution, and of course, on how you should play it for better chances.

Keno – a short history

online keno screenLegend says that the keno was first in Ancient China: a warlord used this game’s early version to raise funds for the army. Nowadays, you can play keno at every casino, and the different states, jurisdictions often hold their own keno drawings. Online keno is a much faster game, and though there aren’t too many variations to it, you can find yourself facing a decision: which one to play? keno, just like every classic casino and lobby game, was among the first ones to become available on computers, and in online casinos. We can say, that since online casinos exist (since 1994) so exists online keno.

Keno – the rules

Actually, playing keno is quite simple: you have to choose numbers from an 80-numbers matrix, and the machine or the dealer draws 20 numbers. Depending on the number of numbers played the pay-outs vary a lot. Keno is a lottery game, and in brick-and-mortar casinos, it’s a bit slow, because you have to wait until they call the numbers, and there are 15-20 minutes between each round. However, it’s quite exciting to win and shove your luck into the others’ faces. With online gambling becoming a significant part of our lives, you don’t have to worry about waiting times anymore! The keno games are faster and more exciting, and you can see results in seconds. Here are the rules in a more easily understandable way:

  • You have to choose numbers from 1-80 on the “ticket”.
  • You can pick up to 10 – sometimes 15 – numbers. In some casinos, the keno even lets you to choose 20 numbers.
  • The more numbers you bet on, the more you need to hit to get paid, and the amount of selected number also declares how much a hit worth. (e.g. you play one number and it wins, you get back the triple of your bet. If you play 3 numbers, you get your 1:1 for one number, 2:1 for two, and 16:1 if all three gets hit)
  • When you picked your numbers, click on “play” and after a few seconds, you can see how much you’ve won.

Keno for real money

As a player from New Zealand, you can make deposits on your favourite casino (we recommend Spin Palace, Betway Casino or any of the deep reviews you can find in our site) using your native currency, and you can win big if you are lucky. This lottery game is not easy to beat, but if you play it well, you have a good edge and high chances to win or at least win back what you bet. Here are few tips on how to get more out of the game.

  • Don’t go crazy with numbers. The more numbers you choose the more you need to in order to get paid. Play with maximum 9 numbers – this way you get back at least half of your bet if you hit one or two numbers. With nine numbers, you need to hit three numbers to get back your bet.
  • Always check the payout table as you pick your numbers. Stop when you feel the numbers’ pay-out rates are for your taste.
  • Use your lucky numbers if they are in 1-80 range. If not, you can pick randomly. You could use the same numbers consistently.

Features of online keno

The most basic online keno games are quite easy to use. Their layout is fine and easy to navigate: you will find the “ticket”, the grid in the middle. You will have to click on this grid in order to pick your numbers. They usually place the following features under the grid: your balance, your winnings, the size of the bet (the price of the ticket), and the buttons to play, to clear the grid, and to ‘quick pick” numbers. On the left or right side of the grid, you will see the pay table. As you chose the numbers, so will the pay table become populated, showing the payout/hit rate, e.g.: 1 number placed, 1 hit is needed to win 3x the bet. Place two numbers, and you will see that 1 hit yields 1x the bet, two hits yield 9x the bet. It is quite important to know what payouts you can expect, so we suggest to learn to play online keno, using the practice mode of the game. Casino software providers like Microgaming, offer the players free to play keno too.

What’s the best about online keno?

Well, it’s probably the great speed the game goes on it. You can play around in half a minute, and with the quick pick feature, it’s even easier. You can win (or lose) fast on a game of keno, but since you can play with bets as low as 0.10 credits, you bankroll don’t have to be stretched too hard.

A special keno: Monkey Keno

In the casinos that run on Microgaming, you can play a special pokies/keno Hybrid, the Monkey Keno. This is a cute keno game made by Mahigaming (partner of Microgaming), which basically has the same rules as any keno, but there are a few extra features. The game is monkey-themed: there are monkeys throwing coconuts on the grid, and if you are lucky, they pop on the numbers you picked. This is a fun theme, and it’s not so “boring” as most regular keno games, there are nice sound effects and a jungle-themed music. The slot features are implemented only to make the game more comfortable: you can pick your numbers, and turn on the auto-play feature, making the game to play for you, up to 100 times. Apart from the theme and the auto-play, the Monkey Keno is a fun and simple keno game.

Where to play keno?

Players from New Zealand can play keno in every casino they find online. There are no NZ-based casinos online, so you can legally play at the top recommended casinos (Hint: visit our reviews to find the best!). If you win on keno, you don’t have to pay the taxes after it, because if you are not gambling for a living, the winnings are tax-free. There is keno in the mobile casinos, and in the browser-based instant casinos too.

Bottom Line on keno

This classic lottery game is a highly attractive game. The fact that 20 numbers are drawn from 80, and you can pick maximum 15 makes the chances look brighter than in any casino game. Another important feature is that the price is independent of the amount of numbers you played, so you can play 15 numbers for $0.10 or play one for the same price. We enjoy a good keno once in a while, and though we prefer classics, the Monkey Keno actually is among our favourites.

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