PokerStars, the host platform in the biggest betting Poker tournament in the history of the Game

Gambling, not only represents entertainment and fun. It is a pleasant activity, in which the participants bet a quantity of money, with the probabilities of multiplying it, which means that in addition to providing a distraction, it can generate large sums of money. You can start playing and claim your Jackpot City $25 no deposit bonus. It is a fact that this type of work has achieved the loyalty of their community to the point of fanaticism and hobby.

Types of Games

pokerstars logoThis type of games with real money generates in the brain the sensation of pleasure, which can lead to vice. However, with the arrival of the digital age, having to travel to Vegas to live the best experience is no longer necessary, anyone can remotely access an online casino gaming platform, and bet and earn money as I would do it in a real casino. The profits do not vary, there are no limits to win prizes when playing virtual casino, where sometimes, the strategies and dynamism of the games, are usually much better than a physical casino.

Casino Industries

This type of factors has made countless casino industries on the web, where all claim to be the favorite of the public, and the competition is impressive. It is there where such industries must be creative and make their platform the bait that captures the attention of the fans of the games of chance, and in this way, new members can join each day to the online platform.

However, for this to be possible, these platforms must take into account many factors, it is well known that to get customers, you must offer something in return that convinces you. Among those factors, what a user expects is that both their financial and personal data are kept confidential, it is a fact that there are platforms designed to defraud the players.

Among other factors, users expect to be able to choose from a range of games of all kinds, so they can choose the one that suits them best or where they feel most comfortable or simply explore new alternatives. As it is also important for a participant, to be able to have at their disposal, a diversity of options in payment transactions, it is a fact that when making deposits or withdrawing money, it is necessary to have alternatives that fit the client’s needs or whatever they have at that moment.

Platform For Casino Games

Although the Internet is full of hundreds of platforms for casino games, a large number of them do not have all the necessary requirements for a member to join, however, there is another amount of that total that has been worried in being able to offer the users the necessary conditions so that they spend a pleasant moment playing casino where the transactions of real money are safe and their data are safeguarded.

However, it is not just about providing confidentiality. If an online casino platform wants to position itself as the community’s favorite, it must be more creative, as the competition grows every day, and anyone can offer security and real money, one of these websites, which has gained the credibility of the public and if trust is the prestigious PokerStars platform.

Poker Strategy

This platform is centered on the most famous poker strategy and skill game, alluding to its name. But the fame of this platform is mainly due to its inventiveness and imagination. It is a fact that casino fans are loyal to these games, but if what you want is to get their attention, then you must make events or tournaments that are different from other online platforms and that promise users the best experience in casino games.

I recently circulated on the internet the news of a comprehensive poker tournament in the history of the game, courtesy of the PokerStars industry. In this magnificent event, experts and gaming professionals from all over the world will meet, it was announced in 2017, and it will take place in January 2019 in the Bahamas. This is where marketing strategies come into play, to capture the attention not only of a group of users but of veterans from all over the world, as this involves large sums of money and more recognition for the industry.

Free Platinum Passes

The Buy-in of the event has a value of $ 25,000, a generous amount of money that even poker professionals have a hard time acquiring. However, this is no reason for discouragement, as the industry has been responsible for giving more than 300 free platinum passes to players, where each has a total value of $ 30000 of which includes a purchase of $ 25,000 in addition to the stay, accommodation and travel expenses.

PokerStars has been accredited as one of the most secure and reliable casino platforms, which is why marketing strategies should be used to promote this event. There is no doubt that the tactic of giving away more than 300 free platinum passes managed to capture the attention of fans and poker professionals. Carrión, marketing director of the platform, has stated that the alternative is the most viable and timely to promote the event of such magnitude, which has managed to cause a stir in the community.

The Event Sponsored

The event is being sponsored under the name of “Championship No-limit hold’em Player (PSPC)” and the fever in the fans of poker has grown considerably as the months pass and the date approaches, thanks to the extensive marketing strategies, Aspirants to participate in the PSPC are reserving their places, and since then, the casino gaming industry PokerStars is willing to grant up to $ 9 million in platinum passes to the community to guarantee its presence, of which 100 are already It has been won by some aspiring members to participate in the tournament.

PokerStars has not limited itself to promoting the event, but also intends to continue winning ground, as I recently presented one of the Platinum Pass Adventure Programs, which in turn awards platinum passes through private programs, courtesy of the Ambassadors of the brand, undoubtedly another of the great points in favor of the event and the industry that sponsors it.

The direct marketing has referred to the tournament, as the opportunity to bring together poker experts from around the world, regardless of their origin, and to spend a vacation in the Bahamas sharing with other members what they like most, not it is only a competition to earn money, but also, the opportunity to live the best experience in casino games.

The Objective of the Event

The objective of the event is also to raise the tension, adrenaline, and excitement of being among the best players in the world to another level, but at the same time the opportunity is accessible to the poker fanatic, where you can experience an experience nice and have the opportunity to earn large sums of money, because being only professionals, the tension is much higher.

The casino and poker fan community know that by January of next year, the biggest gambling tournament in the history of the game will take place for the first time, in the Bahamas. Where large sums of money were bet and where the poker professionals left on a table, all the skills and gifts they have for the game. Sponsored by the prestigious online casino platform PokerStars, and which will leave its name in great, after the world poker

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