10 things that players need to know about video poker

Merging games of skill casinos, such as poker, with another whose odds are based on chance, such as slots, might have seemed impossible to achieve in conventional casinos. However, the digital era, with its brilliant ideas and its sights towards evolution, allowed interaction and strategy to be known through video poker.The feat, although typical of the inventions of online gaming companies, went through a trajectory that comes from casinos on land when the slot machines were replaced by those of computer systems and the appearance of the arcade allowed the halls casino will introduce the first video poker machines.

With qualities that mixed the best of their favorite games, together with the possibilities of winning and, of course, by the novelty of these machines, this soon became a success among the players. So, little by little but with a firm step, more functions were added, the themes were extended and the online gaming company began to operate in the 1990s. However, to really understand everything that concerns this new game, it is necessary to take a look at all the elements -historical and technical- that people know or deserve to know, about poker and slots, reaching the point in that the industry decided to merge them and start them up.

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Slots: a review10-things-that-players-need-to-know-about-video-poker

The first slots that existed were conceived in the 1880s and, although they did not achieve their own acceptance until 1920, once they were launched, they consolidated their success from the start. Originally from the United States, the slots had a positive effect on the growth of the business in that country.

At first, the systems of the machines were not too sophisticated. In fact, the bovines and pegs formed its structure and became a somewhat complicated practice for many players. The casinos, on the other hand, adored them. They not only gave the business what it needed, but it almost immediately became a gold mine for them.

This source of income, which gambling halls began to use regardless of cost, reached its peak 40 years later when technology allowed them to be replaced by those that worked with chips and random calculations. With this new system, many fraudulent situations were avoided and the players, of course, praised, even more, the machine that had become the spoiled one of the house.

Poker: a review

Certainly, you do not have a definite idea of when this popular-and controversial-casino game was invented. But what can be attested is that after centuries of validity, people seem to value it more in the days that are running, like a tournament that was introduced into popular culture and achieved fame throughout the world.

Perhaps, to speak of a date, the nineteenth century in France should be taken as reference. The absolution of the monarchy allowed people who did not belong to the nobility could embark on card games that were reserved for kings and their circle for a long time. Of course, poker did not take long to be noticed.

Surprisingly, the boom was also immediate. More than anything because the French had learned to play clandestinely and were experts in the field. In that sense, when the immigrants left their native country and decided to move to the United States-specifically New Orleans-the Native Americans learned the game that, later, founded the success of the first casinos that opened.

Throughout the time the poker has not undergone modifications too serious. Such is the case, that beyond some variations that have been invented, including video poker, the essence remains unchanged as one of the most treasured traditions in the casino games industry.

Video poker: the arrival of the future

As mentioned before, the 1990s was a time of great growth and expansion of the casino business. Online gambling halls began to operate and the software developer companies brought their first attempts at slot machines and video machines related to the game to the market.

Novelty and good execution were the basis of its success. However, video poker was already running a good amount of time in land casinos. What the technology industry achieved was to promote it throughout the world and give it the personality it enjoys today.

In retrospect, the first video poker machine existed in Las Vegas during the 70s -considered the golden age of the gambling halls-. The reason why the business decided to add them was to dose the simplest slots, bringing something for the players that was easy to understand but, in turn, required some skill and strategy.

The millions of casino fans of that time, before the novelty, soon built popularity that remained unchanged during all the time that the original video poker machines worked – most have been modified by some with more sophisticated systems. However, for the time, the possibility of being able to do more than press a button and wait for results was the biggest attraction. To play video poker, a degree of skill was required -and required- that, while not equal to table poker, maintains many of its characteristics.

Facts about poker: how it works

In order for the business to be successful, the developers of video poker had to devise a dynamic that resembled, as much as possible, the game that users already knew so well. In that sense, the first machines were based on 5-card poker – popular at the time.

The first ones were played with a computerized system similar to that of the slots. Little by little, the changes altered this method a bit, but in essence, it remains the same. In fact, the most drastic change that users claim has to do with the game modes, which extend without apparent purpose. The most popular, however, are Jacks and Better.

On the other hand, when video poker appeared, the detractors who already hated the slots began to conspire in any way possible to discredit the new invention. However, quickly video poker showed that, if a good technique was applied, the profits could greatly benefit their players, for the good of them and, by the way, of the casinos.

Strategy: How to play video poker?

It has already been said that video poker, or poker slots, is a fusion between conventional poker and slots. However, very little has been mentioned about the modes and rules of the game, much more interesting for the community of players.

The game, in that sense, begins through an electronic screen, which instead of reels, levers and pays lines, displays a 5-card poker hand. The dynamics are more or less the same as that of table poker: the cards are appearing and the players decide which one to keep and which one to get rid of.

The process continues in this way until the game comes to an end. At this point, the game determines the win based on the hand that the player has managed to build. The royal flush is one of the juiciest prizes, but it is also possible to get some credit by building hands-on stairs or full.

Variety: How many types of video poker are there?

As traditional poker was made with some variants as the story progressed, video poker has not lost the opportunity to add some variants, some more successful than others, but always maintaining the original essence of a machine that is established as one of the most popular in a game room.

In that sense, we must explain the 5 most famous, either because they have the most appropriate version, because it shares the most interesting investment-payment relationship or, on the other hand, because it perfectly manages the dynamics and interaction that so much pleases in slot machines.

Jacks or Better

Reliable by seniority, it handles one of the simplest game systems in the industry and is a good choice to develop skills before going for a more difficult machine.

The Jacks or Better video poker is possible to get it in the halls of land casinos, but they are also done with a good amount in the online platforms. One of the most famous, in that sense, is Draw Poker, which gathers the most interesting matches of this game. To win in this game, all the player needs, as his name says, is to get a Jacks or Better.

Deuces Wild

It is one of the funniest video poker variants that exist today, since players convert many of the cards into wild cards, significantly increasing their chances of winning. It works with the 52-card deck and is available, frequently, in online gaming rooms.

Although there is a lot of advantage for the players, the payouts are not as good as in other video poker machines. However, it is a good choice if what you want is something different, which gives flavor to the game.

Joker Poker

Although it looks like a funny tongue twister, this variant of poker is just as interesting as others, especially because it adds the joker as part of the step. In that sense, instead of working with 52 cards, it does with 53. The entertainment of this game is that it appears a considerable amount of wild cards, making winning plays.

The joker poker, although it was launched in the land casinos, soon became part of the arsenal of options available in online casinos, popularizing, even more, the joker that so well seen.

Aces and Faces

With a dynamic very similar to that of the Jacks or Better, this game puts in the arena one of the most popular cards of the deck: the aces. With the use of them, they create interesting and fun games that give the players good experiences, good money and a strategy that allows them to get involved in bigger races.

During the 90s, the Aces and Faces was one of the most popular games of the business and, of course, that boom took him to the online casino room, where it is still possible to get it.

Ten or Better

If a person wants to constantly earn small sums of money, this option is one of the most popular and effective within the casino video game platforms. In fact, in essence, it does not very much from the Jacks or Better. The most notable difference is that, in this game, you must get ten “or something better”.

To get acquainted with this, and all the games, the online casinos have a great selection of video poker that, although it can be played in its paid version, also operates in its free mode. In this way, they can practice and become true experts.

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