Slot machines and how to win

Also known as slot machines are attractive machines and the most popular game of casinos, where they often even represent 80% of all profits. While gambling is quite addictive, with the graphical interfaces, thematic, sound effects, and music these slot machines have, they are an essential element in the casino that attracts the attention of betting fans. Like the rest of the games of chance, these machines promise big profits and substantial prizes to those who invest money in them, but then the question arises: How do you earn money in the slot machines? O What is the secret to getting great prizes?

You have to be very clear that casino games are based on the odds and in the case of slot machines, the results are completely random. In addition, they are games that were programmed so that the payment is lower than the odds of winning, which means that in a long-term scenario, your goal will be to consume all the resources invested by the players. However, considering that many participants do not mind spending too much money on bets in exchange for some fun, you should consider some points that can help improve the odds of winning at the slot machines.

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Tip # 1 Theoretical cost in slot machines.slot-machines-and-how-to-win

The games of casinos are determined by mathematical equations that influence the results, these are concepts that experienced amateurs to slot machines take into account whenever they play in them. Understanding how it works is a useful tool that helps and influences making decisions much more accurate.

In this game, each of the results has an independently attached probability; it is something that the fans must understand. In other words, when a player wants to know the mathematically expected performance, he must multiply the results by the probability of achieving it and then add them. It is not so easy to digest this theory, therefore, it could also be said that:

If for example a user is playing the machines and at each spin, he pays $1, it will only result in $1 of winnings for 50% of the time in the symbol combinations, while 50% of the remaining time, the player will get combinations that do not generate any kind of profits. In this way, the conclusion is that in these two points, the casino is guaranteed profits that in the long term are substantial figures.

Those who design these slot machines have the initiative to turn them into an interesting device with the multiple combinations of symbols that, in turn, generate multiple prizes. This is one of the casino games that have a theoretical reimbursement percentage, in this sense, when all calculations are made, it results in the percentage of each of the bets that are returned in winnings.

However, the percentages that are reimbursed vary greatly in each game, depending on the casino and according to the place. A clear example of this is the Strip casino in Las Vegas, here the slot machines average the percentage of reimbursement is of 96% in the competitive areas, while in the airports or other non-competitive places, the slots the average of rebate fluctuates in 75%, comparing both scenarios, it could be concluded that the percentage of amortization of these games comprise 88% which means that the advantage of the house equals 12%.

Every time a player wants to practice this game, he must calculate the amount of money he can lose in the machines, and for that, it will only be enough to multiply the amount of currency he invests in each spin by the total number of turns he makes during one hour. The resulting figure must multiply it by the advantage of the house; the value that results is what you could be losing in just one hour. To illustrate it better, if a player plays on a $1 slot machine and his bet is $3 on each shot and in one hour he makes 600 spins, then his total would be $1800 per hour, but in this sense, $216 would be Long-term casino earnings per hour.

Comparing these results with other casino games, one could say that slot machines are consumer devices. In blackjack for example, assuming a basic strategy in which you get 100 hands in an hour and the player bets $5 in each hand, in an hour you will have invested $500 a figure put into action for one hour, since it uses a strategy perfect basic, probably 1% corresponds to the advantage of the house in blackjack, so the loss of this game would be $5 per hour, comparing this scenario with slot machines. The results of these two scenarios make it clear that the best way to invest money is definitely not to play in the slot machines.

Tip # 2 Identify the attractiveness of slot machines

There is no doubt that what most characterizes these machines is their particular appeal with music, graphics and sound effects that attracts the attention of thousands of fans around the world. But what is it that makes the most popular game of the casinos?

These games have the particularity of being endowed with different characteristics that fused with their interactivity, makes it more addictive and the person is not always aware of it. But as for its great popularity in the industry, the reasons go far beyond what many people believe at first glance.

Returning to the examples of blackjack, in this game, the fans must learn to memorize very basic rules, something that involves a lot of effort and dedication. For this reason, many betting enthusiasts are inclined to games that do not require too many rules, strategies and are easy to understand, which leads us to mention the slot machines, just simply press the turn button and go, something quite simple.

Prizes and bonuses are a great incentive; therefore, slot machines often offer great opportunities to win prizes of 1000 units just by making a spin. In this game, when talking about a unit, refers to the amount that the player bets, if for example bet $1, there are many machines that will offer prizes over $1000, and of course, which player does not want to receive a prize?

Making comparisons with the blackjack game again, if a player puts all his effort into learning a basic but highly effective strategy, the biggest prize he can win would be 150% corresponding to the initial bet, however, he should consider that it could be a little more if you bend or divide your hand. But you have to step on the ground, and being realistic, you will only manage to win one or two units in most of the time in a blackjack hand.

The objective of slot machines is simple, try to keep the player interested. Those who are responsible for its design, often invest large sums of dollars to get the images, colors, combinations, sounds and any kind of effect that influences people and thus consider it a highly attractive game. A clear example of this is the Wheel of Fortune machines, nothing is a coincidence and its great popularity is a very well thought out strategy.

Tip # 3 Realistic goals to improve the chances of winning and reduce losses

Having exposed some factors about slot machines, it is necessary to emphasize some aspects that make this game less expensive in the long term. Speed is the first factor that must be taken into account to reduce the amount of money that is being lost while a user is playing. The time in each turn is the main cause of money invested and money lost in the slot machines. Those who are fast in the game session, usually make up to 1200 turns in an hour, while the average players, in the same amount of time, get only 600 spins.

Based on this statistic, playing at a speed below the average will cause the turns per hour to be reduced to 300. According to the example above, the mathematics showed a loss of $216 approximately in each hour elapsed, but considering a reduction in time, that amount would be half, corresponding to $108 per hour.

It is necessary to clarify that this measure does not necessarily interfere with the chances of winning big prizes; it is simply an alternative for those who wish to maximize profits and considerably reduce the losses that are usually influenced by the time and speed of the game. The idea is to obtain an advantage, but since in the slot machines this is, technically impossible because for that it should count cards as in the case of blackjack or poker at an advanced level, but there are other options that work fairly well when it deals with slot machines.

Another way to reduce the losses is making bets with less money. For example, it is not the same to make 300 spins at $3 for each hour than to make the same 300 spins at 75 cents per hour. It would be going from $900 of total action per hour to $225, assuming the house advantage of 12%, it is a considerable difference that goes from being $108 per hour to $27 in losses, a good strategy that must be implemented in those players who think about their economy.

Tip # 4 Basic strategies to improve your chances

The examples that specify a 12% home advantage are only assumptions to illustrate. In most slots, the percentages of payment are different. The advisable thing is that the player finds a machine whose percentage of recovery is higher instead of a percentage of recovery is minimal.

One of the best strategies to make comparisons in slot machines is to look at the magnitude of the biggest prize. The theory indicates that the bigger the maximum prize is, the lower the payout percentage will be, the more you look at progressive jackpots you can corroborate the veracity of this theory.

Everyone wants to win big prizes, and in the case of jackpots, to win the pot of more than $10 million, is equivalent to winning the lottery, the odds in these cases are considered astronomical. What supports this theory is that a large part of the general percentage of reimbursement attributed to the jackpot; therefore, although there is little chance of winning, the percentage of amortization is much lower in these cases. In this way, when you do not know how to decide which slot machine to play in, lean for the one with the highest prize.

Another way to improve the odds:

You must allow yourself to play in the slot machine with the highest denomination that is within your reach. The theory indicates that the higher the denomination, the better the depreciation percentage will be. An excellent strategy considered a golden rule. In most low denomination machines, they tend to push the lines or the multiple currencies, which lead to playing with force, in this way, there are many chances that always bet the same number in each turn. A clear example of this will be if a player plays in a penny machine and bets in five lines and for every five coins, the total bet per roll would be 25 cents.

You have to consider that the location interferes a lot in these cases, not necessarily the sector, because the competitive places like in the Las Vegas Strip casinos, the competition is much higher, and this allows that the amortization percentages are much higher than in, For example, the Las Vegas airport. This is the unequivocal evidence of why the competitive market exists.

Tip # 5. Completely ignore all the slot machine systems used by pseudo experts

John Patrick is one of the authors of the most valuable books on slot machines in the industry. It is based on a collection of approximately three dozen systems of these machines, where it can supposedly increase the odds to any player to become a winner. The advice that this author exposes in his books, establishes that when you are “cooling down” you must change the machine. He also makes reference to strategies on the number limit of what he calls “naked jerks” that you must accept.

The naked pulls can be defined as the spin of reels in which basically you do not gain anything. If for example, the player gets 7 jerks consecutively, it is an indication that the machine is cooling and therefore, must make a change of machine.

Among other aspects, in these topics, you can find suggestions and guidelines related to session banks. Establish that you have a loss limit for each session and a victory goal, for example, 20% of the funds that particular session. In this way, assuming you play with $100 and manage to reach $80, then it’s time to go and make a machine change. The same happens when you get up to $120.

Despite being a very popular book in the industry, these voodoo techniques do not influence in any way the chances of winning or losing. But the incessant search to expand such possibilities leads players to do anything, there are even books supposedly written by the technicians of the slot machines in which they expose techniques and strategies that help anyone increase their chances of winning. One of the most popular methods is the “zigzag”, but they are only stubborn beliefs, it is advisable to choose a slot machine in which there are at least 2 out of 3 winning symbols at the same time.

Tip # 6. Join a Players Club

The club of players is a good alternative for those fans who are starting in the slot machines. The advisable thing in these cases is to always use with the card inserted in the machine, because the casino, usually to always measure the time that a player passes in the games and rewards him with the amortization or with sequential compensations.

Playing with the card inserted in the machine does not influence the absolute with the odds of winning or losing, it is just an urban myth very popular in the industry because the casinos do not waste time doing this type of trap. The player’s compensation, reimbursements, and games in general already have a mathematical advantage and are programmed so that the casino continues to be considered profitable.

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