Your Winning Tips for Playing Blackjack

Similar to other card games, blackjack also has an element of both luck and skill when it comes to winning. Even though, no one can win in all of their blackjack games, there are some tips that can help you in winning more of your games. These tips can help you in enjoying your game more and at the same time make some profit out of it. The following tips are strategy-based steps that you should take for the best odds.

Main Tips for Blackjack


The first blackjack tip is no to split double 10s. The hand total with a pair of 10s is 20 and it is a strong hand. While your objective is to get 21, when you get 20 for the first cards dealt, there is just one situation when the dealer is able to beat your hand and that is to get a 21. But, it is extremely rare that he is going to beat you with such a strong hand.

The second blackjack tip is to always split if your cards are a pair of 8s. The dealer may have any cards in his hand, even if he has an ace, you must split a pair of 8s. This hand has a total of 16 and remember that this is the worst blackjack hand. When you split this hand, your odds of having a winning hand increase. It may also help you in saving money.

When you win one hand and lose the other one, the loss is going to get covered up. In case you draw 10s to both hands, you would be making a pair of 18s, which is a much better hand compared to a hand total of 16.

More Tips

The third blackjack tip is to never split a pair of 5s. In this case, the hand total is 10, and the best thing you can do here is to double down and get just one more card. However, if you split the hand and get a pair of 10s, you would have just created a pair of bad hands out of a single good hand and the total would have been 20 if you had doubled.

When it comes to doubling down, a lot of blackjack players make mistakes. The following tips would help you know when to double down. If your hand total is 11 and the dealer has an ace or 10, you must double down. You must again double down if you got 10 and the dealer has 9 or less, or if you have 9 and the dealer has cards between 2 and 8.

You must again take to this strategy if you have 9 while the dealer has cards between 4 and 6, or if you have a soft 13 and 14 or soft 15 and 16 and the dealer’s hand is holding 5 or 6, or if you get soft 17 and 18 and the dealer has 3 to 6. If you follow these tips while playing your favorite casino game, you would simply be giving a boost to your winning odds.