Know the adjustments that must be made when switching from online poker to live poker

For some decades now, the Internet has been in the lives of human beings. This tool facilitated many aspects of people’s lives, especially the field of entertainment and fun. This is due to the fact that one of the industries that best knew how to take advantage of the mass and accessibility of the Internet to the entire public, was that of gambling and casinos, those who have created great empires through computer screens to provide users with the enjoyment of their favorite games of chance from the comfort of their homes.

Likewise, this significantly expanded the number of players in the virtual gambling halls compared to those observed in physical casino establishments, which were smaller. The reasons are several, among them being a minor, not having a land casino near their area of residence to which they can resort regularly; likewise, they may feel uncomfortable or insecure when playing live poker, and many others. 

So, there is a large number of fans of poker that the only gaming experiences they have is online, so that they have almost never or never set foot on the premises of a physical casino, and therefore they were unaware of the real essentials of a live poker game.

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However, for more than 7 years the entire landscape for poker players in the United States, both online and live, has changed drastically. This was due to the fact that on April 15, 2011, the Department of Justice applied a severe repression in the main online poker websites and games were subsequently banned. This unforgettable day is known as the “Black Friday”. In view of this, many regular players of online poker have seen the need to venture into the form of live poker, in establishments and land betting houses.

In this sense, the main topic to deal with in the content of this article will be the differences that exist between online poker and live poker. So that the positive and negative aspects can be evaluated, so that new players become familiar with the processes and make the adjustment between one and the other as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Differences between online poker and live poker

To begin with, it is important to know the main differences between one modality and another. This way you have that live poker is fun, allows direct interaction between competitors, the atmosphere offered by sitting in front of a real table with the cards in your hands, is incomparable; also, you can evaluate the gestures and expressions of the rivals, which is an excellent way to know if you have advantages over it or not. However, it is possible that playing live more money is spent, because many times players get carried away by the excitement of the game and make bets in an uncontrolled way or to face the competitors.

On the other hand, online poker is played in a faster way, from the comfort of home, so it does not require moving expenses or the use of a specific clothing; likewise, being behind the computer screen, it offers the opportunity to take shelter and not show nervousness or emotion from which competitors can take advantage.

Online casinos usually offer their users bonuses and promotions for them to take advantage of in their favour.

The anonymity factor

The main advantage that can be had before the players through online poker, is the anonymity offered by being behind a screen and not personally in a game table. And this is due to the famous phrase “poker face” and the value it provides to countless daring outside the game and more during negotiations. In this sense, playing online is not necessary to keep the expressions and body language intact, not even to comply with a dress code or regulation.

However, this is a factor that undoubtedly plays against the regulars of online poker, who have less control over their emotions, because they never had to worry about them. So they will need to learn to handle themselves better or both with what they do and with what they say. Likewise, it is required to learn certain interpersonal skills.


Online poker players who both enjoyed the chance to play by making micro bets; they will no longer have a similar option in the gaming halls of live casinos in the United States. For this reason, you must accept the fact that the bets that are made will be once in amounts of dollars instead of cents. Also, this limitation not only refers to cash games but also applies to small betting tournaments; which represented huge profits for online casinos with poker rooms. For some, this is an unacceptable and difficult adjustment, so people will limit themselves to looking for friends with the same idea and will create homemade games to cover their needs to play poker.


One of the great advantages offered by online casinos is that it is totally valid to play at several tables simultaneously. This allows them to increase profits.

Of course, they must play in a more organised, strict and optimal way, since that will be what will lead them to earn more money while decreasing the risks. However, those who are used to this action, will be reluctant to the fact that this or is allowed in land-based casinos, so they can only play one game at a time.

Durability of sessions

One of the favourite factors of players with regard to online poker is the opportunity to sit down and play for 15 minutes from the comfort of home. And is that although a physical casino can play a game of 15 minutes, in the same way, you may have to wait for an available position, acquire the chips, etc.

Obviously, an advantage of the latter is that it will not locate a tournament with an entry amount of $1 with ten thousand players, which might take more than a day to finish.

Speed ​​in the hands

Undoubtedly online poker is played in a faster way with respect to the hands per hour, which in turn has advantages and disadvantages. This is because the fastest compass of online poker means that you can earn more money in a smaller amount of time; however, this also means that you can lose a lot of money quite quickly.

For people who have only played online poker, the live mode will seem to move with the speed of a snail. That is why new players will have to adapt to a slower speed and try not to get bored.

Boat tracking

When playing on an online poker platform, the software has a design that allows you to observe the total jackpot that is accumulated on the same screen of the game; in this way, players can determine the odds of winning the pot in the current bet.

However, at a live table, participants must carry the boat account themselves, which is not complicated, although it warrants order and vigilance.


Apart from the fact that in live poker the micro-bets are no longer valid, there are other elements related to the expenses that are agitated to play live and that are important. The first one is the transfer, which means fuel expenses, bus tickets or even the simple physical wear generated by walking. Online croupiers do not expect a tip like they do when playing live, which if you take the count for what you spend on that for a year, it’s easy to see that generosity is expensive.

Extension of strings

A rope increase is a common term in live poker and occurs when the increase is not made in a smooth fluid movement. An example of this is to place enough chips in the pot to cancel the bet and then go back to the stack and take extra chips to increase.

The reason why this is considered illegal is that the moment when apparently it is betting and is now growing, you can get information through the reactions of rivals. In this sense, the friendliest way to avoid this ill-perceived play is to announce the actions verbally. So, if you want to increase the bet, simply declare “I rise”.

Protection of cards and chips

When playing online everything is handled virtually, although real money, but both cards, like chips, will be in one place and are not accessible to others. The opposite happens in live casinos, where people must pay special attention to their cards and the gambling chips that are acquired.

Currently, some betting houses have embedded monitors in the vicinity of the table games, so that they have been created live games with distributors, cards and virtual chips. In this sense, if you do not have an adequate management of these elements, it is very likely that the most astute and experienced opponents, and perhaps some ill-intentioned, take advantage of this lack. It is not necessary to be an expert stacking chip, it is only necessary to be cautious and cautious, having zeal and care of the belongings.

Live poker games are weaker and passive

For people who already come with an experience in the area of ​​Six-Max online, being with the passivity that online games have will be a real surprise. In this sense, playing online can be profitable when you perform a shove or call shove of two pairs of AK bets regardless of the pre-flop position. While in a live game, the AA-KK is always there and will eliminate the player.

The three weak bets are almost imaginary because when a large part of the players raises again, it is usually for the value. For this reason, opponents must be seen, since they can pass a whole game without a bet of three, even some players only call QQ and AK, choosing to play poker on a flop. Thus, if you frequently get an AK in a 100bb preflop pool or more, in a live game, you will have problems to take the reserve. Going a little further from the pre-flop, the whole game itself is more passive. So, instead of going up with tables, the participants will only call and wait for the hit.

The live games are deeper

Online players may be accustomed to playing with 100bb stacks, which they quickly master. However, when playing live, you will inevitably find depths of 200bb or more, quite often. For this reason, adjusting to this type of deep stack games can be very complicated.

In this sense, games will frequently be played where, if a depth of 100bb were presented, it would be executed in a simple way on the flop. If on the other hand, you have 300bb of depth, this would no longer be profitable.

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