Online table games

When you walk into a real casino, you arrive at the lobby first, where you can start playing the slot machines to get the boost in your mood you need to be more interested in other casino games. Further inside the building, you will find the tables, where people play to test their luck and to get the riches they are aiming for. You can hear loud cheering from craps tables, and either cheering or cursing from other tables like blackjack or roulette. Playing online won’t feature these elements, and the only thing you will see is the table, the bets, and your balance changing.

Different casinos, different games

The common ground for online casinos is that they all feature different versions of table games, including the popular ones, just as some of the interesting new variations. You don’t even have to join the casinos to explore their games’ collection, it’s enough if you just visit their lobby and see what’s listed there. The online casino table games are all powered by the random number generator, which generates the results randomly, thus ensuring that the chances are the same as in a real casino. You shouldn’t believe the myths, though, the table games are not rigged, the RNG is safely stored on a secured server which isn’t accessible for anyone.

Random games or live games?

With the most recent technological advances, it has become possible for online casinos to operate from studios, where cute girls are waiting for you to play with them. Live table games are available at many online casinos like Ruby Fortune and Betway Casino, though, in order to play them, you have to have a good computer, strong Internet connection, and a bit more money, because in most cases, the minimum bets are higher at live tables. Why should anyone choose to play at a live online table? Probably because they believe that the RNG games are not to be trusted, or they just like to have a nice girl on the screen. This lowers the lonely feeling an online gambler may have, and though the games are a bit slower this way, the overall satisfaction is great. The computer-controlled online casino games are faster, and you don’t have to wait for the croupier to hand out the cards, roll the roulette wheel and so on. Our recommendation is this: play computer games first, and when you get the hang of it, switch to live table games.

The table games you can play: Roulette

When we talk about online table games, the roulette is probably the first to come to mind. There isn’t any online casino that doesn’t offer roulette games for the players, and in the online gambling circles, it’s one of the most popular games. The fact that there is nearly 50% chance to win on some of the bets you can place, makes roulette to be a considerable deal for gamblers. A roulette table can be of three versions: European, American and French. They are basically the same, though the American has a double zero (thus lowering your chances), and the French table has a different layout. Hint: if you want to play roulette to win, then stick to the European version. The best online casinos we have reviewed, have live dealer roulette tables too. Naturally, roulette online table games can be played for free too, but just the RNG ones.


You are going to see that blackjack tables are usually the same, no matter which casino you play at. There are several versions of the game too, but the goal is the same: have a hand worth of 21, or at least it should worth more than the dealer’s hand. This online table game is free for practicing if you are registered member of a Canada-friendly casino. You can play blackjack for real money too, and that’s where you can start to have fun. Those who seek excitement, and doesn’t really care if a game is a bit slow, could try the nice live blackjack tables. You could see the handler via a video stream, and she will hand out the cards and tell if you have won or lose.


Craps is an online table game that every casino must feature. It’s played with two dices, and the players have to place their bet accordingly to what they believe the shooter (the player who throws the dices) will roll. It’s an old game, but it’s still among the most popular online table games. As a hint, we can tell you that the safest bet is the pass line bet… well, at least that’s the most popular bet players used to place. At the top online casinos, you can play craps for free, using the demo or practice play versions of it. In a few casinos, there are live craps tables too, but without the crowd chitter-chatting and cheering.

Baccarat online table

Baccarat exploded into popular culture back when the first James Bond stories and movies were published. Though in the modern versions they changed Bond’s favourite game to poker, baccarat is still a big hit in online and land casinos too. The game is played by two players, or the player and the bank, and the goal is to have a higher hand than the opponent. However, it’s not that simple, because, in baccarat, 10 and the face card worth 0 points, and Ace is only worth 1 points. Also, it’s not the sum of the hand is what matters, because if your card exceeds ten, the last digit is what counts. Here is an example: you get and 7 and an 8, so they add up to 15; this means, you have 5 points. If the opponent/the bank has a higher point, the house wins. In baccarat, you place your bet on the table, to one of these options: you win, the bank win, or it will be a tie. One hint: avoid betting on ties.

Conclusion on online table games

Playing at a table with a crowd around you is a great experience, and if you are a real gambler, you should go down the nearest casino and try it. Until that, however, you can play these great online table games for free, and for real money too. Also, if you are feeling like you need someone to speak to you, the live online tables will surely satisfy you!