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Sometimes the exotic is the perfect answer for imminent fun, and with Magic of Sahara, that looks almost perfect. 

This is a slot game that has little rewarding graphics at the beginning, but when time goes by invades a feeling of wonder that few games are able to provide the player either because of the characters that are very well drawn, or in the background of desert with small oases that can be seen in the distance. Without a doubt, you are in the presence of an option that is really worth appreciating.

Familiar And Fun

Magic Of Sahara SlotThis slot machine has 5×3 reels that carry 9 pay lines, plus wild cards that are stacked or scattered, and even free spins that come with 2x multipliers in each of the wins.

Through the games, it is possible to find symbols such as the wild card stacked in reels of 3 or 4, which will help a lot in the desert trip to which the player will be involved.

For the player, the main objective always has to be to open a secret entrance in one of the free spins stores, which represents a rewarding experience when it is achieved.

Bonus Games

As the game progresses, it is possible to collect some magic keys that are shaped like lower-paying icons. When these keys hit 25, they will trigger a round of free spins, with a chance to win up to 30 of them. But that’s not all; these spins can also be allowed, as can the capture of three separate dispersers, which will result in the total number of keys obtained plus five additional spins.

All of this produces a very fascinating and underutilised dynamic because you want to see the dispersions, but not because you need to acquire the requisite keys. All of this is because, once you have the free spins, you will get a 2x multiplier on the wins that come out as well as the stacking of and reel.

As a result, many people enjoy Magic of Sahara; it is a game that is not as straightforward as some would want, but it is not as complex as other games available.

Extra Functions

Every good slot game has extra features that not only set it apart from the competition, but also help it to be selected and favoured by users in some way; a deciding factor for both players and game suppliers.

Magic of Sahara adheres to these elements, as shown by the following recount of the intriguing choices it provides.

Wild: This is the slot’s emblem, but it is also a fairly useful wild card since it can be replaced with any of the other symbols to form a payment line; the exception to this rule is the dispersion, but it is still very handy.

When the joker is active, it appears stacked on reels 3 and 4, and during free spins, it is possible to find it on all reels in an almost wild fashion.

Free spins and dispersion: The dispersion symbols are the bowl of coins and gems, and these will be paid regardless of where they are located; they do not even need to be available on any of the payment lines.

An intriguing feature is that if three or more catchers are obtained, it is possible to unlock a number of free spins on the collected magic tokens, as well as five extra spins, which can offer even more fun. The incredible thing is that each of these free spins comes with a multiplier of up to 2x, unbelievable!

The free spins tokens: In the game, you can imagine the presence of chips that are randomly connected to symbols of a lower payment in a very simple way. Any time one of these magical tokens is obtained, a free spin is awarded.

Furthermore, it is possible to manually unlock the bonuses in the Magic of Sahara when 3 scattered ones are obtained or even when 25 magic tokens are collected. The amazing thing is that when you choose the last choice, you will receive 30 spins plus one 2x extra multiplier.


The Magic of Sahara is a slot game that, while it does not have anything innovative in terms of form or presentation, it does have a charm that many would enjoy, and it is a new proposal that does not try to be intelligent by offering enticing opportunities that are difficult to come by in practise. All is more dynamic and much simpler here, which leads to genuine enjoyment due to the simplicity of the proposal.

The graphics and the environment itself are another thing that Magic of Sahara enjoys, and although it has very flat shapes compared to other options, it does have quality in the drawings it provides, giving a visual beauty that appreciates over time, in addition to the fact that music envelops and ends up transporting the player to a completely new world, where the sand and oases can be seen h

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