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Deposit Methods For Online Casinos

Did you know that there was a time when credit cards were the only medium to transfer accounts or pay for one’s bet in online casinos? This was a fact when online gambling first started. However, there came a point when most American and European banks blocked such transactions. This resulted in huge problems for credit card transactions in online casinos.

Deposit & Payments Methods


But hope was not forever lost due to the other methods that were consequently created to answer the demand for easier transactions in online and mobile casinos. These methods provided added security and made the transaction cost of playing online and mobile casinos less expensive than when using credit cards.

Below is a list of popular online casino deposit methods:


This is considered to be the leader in online gaming payment methods. Players regard this as an amazingly fast and easy to use method which also serves as an online wallet where one can transfer, withdraw or deposit money to any merchants supporting Neteller. Funds can be deposited via Mastercard, Visa, Direct Deposit or Electronic Funds Transfer. In addition to the above features, it is globally accessible with 24/7 service. This is the reason why most mobile casino users consider this to be very handy.

Click 2 Pay

This was launched in 2004 and is considered to be a web wallet which can be funded instantly by a variety of methods. Click2Pay allows its clients to pre-fund their accounts and then use their balance to purchase credits online. It is believed to be the fastest and most used payment method in online or mobile casinos.


This is the oldest electronic gaming wallet in which membership is free and one receives a debit card. For people from the USA, this is the most convenient method because of their free membership fee.

American Express

One of the global payments company present in over 130 countries throughout the world, the American Express offers a wide variety of rewards program. It can be used in the Amex casino for a poker or bingo account.

Citadel Commerce

This is a payment processing company which has been providing a variety of payment settlement and security options to the land based gaming industry for a long time. Moreover, this can also be used in mobile casino or online gaming transactions because withdrawals and deposits are possible through several methods – including ATMs.


All you need for Moneybookers is to get an account and use your email address for online and mobile casino transactions. After doing this, you can send and receive money, purchase credits and transact with online gaming or mobile casino using your computer or your phone.

PrePaid ATM

This is one of the newest payment methods in online or mobile casino. This operates in two ways – by using a physical bank card and by having a virtual bank card. The card can be used as an ATM card, Debit card and a Money Transfer Card. This method is thought to be extremely secure because it is not linked with your bank account. Many appreciate this method because it has a wide variety of online purchase features.

All of these varying payment methods show how technology has certainly advanced in online gambling and even mobile casinos. All of these can be accessed with the use of internet via your computer or your mobile phone. Undeniably, this creates ease, convenience and efficiency for the online or mobile casino player.

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