Some decisions that must be made in blackjack to play it the right way

For players, blackjack is one of the most profitable games; at least as far as table games are concerned. That, together with the possibility of taking the thread quickly, makes him the favorite of many people. Even more than slots, whose fan base is not negligible.  However, while it is easy to learn to play it, it does not mean that it is done the right way. For those who enter occasional games, the “decision-making” factor is not as important, while the most experienced are aware that not only can improve their chances of defeating the dealer, but also expand their chances on the house.

Of course, before making decisions in blackjack should consider certain factors that will not always be related to personal interests. Of course, in blackjack, the objective is to win in a clean way -as in any other casino games, but sometimes the means to get it does not necessarily have to be convenient for the player.

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boundary of Betsback

One way to explain that simply is by taking into account the limits of bets. For many players their bankruptcy limit is sacred, so they are due to cunning – more than to immediate decisions – to not hit bottom in a few rounds. That can lead them to commit apparently unsuccessful moves, of long-term results (example: the Fibonacci system).

On the other hand, the fact that the decisions in blackjack are personal does not mean that they are due all the time to intrinsic factors. Sometimes, when the dealer has an ace, or there are many participants at the table, the player must make his choices thinking about how the circumstances affect him. In the case of the croupier taking advantage, making a half bet (that is, half), is the most appropriate decision.

The decisive chain continues round after round and, although it does not always yield the expected results, it does not mean that it is a waste of time. Playing blackjack by making decisions is the “right” way to do it because, in addition to granting a certain advantage, it helps to improve the technique.

However, there are endless choices that must be made in a blackjack game: when to hit, when to stop, how to play based on the bankruptcy limit, which tables to select, and so on. To facilitate this work, you can consider some factors that are decisive in each player and will serve for their performance.

Where to play: select the table

This has no relation to the position of the table or the place in the casino in which it is located. Absolutely. Rather, it is about knowing where to sit and how to take advantage of that place within the group of games.

Explaining it theoretically is not dynamic, so the situation should be exemplified. In the first case, it is enough to imagine a blackjack table already occupied by a dealer. Generally, it is made up of 7 players and the movements are executed from right to left.

Obviously, a big choice is to sit on the first rung on the left. It not only prevents the player from looking at the cards of his opponents but forces him to make a move immediately after the deck has been dealt. Blackjack, although essentially based on quick decisions, offers a lot of advantage when the first move is successful.

For that reason, the place to sit would be right in the middle, in front of the croupier or, failing that, on the right side of the table. That will give an opportunity for the player to look at a few cards before choosing whether to hit another card or stop with the ones he already has.

The card counters are the ones that most benefit from this situation, as well as the rookies. This is because the more hands are present at the table, the lower the number of plays per hour, allowing reflection.

How to play: card counting

Many casinos agree that this is a dishonest move by the players, but that does not stop them from embracing it as a decision. Card counting not only helps to master the technique but also increases the likelihood of winning.

Although this system arouses the interest of many, it is not for everyone. Before even considering card counting, you must learn the basic strategies of blackjack, or as some experts would say: “play it so perfectly that it seems born something”.

Of course, all this preparation has a motive: probability. Since card counting is based on guessing which cards the dealer has delivered to the whole table, it requires a lot of concentration to calculate the probabilities of guessing the next one.

Achieving it takes time, but it is possible if the thread of the high and low cards that have already been played is not lost. For example, if too many high cards have been played in a round – between ten and king – it means that the next rounds are full of low cards – from ace to 9 -. The same happens when the latter are the ones that abound, having low cards at the beginning only has high numbers for the end.

Counting the cards, in that sense, helps to bet, double or split the bet when the odds are in favor or against. It is a hard decision to make, but since the big blackjack players use that method, its effectiveness is unquestionable (when done correctly).

When to play: establish bankruptcy

The days of the good run are enjoyed in great, but they also create premeditated confidence in the players. Basically, in your mind, if you have already done well in a game, you will continue that way every time you go to a casino.

This is an overly personal decision, which is why it does not top the list in this article. The only thing that can be said about it is that, although every day is an opportunity to play, it does not represent a sure, immediate or much less abundant triumph. In fact, in the eagerness to try luck frequently, a player can lose much more than he earns.

It is in this context that the word “bankruptcy” enters, ergo, the nightmare of every player. Many think that to fall in it is to lose all the money that is possessed, but really it is much worse: there enter the gains, losses, losses and more losses.

However, playing blackjack does not have to become a direct way to throw money overboard. For that reason, both casual and hard-core players must reconsider how much they are willing to spend – or invest – in entertainment.

The less experienced players are those who must draw that limit with much more emphasis since it plays against the technique. The experienced, although they must decide when to stop, can afford to spend extra money, especially if it is credit they got in previous games.

Why play: decide with intelligence

Continuing with the monetary factor, and considering that blackjack decisions are made quickly, there is one, in particular, that does not require so much pressure. It has to do with the pay tables and the percentage of bets per table.

It is important to select a table based on what is appropriate and not on what appears to be “a sure win” – a common mistake among gamblers. For example, starting at a table whose limit is much higher than the budget agrees, is a terrible idea that will not leave more than terrible losses, in addition to the player will feel the discomfort and pressure of having to move with the sole objective of Win all rounds.

Okay, this can be taken as an impulse to perform as well as possible, but it is neither profitable, nor reliable, nor much less possible. The best thing in these cases is to stick to a percentage, and universally players admit that 5% of the budget they carry is a safe number.

That means that if a player enters with $500, the ideal is to play by a round-or game-an amount not greater than $25. There you will have 20 hands safe, which in time equals a couple of hours. By establishing that relationship, you can get a lot of economic benefits.

Finally, he enters the “blackjack” blackjack scenario. This technique has been used for years by blackjack players and, as in almost all casino tables, to operate a system based on probability.

This manual is designed to tell the player how to move his cards based on the premise of him playing against the dealer. In the table or list, you learn the basic strategy that, when mastered, leads to the most skilled card counter.

As mentioned before, it is not a gambling decision that the casino approves, but neither does it recriminate. At the end of the day, and in theory, the player is not incurring any blackjack rule.






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