Ways to Play Roulette and Different Types of Roulette

Roulette is one of the most preferred casino games. Roulette has another name in French; the little wheel. In this game, gamblers put their wagers on a number or a group of numbers. They can also wager on red or black number. There is no rule that determines betting on either even or odd number, player can bet at any of those. Choosing wager numbers is an attempt of those players to guess the winner number. 

Roulette is a very preferred game at land-based casinos and at online casinos. When you play online, you can enjoy roulette with a live dealer or with RNG (Random Number Generator). Players can enjoy online roulette for real cash without ever leaving home. Since roulette is a highly preferred casino games, you can find many styles of it. The most beloved types of roulette are French, European and American.

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All these types have many common features but the main difference is basically in the table interface. Viewing out Top Casino List can help you find the right online casinos for playing roulette. This list contains nothing but the most reliable and reputable online gambling casinos. At these casinos you will make the most of playing roulette without worrying about your protection and privacy.

Historic Background of Roulette

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In 1796 the joy of Roulette began in France. It was in the form of Pascal’s wheel. However, Roulette became a part of the international legacy of gambling. It got developed in different places and became a vibrant part in different cultures. This article will let you know all about its development till it reached our current time in its final and beloved form. Roulette was meant to be an invention of perpetual motion machine. The French physic scientist Pascal was not successful in his quest. However, his failed invention became a revolutionary addition in the world of gambling. In 1796, French gamblers played the first game of our favorite roulette.

The Way to Play Roulette

Playing online roulette properly requires the presence of essential elements. These elements are roulette board, a spinning wheel and a ball. There must be a grid drawn on the board that contains the numbers from 0 to 26. The numbers should be either in red or black colors. The zero square should be in green. If you are playing American roulette, you will have a double zero next to the single zero. Double zero also comes in green. On the board, there are also sections in which some words are written. These sections are for odd, even, black, red, first, second, third dozen, 1-18 and 19-36. 

The spinning wheel has the same numbers as the board. The numbers are from zero (and double zero) to 36. Zero and double zero do not fall under the category of odd or even numbers at roulette. Players are supposed to put their wagers on the number they believe the ball will rest on in the wheel. Players have various options of betting. They can pick one number and move their chips into its square. 

They can go for different types of wagers and select a group of numbers. If you go for even section or odd section, you will be wagering on 18 numbers. Choosing any of the three dozens will make you wager on 12 numbers. Players can wager on a group of numbers that make the shape of square or column. Once you are done with providing your wagers, you should press spin or deal. This action will make the wheel spin. At some point the ball will rest on a number. If this number happens to be in your provided wager, you will get the exact amount of it.

Various Styles of Roulette

Players can find a gigantic selection of roulette styles. In some casinos, you will find a limited collection of roulette styles. This collection can only include European or American styles with similar visual effects. In other casinos, you can easily find a wider collection. Some casinos have over 20 styles; some of those are absolutely hot. The most remarkable casinos contain live dealer, French, multiple wheel, pinball and mini roulette. Our guides will introduce you to all available types of roulette.

The Reasons behind Roulette’s Popularity

If you have not been introduced to online or live roulette, you will never regret going for it now. The rules are really easy. You choose to bet on a single number or a group of number. You move your chips in the right spot on the board. At this moment, the live dealer will throw the ball into the spinning wheel. You will win if the ball rests on your guessed number. 

Wagering on a combination of numbers can improve your chances of getting the right number. For example, you can bet on any of the three dozens, even, odd, red, black or columns. The chances of winning at online roulette are about fifty: fifty. Gamblers with passion for roulette but are not fans of crowded casinos, will definitely have the time of their lives at online casinos. At online or live dealer casino, you do not have to wait at all. Things will be up to you and the dealer. There could be an option for multiple players. With our recommended casinos, you will enjoy many various types of roulette at their game libraries.

Roulette on Smartphone

Advanced smartphones can provide all players with great chances of playing roulette. You can either download the game application or visit the website to start your roulette adventure. The following mobiles are extremely preferred in playing:

  • iPhone: Playing roulette on iPhone will let you make the most of this game on the go. You should search for approved iOS applications or websites that can let you access roulette games using HTML5.
  • Android: Reputable casinos provide their editions of roulette to Android users. Samsung Galaxy series belongs to the highly preferred mobile devices among players. Other Android mobiles such as Sony, Motorola and Huawei are also very popular among online gamblers.
  • iPads & Tablets: No one can deny the success of iPads around the world, that’s why almost all reputable casinos are compatible with them. If you are using a tablet of any advanced operating system, you will definitely appreciate the big screen. Registering at an online casino through a mobile phone can never be easier.
  • Windows Phone & BlackBerry: If you have Nokia, Microsoft Lumia or a blackberry, you will definitely enjoy spinning roulette wheel. These devices offer quick and light operations to load and play roulette on instant site mode or with special applications.
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