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Are you interested in finding the best way to bet on the best games and tops casinos online? Well, first we want to give you some advice so that experience is totally formidable. Play and win as real experts and never forget the fun that can offer you to be in the wonderful world of online games.

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Online casino tournaments – How do they work?


It’s easy-peasy: you have to find the tournament tab in the members’ area of the casino you are playing and enter the tournament. You get free casino credits to play with, and your goal is to win as much as you can in a certain amount of time. Some tournaments go on only for an hour or less, others are daily, weekly, or weekend-long tournaments. As you will find out, some casinos offer you several, so-called “free-roll” tournaments, which doesn’t require an entry fee (though getting a top-spot on the leader boards is almost impossible for a casual player), and there are tournaments with an entry fee, that could range from $1 to $100 or more. The buy-in (where you have to pay the entry fee) casino tournaments offer higher winnings.

There are basically two major types of tournaments, separated regarding the requirements of launching. The “sit-and-go” tourneys launch when a minimum required number of players have joined. These doesn’t have a pre-determined starting time, and anyone can join them while they are running. Scheduled tournaments are somewhat more serious. These have a set time and date when they start, and if you are not pre-registered, you are not going to be able to participate. Some casinos feature multiple scheduled tournaments during the day.

Some tournaments don’t require you to actually enter or register: in some Netent casinos, you just have to play the highlighted games in order to participate in the related online casino tournament. Naturally, only real money wagers are counted.

Online casino tournaments to avoid: if the winners are determined by the summarized amount wagered or loyalty points accumulated during the given period of time, you shouldn’t even think about entering. These are the worst type of online casino tourneys, and their hardly covered goal is to make the players get reckless in hopes of winning the prize… usually by spending more than they can actually win! So, avoid these type of tournaments

Online slot tournaments – Microgaming

The Microgaming casinos are pretty awesome when it comes to slot tournaments. Our suggestion for you, if you don’t want to play the sometimes rather high entry fees: seek tournaments that have free roll qualification runs, because these usually grant the top places’ holders a free entry to the big tourney. Online casinos that run Microgaming games offer the players three types of tournaments:

  • Sit-and-Go: as you know, these start when the required number of players are in.
  • Schedule: start at a predetermined time, register prior launch is registered
  • Private: casino-exclusive tournaments, held mostly for high rollers.

The online casino tournament area in the members’ zone of each casino is quite advanced. You can find all the running and upcoming events at one place from all three categories, and also, they list the free roll and the buy-in tournaments. Your task is only to pick the best casino tournament for your taste.

Basics for slots tournaments:

  • Time Limit: the slot tournaments are usually limited. Netent, CryptoLogic, and the Microgaming tourneys all have a limit. It’s either a time limit (e.g. 5 minutes) or something different (e.g. 100 rolls, or until the coins last). Watch out for the limit, because that’s what determines your options and strategy.
  • Bets: it’s recommended to place the maximum bets, playing with the maximum number of pay-lines. If you are not using your own money, it doesn’t really matter, but the higher bets can yield higher payouts, and more you gather, the higher you get on the leader board.
  • Winbox: in some tournaments, it’s not the amount you win that determines your place on the leaderboard. The winbox accumulates the number of winnings during the tournaments. So, if you win 100 coins in the first 10 rounds, and you won nothing during the time period, you still have 100 winbox points.
  • Continue to play: This is a special option, which costs real money. If you feel that you are on a winning wave, you can buy extra time or extra rolls to continue participating in the online casino tournaments. This costs money from your account, and it’s not refundable, so always think twice. The costs are predetermined, and the actual price is always included in the rules.
  • Spin like crazy: you have to spin as much as you can. There is no auto-play in tournaments, so clicking the spin button like crazy is your only option.

Here are a few hints to maximize your slot online tournament success:

  1. Never look on how much you win! Just spin, spin and spin more!
  2. Always spin through the bonus games and bonus rounds as fast as you can!
  3. Watch the time and never join too late!
  4. Never go on with the continue play if it’s not necessary!
  5. Always wait a few minutes after a tourney starts! (to avoid lags and slow game play due to increased server load).

There are other online casino tournaments, but the slots tourneys seem to be the most popular. In case you are looking for something else, you can always enter the best blackjack tournaments, and there are also some special ones too. We have to say, the freeroll tourneys are the best online casino tournaments, especially when they are really free, and you don’t have to spend your own money. Check out the top casinos, and find out which ones offer the hottest free slot tournaments and buy-in competitions!

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