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Casino Table Games You Can Play Online

When you step into a real casino, you first arrive at the lobby, where you can begin playing the slot machines to get the mood boost you need to be more interested in other casino games. Further inside the house, you’ll find the tables where people play to try their luck and win the money they’re after. Craps tables can be heard cheering loudly, and other tables, such as blackjack or roulette, can be heard either cheering or cursing. When you play online, you won’t see these things, and all you’ll see is the table, bets, and your balance shifting.

Woo Casino Table Games
Woo Casino offers a range of Table Games you can play online. All of these games and other details are described in detail in our Woo Casino Review.

Similar casinos, various games

The one thing that all online casinos have in common is that they all have different variants of table games, including old favourites as well as some fascinating new variations. You don’t even have to enter the casinos to discover their game collection; simply visiting their lobby and seeing what’s listed there will suffice. The online casino table games are all operated by a random number generator, which produces the outcomes at random, ensuring that the odds are the same as they are in a real casino. However, you should not believe the myths; the table games are not rigged, and the RNG is securely held on a secret server that no one can reach.

Is it better to play random games or live games?

With recent technological advancements, it is now possible for online casinos to operate from studios where cute girls await your participation. Many online casinos, like Ruby Fortune and Betway Casino, offer live table games; however, in order to play them, you must have a good computer, a strong Internet connection, and a little more money, since the minimum bets at live tables are usually higher. Why does someone want to play at a real-time online poker table? Probably because they think RNG games are untrustworthy, or because they just want to see a pretty girl on the computer. This alleviates the lonely feeling that an online gambler can encounter, and while the games are a little slower as a result, the overall satisfaction is excellent. Computer-controlled online casino games are quicker, and you don’t have to wait for the croupier to deal the cards or spin the roulette wheel, for example. Our advice is to start with computer games and then progress to live table games once you’ve mastered them.


When we think of online table games, roulette is probably the first thing that comes to mind. There isn’t an online casino that doesn’t sell roulette games to their customers, and it’s one of the most popular games in online gaming circles. The fact that you have a nearly 50% chance of winning on some of the bets you can put makes roulette a good deal for gamblers. There are three types of roulette tables: European, American, and French. They are almost identical, except that the American table has a double zero (lowering your chances) and the French table has a different layout. Hint: If you want to win at roulette, stick to the European edition. Live dealer roulette tables are available at the best online casinos we’ve checked. Naturally, only RNG roulette online table games are available for free play.


You will note that blackjack tables are normally the same regardless of which casino you play at. There are many variations of the game as well, but the target is the same: have a hand worth 21 or more than the dealer’s hand. If you are a registered member of a Canada-friendly casino, you can practise this online table game for free. You can also play blackjack for real money, which is where you can start having fun. Those looking for action and don’t mind if the game is a little slow should try the nice live blackjack tables. You could see the handler through a video stream, and she would hand out the cards and tell you whether you won or lost.


Craps is a must-have online table game in every casino. It is played with two dice, and players must place their bets based on what they think the shooter (the player who throws the dices) would roll. Although it is an old game, it is still one of the most common online table games. As a clue, the pass line bet is the best bet… or, at least, it was the most common bet players used to put. Craps can be played for free at the best online casinos by using the demo or practise play models. There are live craps tables in a few casinos as well, but without the audience chitter-chattering and cheering.

Online Baccarat

When the first James Bond stories and films were released, baccarat burst into popular culture. Though in the modern versions, Bond’s favourite game has been replaced by poker, baccarat remains a popular game in both online and land-based casinos. The game is played by two players, or by the player and the bank, with the intention of having a better hand than the opponent. However, it is not that easy because in baccarat, the 10 and face card are worth 0 points, while the Ace is only worth 1 point. Furthermore, it is not the sum of the hand that is important, because if the card reaches ten, the last digit is what counts. Here’s an illustration: You get a 7 and an 8, which add up to 15 and give you 5 points. The house wins if the opponent/bank has a higher point total. In baccarat, you put your bet on one of three outcomes: you win, the bank wins, or it is a draw. One piece of advice: stop betting on links.

Final Thoughts on Online Table Games

Playing at a table with a crowd around you is a fantastic experience, and if you are a true gambler, you can go down to the nearest casino and give it a try. However, before then, you can enjoy these fantastic online table games for free as well as for real money. Even, if you feel the need to talk to anyone, the live online tables will undoubtedly satisfy you!

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