Variants in online slot machine games

Slot machines are one of the most popular casino games that currently exist, next, a list of the best slots of the moment.

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3 reel slot machineonline-slot-machine-games

It is one of the variants of the most demanded slots in the market due to its simplicity, it is also known as a single-line slot machine. One of the main features of this variant are the bandits who have only one arm, it is a name derived from the first mechanical slots that emerged and had a lever, which had to be pulled by the player to turn.

But since the casino games have been merged with technology, this variant of slots is ideal for beginner fans, it is a fairly easy and simple to play machine, they are also just as fun but a more practical level. However, many experienced slots fans have a penchant for three-reel machines exclusively, although, in spite of a simple game, it is necessary to consider the basic rules in order to win.

This variant of slot machines is represented by its three characteristic reels with various symbols. When a player clicks on the spin button, the symbols arranged in a single line are randomly stopped. To place bets on most of this type of slot is a maximum of three coins in each of the rolls. The awards are quite good and may include progressive jackpots.

Video slots or multiple reels

One of the most popular variants of online slots of all and has five reels traditionally known with the name that refers to the number of reels you have. Its biggest attraction is undoubtedly the music, graphics, and images that are often very striking, making the whole slot machine interface become a sophisticated design that attracts thousands of fans.

Like any variant of these machines, video slots, have a variety of symbols that can represent a specific theme, but what differentiates it from the traditional 3-reel is that there is more than one line of payment, Some even include more than 100 pay lines, where players can place their bets.

Although all slot machines offer a lot of fun, the slots videos have some advantages over the three-reel variants; these can include free spins, a series of the bonus rounds, multipliers and many additional alternatives according to the betting options. Payments in this variant, for example, is usually very high and with a maximum bet can be easily won with progressive jackpots.

Slot machine with a game bonus

This is a variant of the game quite interactive that has a bonus round that characterizes it from the rest. However, it is a condition that is only activated when the player obtains a combination or certain symbols in a payment line that is active. The graphical interface, sounds, and music are an extra complement in these games so that the experience in slot machines with bonuses is much more vivid and fun. Some versions include additional interactive games like the traditional mini arcade, a dynamic technique from one game to another.

All the effects in the interface and in the sound allow the amateurs to the slot machines with an online bonus game, bet on it. The bonus round is the perfect ingredient for players to motivate and risk winning more money or attractive prizes, although it is a decisive factor, it is a very peculiar feature that tempts any online slot machine fan to play it regularly. The rewards and the probabilities of obtaining better income and bonuses through the bonuses are what most attract the players, the combinations of certain winning symbols in a pay line offer very high winnings as well as the free spins.

Free slot machines

The word “free” is one of the biggest attractions when it comes to casino games. Some online slot machines offer free spins options and this allows many casino customers to think that these games pay much better thanks to those spins. However, the free spins functions offered by some slot machines can only be rotated for free when certain symbols are combined in a pay line and this causes that option.

Slots X and bonus Y

It is a variant of the slot machines in which its slot of the bonus of X of Y, is a type of prize that a player can obtain when obtaining a number of determined symbols in the rollers. What differs this variant of the slots that offer free bonuses is that the function of X or Y does not appear depending on the position of the reels after the turn, but rather than the required amount of a certain symbol has been achieved.

This variant is known as a bonus game on the second screen, and the reason is that while a player plays in the slots that correspond to the bonus X of Y, it is necessary that he also choose a certain number of objects within a group in the one that later must add the gains of each one. This variant also offers an option in which the X bonus of Y can be played on several levels, but to climb on these levels, the previous one must be completed successfully.

Slot machines with different levels of bonuses

It is a variant of online slot machines that have become very popular among fans. This version focuses on multiple levels, for example, the bonus slot consists of several levels in which each offers the option of winning big winnings and prizes. When a player has successfully completed a level, then proceed to specify the next complete series. Until you end up with one, you cannot continue with the next one.

Slot machines with progressive jackpots

This is perhaps the most popular variant of the online casino game since its main attraction is to offer each participant the opportunity to get large amounts of money. The function of jackpots is a jackpot that grows progressively until reaching thousands of dollars. It is a very attractive game, especially for the very ambitious fans that do not fear to risk in each bet, because the jackpots are characterized by the maximum bets.

The jackpots are available in machines, online platforms, and different casino games, each bet is added to the jackpots and an impressive total is generated. When a player finally gets the progressive jackpot, the game is restarted and the jackpot starts from zero to accumulate. This is the reason why the progressive jackpot is so popular in casinos, the type of slot machine with this online feature, is one of the most popular that currently exists.



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