Play for fun in blackjack

In the world of casinos, card games are the most popular, because it requires a lot of concentration, skill, and strategy. Among those games is blackjack, it is one of the easiest, it is usually cheap but the participants must face the advantage of the casino house. Although blackjack offers many opportunities to win and offers great rewards, it is a game that can also be played for fun.But what exactly means “playing blackjack for fun”, on the internet, there are many web portals where you can play casino games for free, in this sense, playing blackjack for fun, means you would not be risking your money, but neither would you be winning prizes.

But considering that when it comes to games of chance, fun is precisely the opportunity to earn money, there are techniques in blackjack that allow you to have fun in the game and at the same time, you can earn real money.Both devices must understand and assimilate that the goal of fun and real money, are only incentives, does not mean that a player will become a millionaire or take the game to earn a living. In other words, blackjack can be used for fun because that, like other casino games, is entertainment. Next, I will show you a series of rules so that you understand the blackjack in case of being a novice.

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Blackjack and its objectiveplay-for-fun-in-blackjack

The first thing a blackjack player should consider is that his task will always be to beat the dealer and not the rest of the participants. At a table, there may be from 0 to 6 players, but you should not focus on them or what they do, but on your total score, always comparing it with the dealer’s score.

The casino is represented by the dealer, and the participants who are at the table must compete against the dealer, with which it is determined if money is lost or won in the game. These principles are what make poker and blackjack have the same foundation but makes them different at the same time since in theory, you are playing against the rest of the table participants.

The essence of blackjack is basically a constant comparison, all participants start with two cards whose value adds a certain number of points, but can get some additional cards to increase the value of the score in the hand, and this applies to the dealer, who it also starts with two cards that add a total value of points.

A player wins when the total value of his points exceeds the value that the dealer has, but if he gets a score of 22 or more during a hand, he automatically loses, what is known as “going bankrupt” or “bursting”. , a rule that also applies to the dealer, if during a hand he gets a score of 22 or more during a hand, he also loses. However, the issues of scores and how they are won in the hands are details that will be seen later.

Blackjack and how cards are shuffled in the game

There is a standard of decks comprised by 52 cards that were dealt, however, can still be found in the industry, that same standard, although, in the variants of blackjack, it is more common to play with multiple decks. It is valid to play with 1 deck, 2 decks, 4 decks, 6 decks, and 8 decks; although you can also use more decks, casinos generally do not have enough incentives to do so.

The casinos have an employee who is known as a “distributor” who is in charge of shuffling and dealing the cards to the players and himself. There are several ways to shuffle the cards, but it depends a lot on how many decks are played on the table. In the case of having only one deck or two, the cards are shuffled manually, something very similar to how they are traditionally done in houses when a group of friends plays cards.

When there are two decks, the way of shuffling is a little more complex, for this reason, the casinos usually using machines that are in charge of this work. But in turn, there are two types of machines that are used to shuffle the covers, the most popular type is the known automatic “Shuffler”, this inserts a randomly cut card in the deck already shuffled, so that when the dealer reaches said letter is an indication that it is necessary to shuffle again.

“Continuous shuffler machine” is the second most popular machine used in casinos. When in a game this type of machine is used during a game, all the discards are returned to the shuffler. Many casinos have preferences for this type of machines because it considerably reduces the possibilities that a card counter can get some advantage over the house and in turn makes the dealer can distribute cards faster for each hour, while more hands per hour deal, the casino has more advantages of the house.

For a player who only participates in the game for fun, these details may seem insignificant, however, the game is much more interesting as they get to know more about the strategy of the game. When the advantages are fully understood and strategies are developed to win, it is when the players have a fondness for blackjack, as it is not only fun but also offers many opportunities to win.

Blackjack and bets

Every good player must understand the risks and strategies of the bets during the game. However, you must understand the dealership cards, these should not be purchased while you are developing a hand in blackjack, but you should wait until the game is over and then proceed to buy the chips.

To bet better in a game, it is necessary to observe in the tables, these usually have a sign where they establish the limits of both minimum and maximum bets in each one. It is important that players take this into consideration so as not to have any problems in their hands. These basic rules often figure in movies, where in films like Swingers, where a character can only buy three chips for $300 since the minimum bet is $100.

In Vegas casinos, for example, most of them have a minimum betting fee of $5, although many others place their minimum bet at $1 or $3 for each hand. But in relation to the maximum bets, these can have a very high value; some casinos place the maximum rate at $10,000 for each hand, although many ambitious players can do business about these limits, to be able to bet on a higher number than the established.

When a player has purchased his chips to bet, he does not hand over his money directly to the dealer but deposits his money on the table. It is a measure that has been used to avoid deceptions and collisions that usually happen in casinos. However, there are also security cameras in the roofs or strategic points so that the casino can have a broad view of what is happening and thus be able to control the action from above, from this perspective, they can also see the money that is deposited in the tables, although this does not allow them to know what happens when the hand of a player and that of a croupier come together.

In order to obtain a hand of blackjack or natural, it is necessary that the player bets. In the center of the table, there is a small rectangle or felt circle where the money that is to be bet is deposited. In case the table is not full enough, you can play several hands at the same time, but the bets placed on each hand are separated.

If you want to change the size of the bets you can do it in each hand, it is a basic principle used by the card counters to obtain a greater advantage over the casino.

Blackjack and the way in which the cards are dealt

The dealer starts by dealing the cards with the player on the left, one card per player at a time. In games where only one deck is used, the cards are dealt face down except for the dealer’s hand, whose first card is dealt face up. There are games where a program is responsible for distributing the cards, in this sense, the container of cards is multiple decks, and the distribution is always done face up and the dealer is the last one to get his card.

After all, the players at the table have obtained their cards, the dealer offers each participant a second card including the dealer, starting again with the player on the left. After all the participants have received the two cards, they remain face down or face up as the case may be, but the dealer has a card face up and face down.

Only then, are those players can make decisions on the hands to win. Although there is a belief that the dealer, also decides in their hands, is not really doing it, but their “decisions” during the game, are determined by the specific rules of the casino.

The natural treatment and the values of the cards in blackjack

Since blackjack is based on comparisons, in which each hand is determined by a certain number of points, the game remains when a player breaks with 22 points or more or at the time of the dealer’s total score. It’s compared to a player’s total score.

Blackjack has a lot of advantage with the values of the points, these are easy to remember, the cards that have a certain numbered value, and the points are equal to their classification. The card represented by the 2 of the sword, is worth those same two points, the letter of 3 hearts, is worth the same 3 points, what really matters is the classification of the card and not the demand. But the jacks, of the face, king and queen, have the same value of 10 points and the aces have a value of 1 point.

For a player to have a blackjack or natural, the player must get a total of 21 fucking with his 2 cards. When this happens, it is said that the hand of that player is automatic and instantaneous, unless the dealer also obtains a natural. When a player gets a natural, in most of the blackjack games, he receives a payment of 3 to 2. In other words, for every dollar wagered, the gain is $1.50, if for example the player bet, $5, he would be making $7.50, as long as it is in a natural way, in bigger bets like $100, the natural gain would be $150.

In blackjack is considered a bet as “push” when a player and dealer get a natural, which is equivalent to a draw. In these cases, neither the player nor the casino makes money, but the participant would recover his original bet. When the dealer has the natural player, the rest of the participants lose the hand automatically, they do not even have the opportunity to play the hands.

But if both the player and the dealer do not get the natural, which is what happens in most cases, you can still play the hand, or what it means, make decisions in relation to the cards.

Blackjack and the strategies of the player vs the dealer

In the game, you can take a certain amount of decisions, for this reason, many casinos do not focus on whether to make decisions when playing a hand. The first thing to think about blackjack is how much money a player is going to bet, that is the most essential, however, other basic decisive factors must be considered in the game sessions, such as:

Hit: means asking for an extra letter to the distributor

Be: the player must stand up as an indication that he will go with the total he has, although he can make other decisions with this same signal that are only variations to the blows, such as:

Double: means double the bets down, and only get an additional card

Division: only possible when the player has been dealt 2 cards whose rank is the same, in these cases, the participant can make a second bet and if he wishes, he can play two hands instead of one, playing each of the hands in a normal way. But they are independent hands, that is, they can win both, lose in both or lose one and win another.

Surrender: this is one of the similarities that blackjack has with poker, the surrender is made when a player is not happy with his hands compared to the dealer, if he wishes, and he can withdraw normally. But he would be losing only half of his bet when he surrenders; this allows a small saving when the player is not sure to finish the hand or if he has no chance of winning.

The decisions made during the blackjack game are determined both by the cards and the value of the dealer’s back face. Many mathematicians have studied these probability games to calculate the optimal decisions that are mathematically possible and viable in the different situations that arise in blackjack. They are basic strategies and it is possible to learn them.

As well as the player, the dealer also has strategies, only that in his case, it must be based on the strict rules of the casino where they are playing. If, for example, the distributor accumulates a score of 17 or more, it is necessary to stand up, otherwise, you must “hit”. Gentle hands are considered to be those that have an ace, this card has a value of 11, but in case of hitting that value and you get a high card, then that ace can be worth 1.

Some casinos state that the dealer must get a value of 17 softs, while in others; this must be in all the totals corresponding to 17. The procedure in which the hands are developed is quite simple, players play their first hand, In case of bursting, and bets are automatically lost.In case of getting the value of 21, they go to face the dealer after he has played his hand. In case the player is closer to the number 21 compared to the dealer, the player can even win money.

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