Scratch cards: a guide to play correctly

Gambling cannot be qualified other than simple. Do they provide entertainment? Insurance! However, it is a kind of consistent fun, little effort, and good luck. For sample, two buttons: slots and scratch cards. The latter can be found in casinos, authorized distributors or kiosks dedicated to the exclusive sale. These cards, with a silver stamp that must be scratched to discover what is below, depend so much on luck and probability that many people discard them for other game alternatives.

However, far from disappearing or diminishing its boom, these cards entered a new level of popularity thanks to the online platforms. Now, in addition to the interactivity that technological interfaces tend to, it is possible to emulate actions that are part of real life “scratch and discover” is one of them. To fully enter into all the aspects that cover these cards it is necessary, of course, to understand where they came from and how they managed to position themselves among the casino options, becoming even more requested than the lottery and bingo.

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The sudden success of scratch cards


Under the names of scrapes, scratch tickets, “scrape, scrape”, scratch games or just “scrape” these cards are known according to the part of the world in which they are located. There is the talk of sudden popularity because the scratch cards had an unexpected reception from the gamblers. However, its low cost, ease of execution and possibilities to get large prizes instantly determined its success.

The cards were preceded by dynamics of similar bets, but people had to wait for transmission at the specific time by radio or television to know if they were creditors of any prize. The instantaneity provided by this gaming system also influenced the preference of the clients.

Profitable and safe, these letters reached their peak when they started selling a little more expensive but in exchange for millionaire prizes. Enthusiastic, the people looked for scratch cards, until they realized the trick: the distributors paid the million, but in lapses included in days, months or -perhaps- years. There is talk that online scratch cards are claiming the market, but in what way? With this comprehensive guide, those interested in playing can understand the most basic fundamentals and other data that are also worth knowing.

The odds on the scratch cards

In this sense, online rooms can be educational and profitable for others. In fact, by reviewing payment history, cards sold and scraped, any user can calculate how often they pay, what the most common prizes are and how they are based on probabilities and statistics.

One of the most interesting things to observe in this game is how cards are available even when all the juicy prizes are assigned; someone else has already won them. In this case, it is not the provider’s responsibility, since its functions end when it sells the product. However, in online gambling halls, the generator by chance determines the allocation of cards. In this way, the system is much tedious and dependent on luck, of course. Speaking in numerical terms, scratch games do not exceed a margin too spectacular compared to other games. The norm establishes that of 5 people, it only gains 1 and at more or less frequent intervals.

The advantages of playing online

Although the traditional form still attracts a significant number of players, online scrapes and wins work with more points in favor and not only from the aesthetic perspective. First of all, is discarded. It is impossible that with an automatic generator people receive a repeated card, or with prizes that have already been charged. This supposes an advantage in the factors of time and money and, in some way, increases the possibilities of obtaining some profit, however minimal it may be.

Interactivity is also present in these games and, as the last point in favor, but not least, is the environmental issue. The digital scratch cards do not need to be printed, saving a lot of material that, looking from where you look, has become waste.

How to collect the “scratch and win” cards?

Like the gambling prizes with the highest demand -such as slots-, for cards, it is necessary to go to the point of purchase. Hence, people end up receiving their prize from the casino, the kiosk or distributor in charge.

The advantage of this system is that it saves in quantity the typical paperwork of the gambling halls. Unless it is multi-million dollar rewards, issues such as taxes or casino winnings are not as compelling.

This scenario is much more favorable in the online rooms since there are few formalities to be fulfilled, the credit is delivered almost immediately and in installments if the client so wishes. In the way that people feel more comfortable playing, this system meets a more than acceptable availability. However, and for popular tastes, there is no doubt that the online versions are gradually decimating the traditional ones.

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