Rapid Fire Jackpots: a Guide for Novices

When slot machines were invented, not everyone trusted that they would become an icon for conventional and online casinos. However, the news is a demonstration that slots, especially juicy prizes, are an investment of time and money more than entertaining. That is precisely why the Jackpot manages to attract a considerable number of users. But not only that constitutes the success of these machines; it is necessary to include the promise of fortune, the expectation during each roll and the adrenaline that this causes in the bettors.

Inter Casino, aware of the popularity that the slot market had reached -especially when its system was modified by an intelligent one- launched in 2004 a collection called Rapid Fire Jackpots. In this range, each of the slots was a progressive jackpot, however, characterized by its dissociation with others. This particularity made and continues to make it possible for the biggest prizes to be hit randomly. Of course, the novelty was a boom for these games and, later, slots like Marvel’s imitated the dynamics of Inter Casino. In the competence of the Rapid Fire Jackpots, they share other peculiarities worthy of mention.

Austere awards, plentiful profitsrapid fire

Launching a machine to the market that “seemed to be an invitation to disaster”, achieved the success for which it is now recognized thanks to its payment systems. Perhaps for many gamblers this copy does not offer such wonderful prizes, amounting to tens of thousands of dollars, but thanks to its realistic amounts – they say in the thousand dollars – the machine hits them more frequently. In other words, small investments in the Rapid Fire Jackpots are rewarded considerably and even if the profit is not matched to the bet as the players would like, there is still an opportunity to make some money.

Differences with conventional progressives

This group of slots is differentiated into two determinant points of Jackpot slot machines. In the first place, to reach them you do not need to align symbols or wild cards, but randomly – and according to the amount wagered -, it decides when to expel it. At this point, things become interesting. Each time a bettor hits the Jackpot, the same machine establishes the next big prize. This can range between 500 or 700 thousand dollars. Everything will depend, of course, on the generator.

Once the machines decide the amount of the next profit, the matter becomes more acute and much more interesting. Each shot, regardless of its value, will add a percentage to the new prize. To increase the chances, the recommendations of the regular players of these slots, is to calculate the bets. In the slot, you can insert up to nine coins per round. If each of them is of the same value, the possibilities improve. On the other hand, it also improves the outlook for bettors who bet big; that is, those who insert $5 in coins instead of those who only go for a dollar.

Millionaire idea or chance disaster?

Just as there are staunch defenders of this betting system, there are those who detract from this game option as too risky and unserious. However, in most of the conversation forums that are available for this idea from Inter Casino, the criticisms are favorable. Those who test with the Rapid Fire Jackpots not only win more assiduously but keep a cool head because there are no rewards so extravagant as to cloud the trial.

The maximum inconvenience that the users of this machine encounter is the “arbitrariness” of the winning amount. For example, in traditional progressive Jackpots, there is a fixed amount that, although late, is hit at some point. Rapid Fire can manage hundreds or thousands of dollars without determining when or why, and no matter how fanatic a player is, it is not fair to claim five hundred dollars of prize money for a bet of $45 or more, especially if you can earn millions with less.

The resolution of this dilemma may never find an end. In any case, and as with all casino games, there will always be a user who finds a game that others find unbelievable fascinating. And just for that, the room will maintain its availability.