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Here you are at the Live Casino. Now you are able to gamble in complete convenient way. You are no longer required to download or to run any casino program or gaming app. You can start right away if you are an existing member. In case you are not a member, you will only need a moment to finalize signing up. At the casino, you will be able to pick any of the top beloved old school games and join actual dealers. If you want to play blackjack, you should be aiming at having a total value of cards that is really close to twenty one. There is a high demand from our members to join live dealer roulette. However, you can find a seat in the gameplay. Each one of the available roulette tables has twelve advanced cameras that will transmit high quality streaming.

Once you go for live dealer games at ABC casino, you will feel the closest thing to a land-based casino. There is a widely growing collection of the most beloved table games and the best live croupiers you would ever come across.

Enjoy the Gaming Collection

play-baccaratLive dealer games at this casino are the natural evolution of online gaming industry. The live dealer feature was made to suit the needs and preferences of NZ gamers. There is a big collection of wager possibilities. Players with different skill sets can make the most of this feature. They will definitely fall in love with the ongoing additions and updates to the gaming collections. Here you will face no difficulty in finding a suitable game. There is Live Dealer in the following categories: Baccarat, Caribbean stud Poker, Blackjack, Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker and Roulette. The casino has various tables for every game. So, you will always find a place for you here.

The Way to Enjoy Live Dealer Games In NZ

Live casinos games are available online in casinos like Jackpot City, Ruby Fortune and Spin Palace Casino, but you will not be in a competition with your PC. In fact, there will be a live croupier and real players. The dealer will deal and shuffle deck cars and spins the roulette wheel. Such action will take place in a brick and mortar casino. Communicating with a real dealer will definitely improve your playing experience whether you choose Blackjack or any other beloved game.

If you want to join the actual dealer now, you will just have to register to play for real money. Then, you can sign in and choose any of the live casino games you fancy. Eventually, you will have nothing more to do but to play and watch the dealer shuffle the cards and witness the spinning action. And do not forget to win and turn your chips into actual cash.

Top-notch Live Dealer Games that Are Provided by A Reliable Operator

Live casinos are all about unconditional gambling thrill. This casino has the most impressive live collection that will sweep you of your feet. At the casino, you will not be facing a robot, but an actual croupier.

The casino is also providing worldwide top-rated games. ABC casino will let you experience the ultimate mix between fine technology and savvy gaming at the comfort of your home. Logging into the live casino is completely different from any other gambling atmosphere you have witnessed before. So, get ready to spend hours of endless excitement with our cutting edge collection of roulette, blackjack and baccarat.

The Reason To Go For ABC Casino

It is pretty obvious. Choosing ABC live casino will let bring you completely close to the brick and mortar casino atmosphere. Such thing can’t be found anywhere else.

Since its launch date, the casino has been a reputable and a landmark in the online gambling industry. For several years, it has been a number one destination for all types of players. This casino is keen on fulfilling the gaming demands and preferences for its members. Our gamers are just crazy about the live action that makes them feel like they are gambling in a land-based casino. Here, we utilize the most advanced life streaming technology for our players. All of this is a result of hard work, commitment and experience that exceeds 50 years in this industry.


Nothing will blow your mind just like gambling at a reputable Live Casino that has received multiple awards. Here you can enjoy exceptional Casino Hold’em, Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. Each and every game is in impressive high definition and you can access those games using your smartphone or PC. This works anywhere, everywhere and at anytime you wish.

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We are offering a gigantic library of live games. So, it is all up to you to enjoy our lucrative payouts, impressive support and everything else that is associated with our live gaming experience.

Best Online Live Dealer Casino Games

The Blackjack is a table card game, which is quite well known around the world. In Canada, gamblers often play it in real-life and in online casinos. Where the Blackjack comes from is not clear, but since there are several major types of it, it’s believed to originate from France and/or the US. Blackjack comes in one of the favorite Jackpot City casino games. There are old handbooks calling the Blackjack “Vingt-et-Une? which stands for 21 in French. Though there are debates about it, Blackjack is often referred to as 21 in several European countries.

Blackjack game rules


Playing blackjack, no matter which version we are talking about, is quite easy. The rules are simple: you need to reach 21 or stand at a higher accumulated score when the hand is finished. Blackjack is played by a dealer and a player, and basically, they have one hand only. The dealer hands out two cards to the player, and two for himself, later the dealer hands only one card at a time if the player asks. Also, the dealer has his/her first card facing down. There are five things the player can do:

  • Hit: you draw another card to your hand. You can do so until you bust or stand
  • Stand: you stand if you don’t want to draw another card. When you call stand, you finish the game with the accumulated value of the cards in your hand. The dealer can take his turn then, and see what comes up.
  • Bust: you have more than 21 in your hand. This is an automatic loss.
  • Split hand: in case you get two same-value cards with the initial draw, you can make two hands. In most cases, you will have to add additional bet for the second hat.
  • Double Down: In this case, you double your original bet, and agree that you are going to draw only one card and then stand. Do it only if your first two cards are promising and you have faith in mother fortune.

The blackjack basic rules are these, and depending on the value of the cards you have, you can either win or lose. You win when you have a blackjack: two cards summing 21 (an Ace and 10/face card); when you reach 21 first. You also win if you stand with a higher score (under 21) and it’s more than what the dealers have or he/she busts. Ties usually return your bet, except in a few game variants. The dealer wins if he/she has more points than you, you bust, or she has a blackjack.

The Blackjack game versions

Since there are so many origin stories for blackjack, several versions are available of it too, and thanks to the online casinos you can often play them all at one place!

  • European blackjack, or 21: this is the basic type. The dealer doesn’t have a hole card, and there is no automatic winning. If the dealer hits 21, he/she waits for the player to call, hit or stand.
  • Pontoon blackjack: the basic principles are the same, there is no automatic house win if the dealer deals 21. The players have only one draw option on Aces split. The pontoon is when a hand has 10 or a face card, and an Ace (worth 21, but it pays out more than e.g. a 3-card 21).
  • Spanish 21: in this blackjack versions, the rules are the usual ones, however, there are extra things which the players can receive bonuses for, such as dealing 21 with three 7 cards.
  • Blackjack switch: usual rules, the difference is that the player can two hands of cards, while the dealer has only one.
  • Double Exposure: the dealer has all his/her cards facing up, so the player can see what he/she is up against. However, the dealer wins if there is a tie.

Five things to know about blackjack online

  • The house always has an edge over the player. With a proper blackjack strategy, or just by playing thoughtful you can normalize your losses.
  • Counting cards is of no use in online blackjack, as the cards are shuffled after each hand.
  • Never get mad about losing. Play until it’s fun, but never chase your losses.
  • There are several blackjack strategies, maybe you should test them and apply them.
  • Blackjack often counts towards the bonus wagering requirements at a very low rate.

Blackjack basic strategy

The most important for you to know if you plan to hit and win, that there are many strategies out there. Basically, the best way to start to test your luck is to grab one of the Hit-stand-double cheat sheets and see how it works… in practice mode of course. Here are a few strategies for beginners: Split: it’s an option, but there is a strategy built around it. The split blackjack strategy is usually used when the initial hand is two 8s or two Aces. 16 is a bad hand: you are too close to be busted, while it’s below the value the dealer would stop at. Two Aces in your first hand worth 1-1 each, because that’s the good for you (otherwise they would worth 22 and that’s a bust). If you split two Aces, you get two hands with a good start of 11, this way, you increase the chance of having a blackjack, or get over 17 without a bust. Double Down: this strategy requires luck and some attention. If you double down, you draw a card and that’s going to be the last in that hand. You see one card of the dealer, so you can calculate his/her chances. However, the best way to try doubling down is to grab a cheat sheet for it. There are several offline features and blackjack strategies that work in real casinos, such as counting, insurance, and surrender. These, however, are not viable for online blackjack games.

Bottom Line

If you think that you would like to try to play blackjack online, it’s highly recommended to learn how to play properly. Luckily, almost every casino grants you the option to play for fun with the same game you would play for real money. Play a few hours for free, so you get the hang of when to hit or stand, and you can also practice and perfect the betting strategy you may have found online.