What are the variations of poker?

There are several games of chance available for many years for the entertainment and delight of the human being. Among them, you can name roulette, slot machines and those that are played with cards such as blackjack and poker. 

Being this, without a doubt the preferred by many people around the planet, because not only consists of a game that depends purely on chance, but that merits the application of certain skills of the player, which makes it so interesting. On the other hand, perhaps, this is also the one that more modalities and variations in the methodology present, not only in the traditional gaming tables but also in the new version of video poker.

As is known, the most played type of poker is the popular Texas Holdem and, although it is the most prevalent form of poker in the casinos, it should not be overlooked that there are many other kinds of poker. However, we must know that such variations start mainly from three basic game formats. This is something that every poker player, whether a beginner or a professional must know and handle, so in the following article will be explained in detail what they are and how they are handled.

variations of poker onlinePoker with community cards

Probably this is the most applied game method and consists of starting the game by progressively distributing the dives followed by alternate turns of bets. However, the final players’ card is not given individually to each one; because it is deposited in the central area of ​​the table. In this way, the card will be available to all players and they can use it in conjunction with their individual cards, if necessary. In this sense, of these decks that are located in the center, the name of community cards was taken. The two most played versions of poker, such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, are carried out using this game format.

Draw poker

This is the typical game mode and often the first one you learn to drive, even if it is not used so often. The game starts with the distribution of the cards, one by one until the hand is completed, before bets are placed, that is, 5 cards face down that can only be seen by the player.

Following this, a betting round is made and the raffle is opened, where players have the possibility of discarding any card that is considered improper and replacing them or drawing them with new cards, where even the entire hand can be changed. From this replacement action, the name of Draw Poker arises, because through the discard a new move is drawn, according to the number of decks that have been changed.

It is important to mention that before each player receives the equivalent of the cards he discarded, the deck located at the top of the balance deck must be similarly removed, which is commonly referred to as the burn card. Once the discard round has been executed, a second betting round begins, based on the new hands obtained. In this sense, if one or more players remain in the lawsuit, the confrontation continues. The participant with the most valuable hand in the game will be the winner of the pot.

Stud poker

This variant of poker is the least known and applied, especially by adept players. In stud poker there will be no cards available for everyone, or community cards; because each player will have a set of cards in front of his post, among which some will be covered and others visible. Also, in this version, the player’s table position does not influence at all, since the game will begin with that participant who has the best hand in which they are exposed.

In this sense, 3 cards will be handed out to each player, two of them visible and one hidden. Once it is known who has the best hand according to the visible cards on the table, it will be this one that starts bets. In case there are two equal combinations of good decks, the person next to the dealer will start playing in the clockwise direction.

Then, the players who are still in the game will receive a fourth deck that will give rise to another round of betting. Finally, the last card is delivered and conclusive bets are made or a showdown is made if necessary. As a curious fact, it has that in stud poker the betting rounds have a proper name, as a third, fourth and Fifth Street; while the last one is called river.

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