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Sherlock Holmes is one of the most iconic characters in all of literature; no one can say they haven’t heard of him or seen his stunning presence, which would make everyone shiver. That is why a well-known researcher game is never too much, especially when it comes to a slot machine, which is known to be one of the most common casino games available.

Rabcat Gaming’s latest proposal to Sherlock Holmes and his partner-Dr. Watson-in Great Britain, where they have the task to solve some sort of event, all in a slot format of up to five reels and about 25 lines in payments, with some additional features that make it a fairly competitive game.

The amazing thing is that by assisting Sherlock in solving the riddles in order to capture the villains, you can gain Connecting Wilds, Bonus Spins, or even Double Wins, in addition to features like free spins that go hand in hand with Extra Wilds and Growing Wilds. It really does not disappoint in terms of visuals, and the minimum bet is $0.25 per spin.

The symbols, an important part

The location where the reels of this version are located is in the streets of London, the perfect place where the various mysteries that lead to quite wanted criminals will be solved.

The main wild card would be Sherlock Holmes, which can replace each of the common symbols, in addition to activating some features that are available in both the general game and the free spins version. Dr. Watson is one of the regular symbols.

Among the criminals, there are only three, of which one is faithfully suspected to be Moriarty. Apart from him, there is also a woman and a one-eyed criminal among the reels.

Another of the regular symbols is Holmes’s address, in addition to four different types of cards. For the dispersion that will activate the free spins function, you can see both Holmes and Watson together.

How to play

It’s easy to start playing after creating an account at your online casino. You don’t have to have much experience in the mysteries, that’s the first thing you have to know. In this version, there are five reels and three rows that benefit from about 25 lines in fixed payments, these are paid from the left to the right and start from the reel that is at the far left. When you want to win, you only have to have a minimum of three equal symbols on one of the payment lines.

The player can bet a minimum of £0.25 or a maximum of £100 for each spin. Apart from all this, there is a control panel that has everything that is needed, counting the explicit rules of the game that are exactly in the paytable.

Special features, something that is never missing

It is due to functions such as Connecting Wilds that it is possible to obtain many benefits, such as: if you have at least two or even more Wilds, each one is connected next to the symbols that cross your path, making them automatically Wilds. When it is achieved that two of the Wild are in the same row, a function called Double Win will be activated, which will double each of the gains of that turn precisely.

If you get a Wild on reels like 1 or 2, they will have 2 spins in the bonus, which means that the Wild will be locked in one position, while in other reels it responds better. When the spins obtained in the bonus end in at least one extra wild in one of the rollers, the Connecting Wilds will be activated or maybe the Double Win function.

To get the free spins function you only have to get three Scatters or even more, there is also the possibility of receiving 10 free gifts. In addition to all this, dear Dr. Watson can become an Extra Wild while the function is active, but this means that it is not possible to activate Double Win, Connecting Wilds or even the Expanding Wild function that is available only while what are the freebies. When a Holmes Wild is thrown on the reels while the free spins are present, they will expand even more and will cover the entire length of the reel.

The payments

It is important that players know that the maximum to win in this game is 25,050 coins. Due to the features that make up this version you can see how much you earn regardless of whether you are in the general game or in the free spins function. It is the Sherlock Wild and the domicile that have a greater weight among the symbols that pay more in Rabcat. And of course, it goes without saying that the RTP reaches 96.03%.


Following classics as legendary as Sherlock Holmes, a genius in the art of solving the most fascinating cases of all time, is always entertaining. Rabcat makes it possible to have a place where fans of this style of adventure will have a good time.

The graphics and visualisation in general show a reasonably straightforward job that was clearly made with quality; the music, for its part, is satisfactory and manages to take things to a new level for the player.

It has a variety of extra features that do not seem to be too heavy. All of this adds up to a genuinely worthwhile game, as it ensures fun and reasonably simple gains, which is awesome.


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