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The Blackjack is a popular game which originated from the American land based casinos and soon spread throughout the world. Now, we also have it in online casinos and it is one of the frequently played casinos games. It is also alternately known as 21 due to its so much relevance with the number. In the state of Nevada, it is solely known as 21 rather than the Blackjack. The survival of online casinos is very difficult without offering the Blackjack game as it is very popular.

Main Tips for Blackjack


The rules of the Blackjack are absolutely the same in the online version as it is in the traditional land based casinos. It is just that the look and feel of the game are changed in the online format of the game. It involves a standard deck of 52 cards without including the jokers. The environment shown on your computer screen is a table. It can be played by 8 players simultaneously and the 9th one is the house or the game dealer. Each of the participating players in the game is shown a designated area in front of them on the Blackjack table where the betting is done and the cards are placed.

Betting Options

The betting limits are clearly shown on the table and the rules for both the players and the dealer are printed on the table shown on the screen. In order to place wager or to bet, the gamblers are required to place chips which are taken as a token of money that you want to use in the game. The standard chips used in the online Blackjack game are:

  • White chips = 1 dollar.
  • Red Chips = 5 dollar.
  • Green chips = 25 dollar.
  • Black chips = 100 dollar.

Players to Dealer

Whenever the gamblers are playing Blackjack online, they should look to take their turn being the dealer. This will ensure fairness in the game which many of the online gamblers doubt about. For this matter, the gambler who is hosting the game online should declare it at the start of the game or he should take the permission of all the participating players. The other players need to agree on this matter before somebody can finally play the game as a dealer. The game deals with three cards for each player and the target is to get the total as close to 21 but not over 21.The one who has the total closest to 21 wins the game. The dealer or the online Blackjack casinos sets a minimum limit as well and the winner has to be over that limit, but under 21 or exactly at 21 to believe.

The dealer in the online Blackjack game can be switched every hand or every alternate hand. Further, you can also decide to switch the dealer after any number of hands.

Betting and Winning

Each of the participating players in the game is allocated a box or a circle to place their bets. Any online Blackjack table has a minimum and a maximum bet limit. All the participating players are required to adhere to the betting rules and limit of the table they are playing online. Usually the online Blackjack games have the maximum bet almost 10 to20 times more than the minimum bet on the table. It means that if a table has the minimum bet set at $5 then the maximum bet would be $50 or $100. Each of the participating players in the game is required to place their desired bet which falls within the limit before a hand is played. The result of the hand played would result in any one of the following results for the players:

  • Lose: If the player loses, then the bet placed is taken by the dealer or the house.
  • Win: If the player wins, then the dealer pays him equal to the bet that he has placed and he also keeps the money that he has placed as bet.
  • Blackjack: The Blackjack means when the total number on the cards equals 21. In such case, the gambler wins 1.5 times the bet that he has placed and he will also keep the amount he has placed as bet. The Blackjack is also alternately known as ‘natural’.
  • Push: Push means that the round or the hand ends in a draw. All the players keep their bet. None of the players or the house wins or loses.

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