Roulette Calculators: Can they Calculate and Guess The Winning Results in Roulette?

Have you ever heard of “Roulette Calculators”? They are supposed to be secret calculators that “crack the code” of roulette so you can play and won consistently. 

But are they real? Let’s dive deep in the mysterious world of roulette calculators.

Roulette Calculators Basicsonline roulette game

These devices have the ability to take measurements of the different variables that exist in the spinning system of the roulette and have the characteristic that they are hidden. In general, what defines the variables is the speed with which the ball moves, the value it acquires when it slows down and the movement of the rotor.

These elements are part of a computer that runs classic roulette. In the calculation of the speed acquired by the rotor and the ball, a hidden key is used that activates the player. Often, it refers to a button that is on one of the toes and is pressed from inside the player’s footwear.

You can think that as the ball or the spinner rotate very quickly, the player’s beats have no accuracy. But, the expert players manage to obtain very correct chronograms, which have 50 ms. The results are better when analysing a rotor that does not have much speed. The faults will be seen over time and, above all, when studying faster rotors, which can throw other data.

Mistakes in Time

To begin with, times of a variety of revolutions must be taken into account.

You can control errors if only one revolution is measured. When taking bad measurements, the calculations will be incorrect.

Next, the use of different players to measure the time of a revolution is a good option. Measuring time and making predictions with a player using the hidden key can fail in the calculations, but being more than two players doing the measurement minimizes errors, obtaining more accurate data and decreasing the risk of making mistakes.

Inactive Machines

The difference between the roulette calculators to the normal ones is very evident. The kinds of calculations that exist vary widely; although it is proven that their effect is almost zero. Generally, they are used in online roulette games, since there is no real roulette.

A calculator that is not efficient tends to look for numbers that come out repeated. Frequently, the mistake is made to believe that the figures that are active are repeated more than the others. When there is a hot number, it means that this number has been spinning more times than the others, in the last laps.

The simplest example is the calculator that yields only hot figures. The most advanced calculators are not more effective. Usually, it is considered that there is a rule to follow, but, really, there is no pattern.

To confirm the veracity of theory and discover if it is a falsehood, it must be carefully tested. It should not be checked using recent information, because they are not reliable data and can be very variable, because in a short period of time the unexpected can occur.

roulette spinningThe test should be focused based on the fact of demonstrating if there is a method that increases or decreases the accuracy of what is predicted. Actually, there are thirty-seven figures when the wheel belongs to European roulette.

Applying the statistics, when betting on a number, you should win in a ratio of 1:37 laps, with a payment of 35-1. This means that the amount of the payments is not fair for the player and the house will get a profit of -2.7%. So, even if you win, you lose, because of the number of payments.

To take advantage of these payments, you must increase the accuracy of forecasts and become more reliable than those who throw in luck. Specifically, for these situations, it would be an average of 1:37 that would be left to chance.

To carry out effective verifications of calculators and specific computers for roulettes is not an easy task since many variables have to be taken into account beyond the normal statistics. To begin with, you must evaluate the accuracy of the process to measure time.

Considering that if it is done manually, every time the button that is hidden is pressed, an error of 50 ms will be obtained. An alternative that can improve this result could be using multiple pulsations and several revolutions, even so, errors would occur.

When you have a good calculator, the errors are minimal. There are other variables that have to be clarified using exact operations and algorithms. The process of loss of acceleration of the ball is very changeable and the methods to be used must be very solid.

Strategies For Low Bankroll

Many of the roulette strategies involve the use of your bankroll. If you have a low bankroll and still want to take advantage of using a strategy with a calculator, take a look at this video:

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