Blacklisted casinos

It’s an unfortunate and sad duty to lead a list of casinos sites which are not worthy of joining. The blacklisted casino sites on this page were good ones a while ago, but recent events showed that they shouldn’t be visited anymore. Though the online casinos are always highly regulated, scammers and poorly build companies who provide poor slot machines and online pokies, always come and go, while they try to take advantage of players. These casinos shouldn’t be considered as good places, since you might encounter several issues at them, ranging from delayed or refused payouts to viruses and Trojan horses on your computer! However, the blacklist is a separate part of our website, and the fact that a casino isn’t on the top of the top lists doesn’t mean it’s not a good one. Let it put this way: if a casino we’ve reviewed isn’t on the list of blacklisted casinos, then it’s a recommended casino.

How we decide which casino should go to blacklist

blacklisted-casinos (1)There are several reasons why we would put an online casino on the list of blacklisted casinos. Usually, two or more comes to light at a rogue casino, but it sometimes takes a month to be certain: we can’t ruin a casino’s reputation for one gambler’s complaints! So, here are the main reasons for blacklisting casinos:

  • Rigged games and RTP: There aren’t just rouge casinos, but rogue game developers too. Such casino software makers are not really concerning themselves with fair gaming, so their games are biased, offering low return-to-player rates. The best casinos offer 90% RTP, and they are usually monitored by independent bodies, like eCogra. If a casino refuses to display the RTP ratios, then it should be avoided, because it might turn out to be a rogue one.
  • Payment issues: one of the most common issues that makes us add establishment on the blacklisted casinos’ list. There are casinos which have very slow, and unreliable payments, taking up to weeks or even months to be processed. In a few cases, the casino simply refused to pay or delayed the payment processing indefinitely. A good online casino always has a maximum five business days’ withdrawal time, and its support is always ready to help.
  • Customer support: when you can’t reach the support of the casino on phone, mail or chat, you are in trouble. As a last resort, you can see where the casino is licensed at, and contact the authorities. Problems really start when it turns out that the casino isn’t actually licensed. You might run into problems with the speed of the CS: they are hard to reach, they are not responsive… or the worst of all: the support agent is rude.
  • Strange business practice: well, this isn’t a gambler’s main concern, but we, as casino reviewers, we always take it seriously. We review the casinos’ background too, and if we find something that we don’t particularly like (fake company, fake address), we usually put the casino on the list right away. In many cases, the casinos on our list of blacklisted casino sites changed their terms and conditions without notice. This is very bad, no matter what the casinos claim.

Keeping this blacklist is truly sad for us, but we have no time to be sad about it. We face the reality, and accept that cheating and taking advantage of others is a part of human nature. You should check back regularly to see which sites have been added, otherwise, you might be in trouble, with your money stuck at a rogue casino.