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The Beginners Guide To Reels Slots: Three Reels Vs Five Reels, Rules, And More…

Slot machines are a big deal in the casino world, but they can be hard to understand.

There are lots of different kinds of slot machines out there, and it can take some time to figure out which is best for you. You might think that reel slots are not as exciting as video slots, but don’t be fooled! They have their own unique appeal and advantages.

Reel slots do everything that other types of slot machine games do—and more! If you’re looking for a fun way to pass your time while waiting at an airport or on a long car ride with your family (or even if you just want something fun to play online), then reel slots should definitely be on your radar. Here’s why they’re so great.

Despite the fact that nowadays reel slots are not as popular as before, they still occupy a special place among players´ preferences. This is because of their so-called “classic” status and the subjectivity of gamers who enjoy them. If you have never played such games in your life, now it might be high time to familiarize yourself with this outstanding type of video slot.

The following should also be taken into consideration: reel slots use three reels only; hence, any spin will give at least six possible outcomes (3×3).

The revolutionary technology that came to life in the 90s brought about a new era of video slots and online slot machines. The traditional casinos even started to reduce the number of reel slots they had, but this only opened up space for more people who like playing online reel slots.

Why Reel Slots Are So Popular?

Though they do not seem theme-rich like the five reel slots and the progressive, the reel slots have a significant player base. These games have good winning chances, and the jackpots are also somewhat easier to reach. The simplicity and straight gameplay make these games so popular and hot, and that’s why in most cases, online gambler return to the reel slots after a hard session of playing other casino games. For gamblers from Canada, we have more than a dozen of online casinos (like Ruby Fortune, SpinCasino and JackpotCity) which have great online reel slots, available for free, and even for real money gambling.

How To Play Reel Slots Online

These one-armed bandit game adaptations are quite easy to play, and they are actually no-brainers in most cases. Here is a quick view on how to play 3-reels slots online:

  • Find a great casino with slot games. Our casino reviews portal has several Canada-friendly online casinos listed, which sometimes offer over hundred classic reels slots. Register, and made a deposit if you feel like.
  • Pick a reel slots game from the list. You can try most of them for free if you are a member of the casino.
  • Choose how many pay-lines you would like to play, and also choose the bet size.
  • Click on the “Spin” button, and see what comes as a result.

As you can see, it’s really easy to play, and the payouts are usually quite good, so these games are your best alternatives if you need to play slots, but don’t want to have lower chances or throw away money, hoping to hit the big jackpots.

Rules Of Reel Slots

These games are based on chance… well, at least they were based on physical chance when the reel slots were featured in brick-and-mortar casinos. However, nowadays, the chance is based on a random number generator. Every casino has RNG games, and the reel slots are no different. You can see the reels spin, but actually, it’s the computer calculating the outcomes.

Classic reel slots have basic rules, which you have to learn in order to know what you are doing:

  1. The Symbols
    • Wild symbols: these are important because they can substitute any symbol, thus finishing a combination of needed. Wilds are your friends.
    • Scatter symbols: the scatters don’t complete the combos, but they can give you some bonuses. For example, in some slots the scatters give only extra cash if you have three on the monitor, while in some cases they trigger the bonus free spin rounds or mini-games.
    • Regular symbols: you should check the pay-table before playing because of some symbols worth more than others.
  2. Pay-lines: in a classic reel slots game, you can select a different number of pay-lines. The minimum is one, and the maximum can range from five to 10 or more.
  3. Jackpots: the online reel slots don’t have any progressive jackpots, which means that they are actually quite easy to hit! As a basic rule, you can only reach the jackpot if you play all pay-lines, and playing with the maximum per coin wager increases the jackpot chances. Since these are not progressives, the jackpot pool for classic slots isn’t huge, it’s usually around 1,000-3,000 coins.
  4. Pay tables: these tables are your best friends is you want to know what you are playing and how the payouts are varying. All online reel slots games have a pay table, where you can check what symbols are scattered and wilds, which symbols worth the most, and what type of combinations are winning. Know these things, and you can play smart, and understand why you get 2 credits for a winning combo, while the other paid 20!
  5. Payout rates: this information is important to know. You can find out at what rate the chosen casino pays the players who play different games, including reels. Usually, the payout rates are over 90%, which means that in a hundred dollars worth of wagers you can get back ninety dollars.


How do reel slots online work?

Based on a random number generator, you can either hit one or more combos, or you can go with a lost round. Just as in real classic slots, you have to select how many lines you are betting on, and you have to choose the bet size. Once that’s done, click on the spin button or icon.

Can I play reel slots for free?

Yes, in most casinos, you can play almost every game, including slots, for free. However, to win big and get some extra cash, you should play for real money. Monitor your win/loss progress, though!

Can I play these slots from Canada?

Yes, you can. Find a suitable casino on this site, and see which reel slots they offer for real money gamblers from Canada.

Do these games work on mobile?

Certainly, they do! You can open the casino lobby in the browser of your device, but you can download reel slots apps too, depending on what the casino can offer you.

Do I have to download these games to play?

No, you can choose to download the casino client, but the reel slots online work great in the browser too. There may be a bit less slots for in-browser gambling, however, there are, and that’s what really matters.

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